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    Oct 5, 2019
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    I figured we needed a thread specifically about the media.

    There was a very big correction recently by the Washington Post.

    That story was supposedly "independently confirmed" by CNN, NBC News, USA Today, ABC News, & PBS News Hour. How could they all have gotten the quote wrong if they actually independently confirmed the story?

    Why do all the errors always go in one political direction and not closer to 50/50?
    WH statement:

    Looking at it, it seemed pretty obvious to me that here was a person who wanted so badly to make a point in what he thought was an argument that he forgot the context of the argument. Yes, it's true that Jews who had certain skills or developed certain attributes in order to survive improved their ability to survive - this is documented, including in the celebrated account of an individual's experience in the holocaust in the graphic novel Maus.

    But the point of discussion wasn't whether developing skills helped you survive, it was whether the slaves in American slavery (or in, turn, the Jews in the holocaust) actually benefitted from their experience because they developed those skills. And only the most perverse, disassociated person would come to that conclusion.

    I don't know enough about Gutfeld to say he's perverse and disassociated, but I know enough from watching the clip the say he's a jackass who doesn't know how to remember the context of the argument he's gotten himself into.
    Come on John Roberts, I thought better of you.

    Not only that, they are implying to their viewers the reason why the market went up today was because of the Fed's announcement. They are pathetic.
    In a new biography, the far-right former Fox News host Tucker Carlson denies being racist – but says if he was, he would “just say so”.

    “Being racist is not a crime,” Carlson says in Tucker, by Chadwick Moore. “Maybe [it is] a moral crime, but not a statutory crime – so if I was racist, I would just say so.”

    Carlson has long been accused of pushing racist invective and conspiracy theories during six years as the dominant Fox News primetime host. He has stirred up numerous controversies including pushing the racist “great replacement theory”, saying immigrants had made America “poorer and dirtier” and once suggested a Black Democrat politician spoke like a “sharecropper”

    In an investigation published last year, the New York Times said Carlson “constructed what may be the most racist show in the history of cable news – and also, by some measures, the most successful”.……

    I’m totally shocked that Fox News isn’t covering this (NOT!)

    This is ridiculous, and I agree the website is pandering to anti-vaxxers

    I feel like all of Trump’s profiteering from the presidency has largely been ignored. And the media is over-covering the ridiculous unproven assertions about Joe Biden. But yeah, let‘s talk about the “left-leaning” main stream media. (hint: they’re not, at all.)

    Wait, what? Did he really say that? That’s crazy, if so.

    Oh good lord, this must be one of their talking points. It’s so stupid, honestly


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