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    Biden has lost support from many people who voted for him in the past.
    He is getting up there in age.
    Here are a couple of sites I'd like to share...
    Defending America with the Defense Budget has to be a priority.
    Even if it is big we have to do so.
    China is outpacing us.



    China still doesn't have a blue water navy. They can not project power. It's like saying we really need to worry about Russia's military. Russia can't project power 200 miles beyond it's own border. China isn't do much better.

    This topic always encompasses "American interest" because it's laughable to have a military invasion on the mainland. We could scale way back on military spending and be fine.

    One of the only things I agreed with Trump on was calling out NATO members for not meeting defense/gdp spending quotas.
    China still doesn't have a blue water navy. They can not project power. It's like saying we really need to worry about Russia's military. Russia can't project power 200 miles beyond it's own border. China isn't do much better.

    This topic always encompasses "American interest" because it's laughable to have a military invasion on the mainland. We could scale way back on military spending and be fine.

    One of the only things I agreed with Trump on was calling out NATO members for not meeting defense/gdp spending quotas.

    That doesn't speak to spending in total, but upon what we should spend.

    If you don't need to project power 8,000 miles you can spend two carrier groups worth on a buttload of frigates/destroyers/gunboats and win virtually any engagement you can get to.
    Wasn’t sure what thread to put this in

    Turnout will be crucial

    …….Numbers tell the story.

    In 2016, the Black voter turnout rate in a presidential election declined for the first time in 20 years. At 59.6 percent, it was seven percentage points below the 2012 level, the largest decline on record for Black voters.

    But note well, Barack Obama was on the ballot in 2012 and 2008.

    Obama got the turnout. In 2016, Clinton got the shoulder.

    She did roll up, as expected, majorities in Black strongholds across the country. But Black voter turnout wasn’t there for her in states where it mattered most.

    Trump won Michigan by 11,000 votes. But 277,000 eligible Black people didn’t vote. He won Wisconsin by 23,000 votes, but 93,000 eligible Black voters did not cast ballots. Trump’s 200,000-vote win in Georgia was helped when 530,000 eligible Black voters did not vote. Trump slipped by in North Carolina by a margin of 173,000 votes, while 233,000 Black voters stayed home. Much the same in Pennsylvania, which Trump won by 44,000 votes.

    Who knew that better than Trump? Being Trump, he couldn’t just accept the unwarranted help and keep his mouth shut. He attended a mostly White victory rally in Hershey, Pa., in December 2016 and taunted: “They didn’t come out to vote for Hillary. They didn’t come out. And that was a big — so thank you to the African American community.”……

    But can people not see what Trump did to the country? He normalized behavior that should never be normalized: name calling, taunting, idolizing power, rudeness and defying rules.

    That alone, in my book, is the reason that Biden should win in a Biden/Trump rematch.

    I wished that was how America worked. That being said, it doesn't, and I expect Biden has his work cut out for him in 2024.
    I don't think Biden will drop out. If he was going to do so, it would probably have taken place by now.
    ........and yet, Yahoo has this article which I will share here....
    Good article

    Now that Thanksgiving has passed in America, and everyone’s Trumpy uncle is on his way back to his conservative state, we still have our catastrophizing Democratic cousins to contend with.

    Triggered by the drumbeat of horrific poll results, they are panicking that Joe Biden is too old and unpopular to prevent a second Trump administration from taking power.

    These cousins, and perhaps you too, are suffering from the latest strain of what I call Mad Poll Disease. It’s a perpetual state of anxiety – spread by the media’s obsession with using polls to forecast the outcome of the next election, instead of empowering voters with all the information they need to decide what they want that outcome to be and act, or vote, accordingly.

    To cure Mad Poll Disease, start by making this your mantra: Horserace polling can’t tell us anything we don’t already know before election day about who will win the electoral college.

    We know it will be close. We know it will be decided by six swing states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin). Importantly, these states were so close that even the best polls couldn’t call all of them the day before the 2016, 2020 or 2022 elections.

    In both 2016 and 2020, the margin of victory in most of them was less than one point. If you had clicked on FiveThirtyEight in June 2022, you would have thought Republicans had a 60% chance of controlling the Senate, in Septemberthat Democrats had a 70% chance of holding the Senate, and on election day, that Republican had a 60% chance of flipping it again. But in the real world, Democrats increased their Senate majority.

    Trying to use horserace polls to project the winner in swing states is like trying to predict the weather nine months from now by taking the temperature outside today.

    Elections come down to turnout, and what that will look like on election day is truly anyone’s guess. Taking the temperature of how voters feel today doesn’t tell us how they’ll feel a year from now – much less whether they will act on those feelings by turning out to vote, or for whom they’ll vote if they do.

    So why the scary numbers?

    Pollsters want voters to tell them who they will vote for next November; voters want to tell pollsters how unsatisfied they are now with the direction of the country and their own lives.

    For most of this century, Americans have said the country was on the wrong track – and they have taken out those broader frustrations on whoever was president at the time.

    Low presidential approval ratings are now the norm in the United States (for old and young presidents alike), in a stark contrast to the last century.

    And other world leaders aren’t faring well either. Of the seven countries regularly surveyed by Morning Consult, only the Swiss have positive feelings about their leader and their country’s direction.

    But when it comes time to cast a ballot, voters understand the stakes. This is where we can really tell those cousins to take heart: ever since Trump’s shocking win in 2016, many Americans who thought elections didn’t matter realized that they very much do.

    Most Americans reject everything Trump and Maga stand for – taking away our freedoms, filling the government with incompetent lackeys, and ruling with hate and fear.

    An anti-Maga majority was born, and it has turned out to vote in record numbers again and again. This has been a predictable weather pattern since 2018, but most pollsters and pundits fail to account for it……..

    As a practical matter, only Biden can decide not to run, and he shouldn’t base that decision on fear of bad polls. Polls can mislead us into making unforced errors. We hear a lot about how risky it is to run an 81-year-old candidate with bad poll numbers.

    What about how risky it would be to replace someone who has beaten Trump before, and who has already been defined by both left and right, with someone who hasn’t?

    It would be an absurd gamble – like doubling down on your bet when you haven’t seen any of your own cards yet.

    It’s even more absurd to focus on this when we still have a year of news headlines in front of us.

    As we saw after Roe v Wade was overturned, there is a huge difference between knowing intellectually that something could happen, and actually living in the world where it is happening.

    It’s not news to most people that Trump will stand trial for multiple criminal indictments next year. But none of us can fully feel the way we will about it once we are reminded every day of Trump’s crimes against the country……..

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    Guess this can go here

    Fewer voters under age 30 plan to vote in the upcoming presidential election than did at this point in the 2020 election cycle, and less than one-third of those who identify as independents definitely plan to participate, a newly released Harvard Youth Poll shows.

    A potential decline in participation by young voters could hurt President Biden next year in a hypothetical matchup against former president Donald Trump, given Biden draws more support from the demographic. But the poll, released by the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School on Tuesday, shows larger declines in planned participation among young Republicans and independents than young Democrats.

    Overall, the number of Americans between 18 and 29 years old who “definitely” plan to vote for president decreased from 57 percent to 49 percent in a poll at a similar point in the 2020 election cycle.

    Among Democrats in that demographic, that figure is now 66 percent, nearly identical to four years ago. Among Republicans, the figure is 56 percent, down 10 percentage points. And among independents, the current figure is 31 percent, also a 10-point drop.

    The small percentage of independents who definitively plan to vote is particularly striking because more voters under age 30 identify as independents (38 percent) than Democrats (35 percent) or Republicans (26 percent).

    The poll also shows pronounced declines in voting intention compared to the 2020 cycle among younger Blacks, Hispanics and women. The younger cohort of 18- to 24-year-olds is also less likely than participants ages 25-29 to be planning to vote, according to the poll……..

    Yes, I think he is highly motivated to keep Trump out of power.
    Contemplating a New Hampshire campaign event to which not one voter showed up, the Minnesota congressman and Democratic presidential hopeful Dean Phillips told reporters on Tuesday: “Sometimes, if you build it, they don’t come.”

    He was alluding to a famous line from Field of Dreams, a 1989 film in which an Iowa farmer played by Kevin Costner builds a baseball field, thereby attracting the ghosts of famous players.

    Phillips is widely held to have a ghost of a chance of succeeding in his quest to deny a sitting president, Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nomination.

    Nonetheless, the 54-year-old centrist, who is self-funding his campaign, insists Biden is too old at 81 to mount a meaningful fight against Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee.…..

    On the eve of the presidential election, the Democrats are in a not very enviable situation. Biden's ratings leave much to be desired, they have no alternative candidates, and it is now almost impossible to sharply improve the reputation of the head of state. It is obvious that our party has every chance of winning, even if it won't be easy for us.
    Last time, Democrats brazenly used the votes of long-dead people to achieve a significant advantage; this year, most likely, they will rely on the votes of national minorities. This is the only way to explain the cheap populism directed towards Palestine in the current conflict. Every day there are rallies in support of terrorists who kill civilians and tourists who happen to be nearby, and the current government does not want to do anything about it. Gloomy acquiescence is always the first stage of support.
    The worst thing is that Israel sees and understands this very well. The actions and inaction of the democrats are leading to the slow but systematic destruction of close friendly ties with Israel, in fact, our only ally in the Middle East, an outpost in the fight against global terrorism.
    Yes, this policy will probably lead Biden to victory in the elections, but our main, if not only, ally will turn away from us in such difficult times.

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