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its not. its what we want. some sort of gun control, thats all.

but it sure seems to strike a nerve with the right- guess thats why they sell all those bumper stickers and get all "Cmon- cOmE gET mAH GunZ"
Driving through a rural part of the country this week and saw a Trump flag left over - it said “Vote Trump 2020 - Keep Your Guns”. That is how the right uses the gun issue as red meat.

Sorta wanted to go up to the house and say - “so your guns are all gone now, since Trump lost, right?”

Make him admit nobody is trying to take his guns. Why are they so gullible?
Good move or bad move...?

It's a conundrum no matter what.

Good move or bad move...?

It's a conundrum no matter what.

I'll take option C, a move that won't make a difference in the next presidential election, but good for the people that were released.

Complaining from the right falls on deaf ears. They've secluded themselves so much within the right wing biosphere that nobody outside of that bubble pays attention to anything they say or complain about.

The majority of people have tuned out the regular media too with its tired horse race coverage. Nobody cares.

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