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    Meant to post this when the Scott Adams/Dilbert story broke

    Who are far right celebrities that you are aware of?

    I think Jon Voight is probably the granddaddy of them all with James Woods not far behind

    There's Ted Nugent for sure

    Hercules' Kevin Sorbo and Lois & Clark's Dean Cain

    Scott Baio had his moment at the RNC, I haven't heard anything from him since

    I'd add Kanye West but he more seems to be just losing his mind

    I'm pretty sure that Drew Carey, Tim Allen and Kelsey Grammer are conservative Republicans (which is fine) but as far as I know none of them went off the deep end

    Roseanne Barr seemed to go full far right

    Growing Pains Kirk Cameron is super religious, but I've never heard him comment on anything other than religion (it would just be an assumption that someone that religious is far right)

    The pandemic opened the doors to some anti-vax, conspiracy minded celebs which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with politics

    Those would include:

    Person of Interest's Jim Caviezel
    Black Panther Letitia Wright
    Lost's Evangeline Lilly

    Think of anyone else?
    Yes, the Dems (fascists) do indeed do that.
    Fascism arose from Italy and was led by Mussolini. It was a reaction to the political economic upheaval in the early 20th century. As economic conditions worsened the communists/socialists also protested. Conservatives, that is the RW just so you understand, made common cause with the fascists due to fear of the communists/socialists.

    You don’t get to change definitions just because you want to. Fascism is RW whether you like it or not.

    I respond in kind.
    Well, most of the posts showing fascistic tendencies on the right have some substance. Some actual examples and evidence. Unlike your last post. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    The tendency toward authoritarianism from the Trump party is pretty well documented at this point.
    Also posted on EE

    Not just an anti-vaxxer but also a Sandy hook denier

    What a complete moron. Who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. Tool.
    not really a celebrity but John Wayne Bobbitt



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