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Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Friday, April 9, 2021

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


Biden's budget meets criticism from right and left on Pentagon spending
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden asked Congress to sharply hike spending on climate change, cancer and underperforming schools, but his first budget wishlist on Friday drew howls of bipartisan concern over military spending.

Updated today at 4:50 PM CDT

Biden’s ambitious expansion of long-term care sparks debate
House Ethics Committee opens investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz
Biden administration reveals first 2022 budget request: $1.5 trillion in discretionary funding
Biden budget would beef up IRS tax enforcement -Yellen
Biden budget seeks more for schools, health care and housing
Biden orders study on 'size' of Supreme Court, other possible changes amid liberal court-packing push
Prosecutors highlight alleged Oath Keepers' wild ride and gun discussions in major Capitol riot case
Arrest videos undercut Derek Chauvin's murder trial defense, pathologist tells jury
‘Blue wall of silence’ takes hit in Chauvin’s murder trial
Biden confident GOP will back his budget, infrastructure package
Senate GOP slams Biden defense budget
America's dams are in dangerous disrepair. Biden's infrastructure plan barely mentioned them
Biden sets immigration priorities in funding plan: resettling refugees and housing migrant children
Biden seeks funding to probe white supremacist beliefs at immigration agencies
Powell wants to make America great again
Defense Secretary Austin announces measures to combat extremism within military
Biden has options beyond a corporate tax hike to pay for infrastructure, as negotiations begin
Analysis: Amazon's win in union fight shows harsh realities facing labor movement
Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC backs Lisa Murkowski, setting up clash with pro-Trump candidate
Group to study more justices, term limits for Supreme Court
Prince Philip: Tributes after Duke of Edinburgh dies aged 99...

Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Thursday, April 8, 2021

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


Biden tightens some gun controls, says much more needed
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden, in his first gun control measures since taking office, announced a half-dozen executive actions Thursday aimed at addressing a proliferation of gun violence across the nation that he called an “epidemic and an international embarrassment.”

Updated today at 8:07 PM CDT

Biden announces steps to limit U.S. 'ghost' guns, plans to tackle assault weapons
Gaetz associate working toward plea deal with prosecutors
White supremacists, extremists may use Chauvin trial to further their agendas: DHS
Biden announces slate of gun control actions, claims 'public health crisis'
Biden action on guns draws praise, skepticism
Ukraine conflict: Moscow could 'defend' Russia-backed rebels
'He really jumped on the Trump train': How a brash Matt Gaetz climbed the ranks in Trump's Washington
Grim view of global future offered in intelligence report
Mueller investigator assisting NY prosecutors in Trump Organization case
Former Secretary of State Pompeo to join Fox News Media
Biden-GOP infrastructure talks off to rocky start
Frustrated military officials want Biden to make a decision on Afghanistan
McConnell's home state bridge symbol of infrastructure standoff with Biden
Republicans demand answers on abuse allegations at Texas child migrant facility
Kemp Seizes on Georgia Voting Law to Try to Win Back Trump and His Base - NY Times
Migrant encounters up 71% in March as Biden administration grapples with border
Biden suggests aircraft will fly at 21,000 miles an hour
Amazon unionization drive losing by 2-1 margin in early vote results
Biden says gun violence is an epidemic, calls for national red-flag law
Key figure in Gaetz saga to cooperate with feds: reports
Trump CFO's former daughter-in-law subpoenaed and turns over documents to Manhattan DA
What Matters: Manchin and the grim reality of...

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Black Army Lieutenant Sues Virginia Police Officers For Excessive Force

  • News source: Matthew S. Schwartz
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When a patrol car activated its siren and emergency lights behind Caron Nazario in December, the Army lieutenant says he was reluctant to immediately pull over. That stretch of road, just west of Norfolk, Va., was dark, and there didn't seem to be anywhere to stop safely.

So Nazario, who is Black and Latino, slowed down, put his blinker on, and — about a mile down the road — pulled over at a well-lit BP gas station, according to a federal lawsuit he filed earlier this month. At that point, two officers approached Nazario, guns drawn, yelling at him...
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Long Marred By Racism, St. Louis Elects 1st Black Female Mayor

  • News source: Michel Martin
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Voters in St. Louis this week delivered a historic victory for Tishaura Jones, the first Black woman elected mayor and the latest triumph for progressive candidates in the St. Louis region.

Amid unrest at local jails, surging gun violence and a pandemic that has disproportionately hurt people of color, Jones said race will no longer be an afterthought in the mayor's office.

"We are done avoiding race and how it holds this region back," she told NPR's All Things Considered.

The current city treasurer, Jones ran on a progressive platform — calling...
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Camille Pissarro: Transatlantic struggle for painting stolen by Nazis

  • News source: BBC News - World
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A Pissarro painting is the focus of a custody battle involving a Holocaust survivor and a US museum.
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Why India's forest fires are worrying scientists

  • News source: BBC News - World
  • Replies: 0
Activists say authorities in India and Nepal seem underprepared to fight forest fires.
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Yuri Gagarin: Sixty years since the first man went into space

  • News source: BBC News - World
  • Replies: 0
The BBC speaks to the woman who, as a child, witnessed Yuri Gagarin's return to Earth 60 years ago.
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Being mixed race like Kamala Harris: 'I feel just as Indian as I feel black'

  • News source: BBC News - World
  • Replies: 0
Three women who share Kamala Harris' mixed parentage open up about balancing the two sides of their lives.
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‘Like the Tiger King Got Elected Tax Collector’: Inside the Case That Ensnared Matt Gaetz

  • News source: Patricia Mazzei, Michael S. Schmidt and Katie
  • Replies: 0
LAKE MARY, Fla. — Long before the F.B.I. began to scrutinize a tax collector in Florida named Joel Greenberg — and long before his trail led them to Representative Matt Gaetz — he amassed an outlandish record in the mundane local public office he had turned into a personal fief of power.

Records and interviews detailed a litany of accusations: Mr. Greenberg strutted into work with a pistol on his hip in a state that does not allow guns to be openly carried. He spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to create no-show jobs for a relative and...
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Sen. Ted Cruz doubles down after John Boehner told him to ‘Go F*** Yourself’

  • News source: Yael Halon
  • Replies: 0
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz doubled down on his response to former House Speaker John Boehner after he told the Texas Republican to "go f**k yourself" in a leaked audio recording.

"I think he was probably recording at nine or ten in the morning so obviously he had too much wine that day already," Cruz told the Daily Caller on Saturday. "This guy is a little unhinged."


Cruz on Friday mockingly tweeted that he wears Boehner’s "drunken, bloviated scorn" proudly alongside a clip from an...
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10 Weeks to the Finish Line: The N.Y.C. Mayor’s Race Heats Up

  • News source: Katie Glueck
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It was opening day for Coney Island’s famed amusement parks, long shuttered during the pandemic, and Andrew Yang — the 2020 presidential candidate who has shifted his personality-driven campaign to the New York City mayoral race — was in his element.

“Coney Island is open for business!” he declared on Friday, pumping his fists as he made his way down a windswept boardwalk. “New York City! Can you feel it?”

What it felt like was a campaign event, and Mr. Yang was not the only mayoral candidate to take advantage. Scott M. Stringer, the city...
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Biden’s Infrastructure Push Spurs a Flurry of Lobbying in Congress

  • News source: Emily Cochrane, Pranshu Verma and Luke Broadwater
  • Replies: 0
WASHINGTON — Members of Congress have begun a frenzy of lobbying to ensure that their pet projects and policy priorities are included in President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure and jobs plan, eager to shape what could be one of the most substantial public works investments in a generation.

Officials across the country are dusting off lists of construction projects and social programs, hoping to secure their piece of a plan aimed at addressing what the administration estimates is at least $1 trillion worth of backlogged infrastructure...
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Markus Söder joins German chancellor race

  • News source: BBC News - World
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Bavaria's premier finally says he may be the conservatives' candidate to replace Angela Merkel.
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In Denmark, Fears Grow Among Syrian Asylum Seekers As Residence Permits Are Revoked

  • News source: Sidsel Overgaard
  • Replies: 0
In 2019, Danish authorities issued a report stating that the security situation in some parts of Syria had "improved significantly." Last year, that report was used as justification to begin reevaluating hundreds of Danish residence permits granted to Syrian refugees from the area around and including the capital Damascus.

Now some of those refugees are being told, officially, that their time in Denmark is up.

Among those affected are Heba Alrejleh and Radwan Jomaa, a couple from Damascus. Jomaa left Syria in 2013, traveling first to Egypt and...
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Congress faces jam-packed agenda as Democrats confront divisions over legislative policy and strategy

  • News source: - RSS Channel - Politics
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(CNN)Congress will return to Washington this week with a host of problems to address -- but no clear legislative paths to resolve any of them.

On immigration, the two parties are at sharp odds over what to do about the growing crisis at the Southern border. On mass shootings, there are discussions about a possible bipartisan approach to expand background checks and other gun legislation, but whether a deal can be reached that can pass Congress remains doubtful.

Advancing a centerpiece of President Joe Biden's agenda -- the $2 trillion-plus...
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Former Attorney General and legal activist Ramsey Clark dies at 93

  • News source: - RSS Channel - Politics
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(CNN)Ramsey Clark, the former US attorney general and legal activist, has died at the age of 93, his granddaughter told CNN.

Clark died Friday at his home in New York, his granddaughter Taylor Clark said.

Clark served as attorney general in President Lyndon B. Johnson's administration in the late 1960s and is recognized for supervising the drafting of the 1968 Civil Rights Act. He later defended controversial international figures, including former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in his trial for crimes against humanity by the Iraqi interim...
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US Capitol security worked against one threat, but vulnerabilities remain against a crowd

  • News source: Chad Pergram
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This time the system worked.

They kept the fight outside the U.S. Capitol.

I have heard the same mantra from former House and Senate sergeants-at-arms and U.S. Capitol Police chiefs for decades now. "Keep the fight outside," they’d say.

One former USCP chief always insisted to me the Capitol was secure.

Until it wasn’t on Jan. 6.

There was tragedy at the Capitol again on April 3.

Police say 25-year-old Noah Green rammed a blue Nissan Altima into USCP Officers Billy Evans and Kenny Shaver. Green then plowed the car into a reinforced steel...
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