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    I was looking for a place to put this so we could discuss but didn't really find a place that worked so I created this thread so we can all place articles, experiences, videos and examples of racism in the USA.

    This is one that happened this week. The lady even called and filed a complaint on the officer. This officer also chose to wear the body cam (apparently, LA doesn't require this yet). This exchange wasn't necessarily racist IMO until she started with the "mexican will never be white, like you want" garbage. That is when it turned racist IMO

    All the murderer and other insults, I think are just a by product of CRT and ACAB rhetoric that is very common on the radical left and sadly is being brought to mainstream in this country.

    Another point that I think is worth mentioning is she is a teacher and the sense of entitlement she feels is mind blowing.

    Serious delusion, SFL. There were a bunch arrested last year from this same organization. Not a single Fed was arrested. You can go read the court reports. They did find at least one with kiddie porn on his phone though. His arraignment was announced on that charge recently.
    Like this one who got arrested a while ago? You should get out of your idiotic Twitter feed. They try to hide who they are because most would lose their jobs if they were outed as the Nazis that they are. On the occasion they have been arrested, and there were dozens of them arrested the day this one was caught, their identities are published. Point out one fed, or quit lying about it.

    It's similar to a mass shooting and if the shooter isn't white, the race of the shooter isn't usually mentioned initially.

    More examples in the thread
    AManvel, Texas, woman said her two young boys suffered racist harassment for more than a year, including nooses displayed in her neighbor’s yard, but her complaints to local police went nowhere until a family member took the matter to the mayor’s office.

    Mayor Dan Davis said he was notified of the hateful incidents over the weekend of June 29-30 and immediately launched an investigation. On Monday, July 1, the desperate mom and her father, who lives with her in the Houston suburb, spoke out at a Manvel City Council meeting to demand that police take these incidents seriously.

    Kat Ducommun recounted the nightmare her boys have endured for months, describing a particularly terrifying interaction with her neighbor and the lack of appropriate police response. She said her neighbor hung the noose in his yard directly in front of her house with a message for her young son.

    “’Well, I have something for your little boy,’ and pointed to the tree to that noose talking about the rope,” she said at the City Council meeting, shaking and in tears. “Told your officers and nothing happened. I’m sorry I’m getting emotional, but I’m a mom just trying to do this for my kids.”

    Her dad, George Ducommun, told the City Council that he had personally been to the police department on four different occasions to lodge complaints about the “torment,” but he was repeatedly rebuffed. “I even had one officer tell me, ‘Well, what do you want us to do about it?’” George also alleged that the man had pulled guns on several neighbors.

    The latest incident with the noose was the last straw for Kat Ducommun, who is determined to spotlight the situation and is now turning to the press, contacting civil rights advocates, and asking the district attorney’s office to get involved.

    “We’ve tried to go through the correct routes, and we have not been heard… It’s been known we’ve had issues this entire time, and nothing is being done with the police,” she told the City Council.

    Over the past year and a half, Ducommun said her neighbor has let his dog off-leash to chase after her son and pointed commercial-grade lights at their home throughout the night in addition to handheld spotlights, which is considered a nuisance under Texas state law................

    Seems pretty racist...

    Between January and April 2024, Jackson, a 27-year-old Black man, applied to multiple positions at the Shinola Hotel in downtown Detroit, including a role in reception, according to the lawsuit. On its website, Shinola Hotel says it is a “luxury” hotel.

    Jackson’s attorney, Jon Marko, provided CNN with a copy of Jackson’s resume, which details consistent employment, including previous roles as a “Front Desk Agent” at Detroit’s Marriott Westin Book Cadillac and David Whitney Hotel, which use the words luxury and luxurious to describe their respective hotels.

    “Mr. Jackson had applied for a job that he was eminently qualified for,” Marko, a civil rights attorney, told CNN. However, Shinola Hotel did not offer Jackson an interview.

    After getting no response to his initial job applications, in April 2024 Jackson applied again, making one significant change to his application — his name.

    According to the lawsuit, Jackson applied to Shinola Hotel “twice for similar positions under a more readily apparent Caucasian name, with the alias ‘John Jebrowski,’” using nearly identical resumes. The resumes have different dates of previous employment.

    He was offered multiple interviews within the same week, the lawsuit claims.

    Seems pretty racist...

    I’ve been reading studies for at least 25 years saying that resumes with “black sounding” names are much less likely to get contacted for an interview than equally qualified “white name” applicants

    Hell, the black applicants were less likely to get called than less qualified white applicants

    Also noticed the meaningless response straight from Public Relations 101:

    From article:

    …….Sage Hospitality Group is Shinola Hotel’s operating partner. Anna Stancioff, Sage Hospitality’s Senior Corporate Director of PR & Brand Communications and spokesperson for the hotel said in an email Tuesday,

    “We take this allegation very seriously and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and are dedicated to building a diverse workforce that reflects the community.”
    The DeSantis administration was poised to make an example of Amy Donofrio, demonstrating that Florida is “where woke goes to die” by punishing her for refusing to take down her classroom Black Lives Matter flag. The state went after Donofrio’s license; instead, a judge has ruled that Donofrio will remain licensed to teach in Florida.

    Donofrio had been teaching at the then-named Robert E. Lee High School in Duval County since 2012. In that time, she had established the EVAC movement, a program to lift up at risk youth.

    The group developed a national profile. They presented at the 2016 Coalition for Juvenile Justice Youth Summit. They traveled to Washington D.C. where they met with John Lewis. They met with President Obama. They won first place in the National Harvard Kind Schools Challenge, for which Senator Marco Rubio wrote them a letter of commendation.

    For her work, Donofrio was honored with her school’s Teacher of the Year award, as well as community awards celebrating her achievements.

    Court documents note that as early as the 2018-2019 school year, Donofrio had a Black Lives Matter sign and t-shirt displayed in her room, with a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign outside her door that displayed hearts for the LGBTQ community, Black Lives Matter, a peace sign, and an American flag.

    2020 was a year of rising tensions. In January, a former member of the EVAC movement was shot and killed by police, only four months before the nationally-galvanizing murder of George Floyd. Jacksonville saw controversy over pandemic masking (Duval County parents would eventually sue the district over mask mandates).

    In the fall, the building principal told the staff to stay neutral on all controversies, including a proposal to replace the name of Lee from the school.

    That fall, Donofrio put up a Black Lives Matter at the entrance to her classroom. Soon after, citing a district policy about advertising, the assistant principal suggested she remove the flag. By the beginning of November, the suggestion had become “the flag needs to come down.” But the district had no policy covering the flag in November; that policy wasn’t in place until March 19.

    The next school day, Donofrio was told to remove the flag by the end of the day “or it will be taken down for you.” She chose the second, and that evening, the principal took down the flag. The next day Donofrio was pulled from her classroom and reassigned to the district warehouse while the district investigated “several allegations.” It declined to specify what the allegations were. The judge found no evidence “that any student, parent, or teacher ever complained about the flag.”

    The student population (70% Black) did not take Donofrio’s reassignment well. The principal testified that there was a hostile atmosphere after Donofrio’s departure..............

    The student population (70% Black) did not take Donofrio’s reassignment well. The principal testified that there was a hostile atmosphere after Donofrio’s departure..............

    Good. I hope they made it hell for the administration.
    Interesting article

    I’ve thought the same thing myself about the internet making so much easier to find a community

    As journalist Elle Reeve explains it, the United States came very close to fully stamping out organized white nationalism.

    But then along came the internet.
“In the ’90s and 2000s, the old-school white nationalists said that their movement was dead. I mean, it was just over,” Reeve explained when we spoke by phone on Thursday.

    “Most of these groups were based in geography, and they’d meet in person. You had to be able to find each other. You had to find the phone numbers.”

    Accessing information detailing racist ideologies and rhetoric meant dropping requests in the mail and getting back cheap, mimeographed newsletters, often years old.

    But just as it did for so many other subcultures, the internet made all of that far easier. In fact, it went further for the white nationalists and Nazis.

    Reeve described speaking to one man who was pushed deeper into racist rhetoric by capitalist recommendation engines.

    “You’d buy the Nazi flags on Amazon and they’re like, hey, maybe you’re interested in ‘The Turner Diaries’ or ‘Mein Kampf’ or all this other fascist stuff,” Reeve said. “It becomes much easier to get this literature. Then it becomes very, very easy to find other people who believe in it.”

    A new era of hate had dawned…….


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