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Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


Capitol defenders blame bad intelligence for deadly breach
WASHINGTON (AP) — Faulty intelligence was to blame for the outmanned Capitol defenders’ failure to anticipate the violent mob that invaded the iconic building and halted certification of the presidential election on Jan. 6, the officials who were in charge of security declared Tuesday in their first public testimony on the insurrection.

Updated 4:05 PM CST

FBI warning of potential Capitol violence did not reach top security officials, they say
Senate confirms Biden’s choice for UN ambassador
Security officials disagree on Capitol riot help
READ: Testimony from police and former officials on Capitol riot
Schumer urges Democrats to stick together on $1.9T bill
Senate approves Vilsack for Agriculture Department again
Psaki defends reopening of migrant facility for children under Biden: ‘This is not kids being kept in cages’
Biden considers regulating ‘ghost guns,’ other executive actions to curb gun violence
Facebook's oversight board has received appeal from 'user' in Trump ban case
Finger-pointing dominates hearing on Capitol riot
Capitol security officials point fingers over disastrous January 6 riot response
Cruz: Wife 'pretty pissed' about leaked Cancun texts
Senate advances key nominees for Joe Biden as president's Cabinet starts to take shape
HHS pick says pandemic is top job, but agenda is broader
Capitol security officials blame poor intelligence — and each other — for the Jan. 6 riot
Debate rages over whether race had role in police response to Capitol riot
Kristi Noem gets a Trump-hosted fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago
GOP senators question Becerra qualifications to lead HHS, past vote against partial-birth abortion ban
Inside a 'Patriot Party' rally where Trump loyalists search for a path forward
Psaki mocks Trump's CPAC address as a mere 'performance'
Cheney rejects Trump's 'America First' foreign policy as dangerous isolationism
Historic U.S. Interior pick tests Senate support for Biden on climate
OnPolitics: We're still figuring out how the Capitol Riot happened...

Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Monday, February 22, 2021

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


U.S. Supreme Court sets the stage for release of Trump tax returns
Donald Trump suffered a major setback on Monday in his long quest to conceal details of his finances as the U.S. Supreme Court paved the way for a New York City prosecutor to obtain the former president's tax returns and other records as part of an accelerating criminal investigation.

Updated 4:00 PM CST

What the Supreme Court ruling means for Manhattan DA's Trump criminal investigation
Trump: Supreme Court tax return decision a ‘continuation of the greatest political witch hunt’
U.S. House budget committee approves $1.9 trillion covid-19 aid bill
Supreme Court rejects Trump election challenge cases
Trump lashes out after Supreme Court decision on his financial records
How the 50-50 Senate limits Democratic ambitions
Voting machine company sues My Pillow and its pro-Trump chief (Lindell) over election claims
Here's What's Next in the Trump Taxes Investigation - NY Times
Dems push carriers to stop hosting Fox, OAN, Newsmax
Court to take up Trump immigration, abortion referral rules
Merrick Garland treads carefully on Durham probe, Hunter Biden questions at confirmation hearing
Democrats draft plan for commission to investigate January 6 insurrection
New York AG says Trump Supreme Court tax ruling won’t affect her probe of company
Khamenei: 'Iran will not yield to pressure' may increase uranium enrichment to 60 percent
Sen. Kennedy presses Garland on implicit bias
Nominee Garland says politics won't influence DOJ criminal probes
Donald Trump ordered to hand over tax returns to prosecutors
AG nominee Garland vows Capitol riot will be top priority
John Kerry 'colluded' with Iran to undermine Trump, report says
Republican senators take aim at Paris agreement with new legislation ...

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Tweaked COVID vaccines in testing aim to fend off variants

  • News source: ABC News: Top Stories
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"Realistically we want to turn COVID into a sniffle,” Dr. Nadine Rouphael says.
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Sen. Wicker on infrastructure meeting with Biden: We made good points but 'there is a lot of space between us'

  • News source: Fox News Staff
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Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) joined Fox Business' "Kudlow" on Monday following his Oval Office meeting with President Biden and says he and his Republican colleagues made "good points" but noted there remains "a lot of space between" the two parties.

Wicker: Well of course, it’s a massive program. I did tell the president he has a very hard sell on raising the corporate tax rate and I said that I viewed that 2017 tax bill as one of our signature legislative achievements. It’s probably the most important bill I have ever voted for and I think it is...
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Nevada GOP censures secretary of state who refused to investigate unfounded election-fraud claims

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Washington (CNN)The Nevada Republican Party Central Committee has voted to censure the state's Republican secretary of state after she refused to investigate unfounded allegations of voter fraud in the state.

The resolution, passed Saturday, censures Barbara Cegavske -- Nevada's only statewide Republican elected official -- for "disregard of her oath of office by failing to investigate election fraud, her dismissive public statements regarding election integrity concerns, and her failure to ensure compliance with Nevada and federal election law...
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Washington rewards bizarre behavior

  • News source: - RSS Channel - Politics
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A version of this story appears in CNN's What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here.

(CNN)I have not spent much time in this newsletter on the antics of Marjorie Taylor Greene or the scandal surrounding Matt Gaetz, two of the more controversial pushers of conspiracy theories currently serving in Congress.

This is supposed to be about "What Matters," and after the Trump years we all spent struggling over whether the importance of exposing dark lies to the sunlight is neutralized by the oxygen they get in exposure, it has...
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Senate Democrats push bill to combat surge of Asian American hate crimes amid GOP resistance

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(CNN)Senate Democrats are hoping to advance a bill addressing the surge of hate crimes against Asian Americans as soon as Wednesday despite the resistance of some Republicans.

The bill, introduced by Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono and New York Rep. Grace Meng, would assign a Justice Department official to expedite reviews of potential Covid-19-related hate crimes, establish an online database of such incidents and require new guidance to "mitigate racially discriminatory language in describing" the pandemic, according to a summary of the proposal.

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Trump State Department appointee facing Capitol riot charges ordered released from jail

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(CNN)A Trump State Department official who was charged in the Capitol insurrection will be released from jail, a federal judge said Monday, overturning a previous ruling that the man was too dangerous to release.

Federico Klein, a former low-level State Department official, was arrested last month and ordered detained before trial. But Judge John Bates reversed that decision in a written opinion on Monday, saying he was influenced by a recent appeals court ruling that imposed stricter limits on which alleged Capitol rioters should be jailed while...
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Albany’s Toxic Culture for Women: From ‘Bond Girl’ Talk to Groping

  • News source: Sydney Ember, J. David Goodman and Luis
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A legislative aide in New York’s state capital grabbed the thigh of a lobbyist so hard at a fund-raiser that he left finger-shaped bruises on her skin. A top official at a state agency projected a picture of a colleague in a bikini for all to see in a meeting she was attending.

Another lobbyist described a legislator touching her thighs and feeling her chest in his State Assembly office. And a state senator said a male colleague told her she looked “like a Bond girl” as they sat near each other in the chamber.

The senator, Julia Salazar, who...
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Biden picks 1st woman to be Army secretary

  • News source: ABC News: Top Stories
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In historic first, President Joe Biden has nominated Christine Wormuth to serve as secretary of the Army. If confirmed she would be the first woman to hold the job.
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UN chief urges wealth tax of those who profited during COVID

  • News source: ABC News: Top Stories
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The United Nations chief says the world’s failure to unite on tackling COVID-19 has created wide inequalities
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Daunte Wright's death reignites 'Defund the Police' movement

  • News source: Houston Keene
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The death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on Sunday has given new energy to the far-left "defund the police" movement.

Multiple progressive activists, politicians and groups have renewed their demands to cut police funding after Wright was shot during a traffic stop.

Our Revolution — a spinoff of Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign — called the death of Wright a "murder" and joined other progressive groups in calling for defunding the police.

"Enough is enough! The murder of Daunte Wright was NO ACCIDENT - it is...
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Poll Finds Republicans Particularly Opposed To 'Vaccine Passport' Messaging

  • News source: Steve Inskeep
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People who voted for Donald Trump were already some of the most likely to oppose getting vaccinated.

Now a poll shows the idea of a document, sometimes called a "passport," showing proof of vaccination is unpopular with that group as well. Forty-seven percent of Trump voters oppose this type of document, compared with 10% of Biden voters, the survey shows.

To be clear, the federal government has no plans for anything like this. But there are some efforts at the state level and among private institutions to give people the option of getting a...
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Biden's dog Major to undergo 'additional training' to help adjust to White House life after biting people

  • News source: Peter Aitken
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The younger Biden family dog, Major, will undergo "additional training" as he tries to adjust to life in the White House, a spokesperson told Fox News.

First lady Jill Biden's press secretary Michael LaRosa said that Major would be going "off-site" for his training.

"The off-site, private training will take place in the Washington, D.C. area, and it is expected to last a few weeks," LaRosa said.

Major, a German Shepherd, has grabbed headlines on a couple of unfortunate occasions since the Biden family moved into the White House.

The dog has...
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McEnany reacts to deadly Minnesota police shooting: 'We always have to let the facts play out'

  • News source: Fox News Staff
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"Outnumbered" co-host and former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany discussed the fatal police shooting of Daunte Walker on "The Story" Monday, telling host Martha MacCallum there needs to be "due process and fairness" as well as accountability.

MCENANY: We always have to let the facts play out. Let that process be underway, of due process for the officer. Look, this is a tragedy. There’s no two ways about it. I grieve for the mother, Katie Wright. I’ll be praying for her. One of the most emotional days I had in the White House as press...
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Marines' vaccine hesitancy presents early test for Biden as commander-in-chief

  • News source: Evie Fordham
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Many U.S. Marines' hesitancy to receive coronavirus vaccinations could prove to be a sticking point for President Biden as some Democrats pressure him to mandate vaccinations for service members.

Nearly 40% of U.S. Marines who have been offered the coronavirus vaccine declined, according to data released last week. That translates to approximately 75,500 Marines who have received the vaccine, and approximately 48,000 who have declined the vaccine. More than 100,000 Marines have yet to be offered the coronavirus vaccine, however.

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Biden to nominate first woman secretary of the Army

  • News source: - RSS Channel - Politics
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(CNN)President Joe Biden has picked Christine Wormuth to be the next secretary of the Army, the White House announced Monday, making her the first woman to hold the position if confirmed by the Senate.

Wormuth previously served as under secretary of defense for policy, where she worked on the Defense Department's counter-ISIS campaign.

"Christine is a true patriot with a dedicated career in service to America and our nation's security. As the former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Christine advanced the department's counter-ISIS campaign and...
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