Trump loyalists in Congress to challenge Electoral College results in Jan. 6 joint session (Update: Insurrectionists storm Congress)(And now what?)


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Mar 26, 2019
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Charleston, SC
I guess it's time to start a thread for this. We know that at least 140 members of Congress have pledged to join the objection. Under federal law, if at least one member of each house (HOR and Senate) objects, each house will adjourn the joint session for their own session (limited at two hours) to take up the objection. If both houses pass a resolution objecting to the EC result, further action can take place. If both houses do not (i.e. if one or neither passes a resolution), the objection is powerless and the college result is certified.

Clearly this is political theater as we know such a resolution will not pass the House, and there's good reason to think it wouldn't pass the Senate either (with or without the two senators from Georgia). The January 6 joint session is traditionally a ceremonial one. This one will not be.

Many traditional pillars of Republican support have condemned the plan as futile and damaging. Certainly the Trump loyalists don't care - and many are likely doing it for fundraising purposes or to carry weight with the fraction of their constituencies that think this is a good idea.

Too light. Prosecutor asked for 33 years.

I agree it should have been longer. Trump judge (I read) who seemed to be swayed by his military past. That should have made it a longer sentence, IMO. He took an oath and then betrayed it.

he is 46

he will exit at 56 and in 10 years, the world will have passed him by. His best days are WELL behind him.
At 56? Nope. Lots of years ahead at that point. Should have been 2x that.
At 56? Nope. Lots of years ahead at that point. Should have been 2x that.

Sure 20 would have been real nice, but

Convicted felon

10 years pass- job gone, family 10 years older , sure he will still be alive- but he wont be in the same position he was at 45.

And im almost certain the Proud Boys didnt have a pension/retirement fund for its members lol

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