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    wrote Mr Greenwald, who did not explain the source for his story.
    Of course he didn’t. That’s the reason he left his own website - because they had editors who wanted him to actually vet sources and verify things. Instead of pushing his own narrative. Personally he and Shapiro both could drop into a hole straight to the center of the earth and automatically the earth is a better place.
    Noem is certainly not having a great day - her appearance on Face the Nation didn’t go well.


    One of the comments

    Please ask MAGA supporters if they think they lost rights under Biden. They always say yes. Then ask them which rights they're excited to see Trump restore. You'll get the most blank stares imaginable
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    Rubio absolutely sold his soul to the devil. Amazing.

    He's never had any real convictions. At his heart, he's a pure politician who will shift his beliefs to attain power at any cost. If that means acting "tough", he'll try and do that. If that means being a boot licker for Trump, he'll do that too. Him, Tim Scott and all of the other sycophants still angling for Trump's blessing are the same.

    I knew I remembered this article, just spent ten minutes looking for it on EE

    A British woman has pleaded guilty to being part of a global monkey torture network.

    Holly LeGresley, 37, from Kidderminster in Worcestershire, admitted uploading 22 images and 132 videos of monkeys being tortured to an online chat group.

    She was charged after an investigation by the BBC into the torture of monkeys overseas. The investigation exposed a global network involving a private online group paying people in Indonesia to kill and torture baby monkeys on video.

    The BBC said LeGresley used the username “The Immolator” and ran a poll for members of the group on which method of torture should be inflicted upon an infant monkey.

    LeGresley pleaded guilty to charges of publishing obscene articles and intentionally encouraging animal cruelty at Worcester magistrates court on Tuesday.

    The court heard West Mercia police charged LeGresley after being informed by the National Wildlife Crime Unit, a UK police department.

    A second defendant, Adriana Orme, 55, of Ryall, near Upton-upon Severn, Worcestershire, did not indicate any plea to similar charges.

    The court was told the women had “not carried out monkey torture themselves”.……

    Christian Nationalism is the only religion that concerns me one bit. This idiot has zero awareness of reality.

    Christian Nationalism is the only religion that concerns me one bit. This idiot has zero awareness of reality.

    Total and utter wackjob.....the thing that is wrong with our government is there are too many "Chips"......
    He doesn't want Sharia law forced on the people, but i bet he has no problem forcing the Chistian equivelent on the people... which isn't any different.
    Electric cars have taken off across the United States. Even amid news of slowing sales, the country sold almost 1.2 million fully electric vehicles in 2023, more than quadruple the number in 2019.

    Grocery stores and rest stops are installing charging stations across the country; electric cars have moved beyond niche status and are being
    produced by Ford, GM, Hyundai and many others.

    But there is one thing holding the nation back from the dream of an all-electric future: political polarization.

    Sales data have consistently shown that while Democrats have been buying the new cars in droves, Republicans haven’t jumped onto the EV-buying train.

    “The Republican is like, ‘They’re trying to ban gas cars — I’m not going to buy a Biden-mobile,’” said Mike Murphy, a former Republican strategist who runs the nonprofit EV Politics Project, which attempts to counter misinformation on electric cars and encourage conservatives to adopt the vehicles……..

    Still, Democratic areas have much more than their fair share of electric cars. So why did electric cars become — and stay — so polarized?

    One reason is that Republican leaders have injected electric vehicles into the culture wars, in light of President Biden’s effort to move the country away from gas cars.

    Former president Donald Trump has railed against electric cars, calling support of them “electric car lunacy” and the push for an EV future “very, very stupid.”

    “I think it is getting more polarized,” Murphy said. “Republicans are instinctively: ‘If Biden’s for it, we’re against.’”…..

    Conservatives talking about EVs often make a few standard critiques: that switching to electric cars will end up supporting China, that the vehicles are too expensive for ordinary Americans, or that Democrats are taking away Americans’ right to choose which cars they drive.

    “It’s a religion,” Tucker Carlson said on Fox News shortly after California announced its plan to phase out gas-powered cars. “It’s about making them feel like good people and increasing their control over you.”

    But there are other reasons Republicans might be more reluctant to switch to electric cars. Marc Hetherington, a political science professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a co-author of the 2018 book “Prius or Pickup?” said that political polarization partly stems from deep-seated psychological “worldviews.”

    Liberals tend to be more afraid of systemic issues like climate change compared to conservatives.

    Conservatives also tend to be more hesitant to adopt new technologies; liberals are more open to change.

    Those preferences can lead Republicans to stick with the large cars and trucks that they know; it can also lead liberals to opt for hybrids or electric vehicles……..


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