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    I hadn’t even heard the term ‘lawfare’ before two weeks ago

    Now I come across it almost daily

    The Gateway Pundit, a rightwing website known for spreading election conspiracies, will declare bankruptcy as it faces lawsuits for defamation.

    The site’s parent company, TGP Communications, will file for bankruptcy in Florida “as a result of the progressive liberal lawfare attacks against our media outlet”, founder Jim Hoft wrote on the website.

    Those lawsuits include one from the Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, who sued the organization in Missouri, where it is based, after the website perpetuated false claims that the two had been involved in election fraud in Georgia.…..

    Welp, FAFO. I guess they did.
    Lawfare means they are being held accountable for their misdeeds and crimes. All they do is whine and cry about it just like Trump. Snowflakes all.
    To briefly secure the job of House speaker 15 months ago, Kevin McCarthy made concessions that cost him that job and which continue to cost the Republican Party. McCarthy made it so that one member could force a vote to oust a speaker, for example, and he gave the hard right significant power on a Rules Committee that now gums up the works for leadership. There might have been plenty more included in this bargain; the full scale of it was for some reason kept secret.

    High on that list is a more informal concession McCarthy made: legitimizing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). McCarthy did so in the name of trying to wrangle the conspiratorial right she effectively leads.

    Increasingly, the right is starting to reckon with the predictable drawbacks of that.

    Sen. Thom Tillis’s (R-N.C.) comments to CNN on Tuesday were particularly biting. Amid Greene’s efforts to oust McCarthy’s successor, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), Tillis called her a “waste of time” and a “horrible leader.”

    “She is dragging our brand down,” Tillis said. “She — not the Democrats — are the biggest risk to us getting back to a majority.”

    Tillis added, “I’m embarrassed to have actually lived geographically in her district at one time before she was there.”

    Greene’s fights against Johnson and Ukraine aid, among other issues, such as banning TikTok, have also earned her increasing criticism from right-leaning media:

    Republicans have criticized Greene before — often somewhat obliquely — but McCarthy’s speaker bid in early 2023 presented something of a slate-clearing moment for her and the party.

    The tenor of Fox News’s other coverage of Greene has also been skeptical lately.

    Last month, Fox host Laura Ingraham played a clip of Greene talking about China buying up U.S. farmland and quipped: “I’m losing that caboose of thought there. God bless her.”

    On Sunday, Greene was even treated to a skeptical interview from usual MAGA booster Maria Bartiromo.

    “How is this leading to reelecting President Trump? How is this leading to the American people believing that the Republicans can govern?” Bartiromo asked Greene, adding later: “I guess what I’m saying is, how does this help keeping a majority in the House? How does this help by electing your candidate — you know, your candidate?”

    She also pressed Greene on what her plan was for what happens after ousting Johnson, ultimately concluding that Greene had avoided her question. “Well, with all due respect, you didn’t give me a plan for the speaker’s role,” Bartiromo said...............


    guess this can go here

    ...........It invariably feels lame, swivel-eyed or just plain wrong to compare any modern politician to Hitler, but this line, written by Hitler himself of his beerhall agitator years, makes my blood run cold most days these days. There’s more than one failed, incumbent or potential leader who regularly brings it to mind.

    “It makes no difference whatever whether they laugh at us or revile us … whether they represent us as clowns or criminals; the main thing is that they mention us, that they concern themselves with us again and again …”

    I’m now on the lookout for something a bit lighter to read, before I go mad with fear.............

    People can, will and have forgiven (or overlooked) a lot things

    We’ll see if this is one of them

    It's been said you can judge a person by how they treat animals. I know they have to be put down sometimes.
    It's done humanely though. Shooting a young puppy and throwing him in a gravel pit for misbehaving is not
    humane. What a piece of work she is. If I were her political opponent,I'd bring it up every chance I got.
    It's been said you can judge a person by how they treat animals. I know they have to be put down sometimes.
    It's done humanely though. Shooting a young puppy and throwing him in a gravel pit for misbehaving is not
    humane. What a piece of work she is. If I were her political opponent,I'd bring it up every chance I got.
    And a 100% unforced error

    Didn’t she have an editor, proof reader, publicist or someone to tell her to not put this in your book?

    Trump famously said that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose any voters

    Not sure even he, with his cult like followers, could survive shooting a puppy
    Backlash and damage control continues

    …….Amid widespread disbelief that a contender to be selected as Donald Trump’s running mate would commit such a tale to paper, many observers deemed Noem’s hopes of national office as dead as Cricket and the unnamed goat.

    Noem defended her story on Friday, saying it demonstrated the harsh realities of rural life that only recently saw her family put down three horses too.

    But animal rights groups condemned Noem.

    “There’s no rational and plausible excuse for Noem shooting a juvenile dog for normal puppy-like behavior,” said a statement from Wayne Pacelle, president of Animal Wellness Action and the Center for a Humane Economy.

    “If she is unable to handle an animal, ask a family member or a neighbor to help. If training and socializing the dog doesn’t work, then give the dog to a more caring family or to a shelter for adoption.

    “Raising and caring for a dog takes patience and kindness. Tens of millions of Americans who know and love dogs have to wonder about a person who expresses hatred for a young female dog and kills her.”

    Meanwhile, one activist wrote to police Friday asking them “to ascertain whether all the legal and ethical guidelines were followed, given the high-profile nature of the incident”.

    “Governor Kristi Noem … has publicly stated that she shot and killed her own dog,” said the missive that Chaz Stevens, the chief executive officer of ESADoggy, sent to police. “This incident raises significant concerns about animal welfare and the circumstances that led to such a drastic action.

    In her Sunday post, Noem said: “What I learned from my years of public service, especially leading South Dakota through Covid, is people are looking for leaders who are authentic, willing to learn from the past, and don’t shy away from tough challenges.

    “My hope is anyone reading this book will have an understanding that I always work to make the best decisions I can for the people in my life.

    “The fact is, South Dakota law states that dogs who attack and kill livestock can be put down. Given that Cricket had shown aggressive behavior toward people by biting them, I decided what I did.”

    According to the South Dakota legislature, livestock “means cattle, sheep, horses, mules, swine, goats, and buffalo”.…….

    Noem just lost any chance at being Trump's VP. There's no way Trump is going to risk get Old Yeller'ed by her.
    You very well may be right, but there is a non-zero chance that Trump, no fan of dogs, likes the story and picks her anyway. It will then be fascinating to watch Rs change their tune about this 180 degrees.
    “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog,” goes the famous line attributed to late President Harry Truman. And if you do get that dog, be sure to keep it far from GOP South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who reportedly brags in her new book about an incident some two decades ago when she shot her 14-month-old puppy named Cricket because the dog was “untrainable.”

    Noem — a top contender to be former President Donald Trump’s running mate in this year’s presidential election — reportedly writes in her book that she took the pup, a wirehaired pointer who was proving to be high-spirited and something of a handful, to a gravel pit and shot him.

    How did this cruel and horrifying act come to light? Noem was not confronted by an investigative reporter with a “gotcha” question, nor was she outed in a social media post. No, according to The Guardian, the South Dakota governor wrote about the incident herself in her book “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward.” The Guardian wrote that it obtained a copy ahead of the book’s publication next month.

    Not surprisingly, the report about Noem killing the dog has led to a furor in the media and on the internet. Amid the public outcry, which came not just from liberals but from conservatives as well, she stoutly defended her decision to shoot the dog, writing on social media, “We love animals, but tough decisions like this happen all the time on a farm.”

    Noem then used the controversy to peddle her book, writing, “If you want more real, honest, and politically INcorrect stories that’ll have the media gasping, preorder ‘No Going Back’” – including a link to order the book.

    I found the passage of “No Going Back” in which Noem describes killing Cricket revolting, and I imagine most people among the estimated 65 million households that own a dog (and many who don’t) feel the same way.

    A 2023 Pew poll found that 97% of people with pets view them as a member of the family. That, however, apparently was not how Noem viewed Cricket, writing in the book that she “hated” the rambunctious puppy. Noem said she considered the pup “less than worthless” after she ruined a pheasant hunt by going “out of her mind with excitement, chasing all those birds and having the time of her life.”

    Later that day, after the pooch escaped Noem’s car (which many of us would view as a failure by the humans, not the canine) Cricket killed a local farmer’s chickens and then bit Noem when she tried to restrain him. That, Noem wrote, was the last straw. As she wrote in the excerpt published in The Guardian, “At that moment, I realized I had to put her down.” A short time later, she said, she led Cricket to the gravel pit.

    Noem went on to write that her daughter, upon returning from school, inquired as to where the dog was: “Kennedy looked around confused,” Noem writes of her daughter, who asked: “Hey, where’s Cricket?” The excerpt shared by The Guardian does not include what Noem told her daughter, but the GOP governor boasted that the killing of Cricket — as well as shooting a goat she owned that same day because he was “nasty and mean” — was proof that she was willing to do the “difficult, messy and ugly” tasks of life — and presumably politics as well.

    Perhaps Noem included the tale of shooting Cricket in her book because she had read reports of how Trump did not like the beloved pets that bring joy to millions. As Trump’s late wife Ivana wrote in her memoir “Raising Trump,” “Donald was not a dog fan.” She noted Trump’s hostility to her poodle, Chappy, who would “bark at him territorially.” (At least one study does suggest that dogs are a good judge of character, so perhaps Chappy was right to bark!).............

    You very well may be right, but there is a non-zero chance that Trump, no fan of dogs, likes the story and picks her anyway. It will then be fascinating to watch Rs change their tune about this 180 degrees.
    It was a joke that obviously worked as well as a lead zeppelin.

    I was joking that Trump wouldn't select her, because he wouldn't risk her putting him down like Old Yeller was.
    Noem dehumanizes people she sees as "others," like non-white immigrants, "liberals," LGBTQIA+, and a list of others.

    When a person dehumanizes a group of people, they see them and treat them as animals instead of people. That's literally what dehumanizing means.

    If you want to know how someone will treat the people they dehumanize, all you have to do is look at how they treat animals.

    Noem just showed all of us very loudly and very clearly how she treats animals. If they disobey her or annoy her, she kills them and dumps them in a pit.

    A person's past recent behavior is the best indication of their near future behavior.

    If no one stops her, Noem would kill any non-white immigrants, "liberals," LGBTQIA+, and a list of others if they refuse to obey her demands for them to conform to her world view or if they annoy her by speaking up for equal treatment.
    From Democratic candidate for governor of Montana

    ……..In Montana, the Republican governor, Greg Gianforte, has a registered cattle brand, yet he owns no cattle. He takes agricultural tax exemptions on his luxury estate in Bozeman even though he doesn’t do much serious ranching or farming.

    In 2021, Gianforte illegally shot and killed a collared Yellowstone wolf that had its leg caught in a steel-jawed trap. He wanted to stuff the wolf and display it in his office – presumably without its radio collar, which would have dampened the effect he was going for.

    Then, after realizing he didn’t have the proper training certification to shoot a live animal stuck in a trap for what could have been days, Gianforte tried to lie to investigators about shooting it. If this sounds familiar, it is; in 2017 Gianforte also misledpolice officers after body-slamming a Guardian reporter.

    Yet Gianforte wants his constituents to believe he is, somehow, a fair-chase hunter – a rugged, tough-guy Montanan, even though he spent most of his life in front of a computer screen in the Philadelphia suburbs. In Montana, we have a more accurate word for people like Greg Gianforte and Kristi Noem: posers.

    Real hunters, real gun enthusiasts, real bird dog owners – “real Americans”, to use a phrase so often invoked by the Republican party – know that politicians like Gianforte and Noem are phoneys. They’re trying to create fake versions of themselves to publicly demonstrate their capacity for cruelty and extremism without being bothered by any responsibility or morality……

    If Gianforte believes “fair-chase” hunting is shooting a collared animal stuck in a trap, no wonder that under his tenure, starting teacher salary in our state has fallen to 51st in the nation(that’s right, a territory beat us!). No wonder his approval rating is at a miserable 37%. No wonder he couldn’t be bothered to explain why the property taxes on his privately owned home went down last year, while virtually everyone else around him got a tax hike………


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