Trump loyalists in Congress to challenge Electoral College results in Jan. 6 joint session (Update: Insurrectionists storm Congress)(And now what?)


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Mar 26, 2019
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I guess it's time to start a thread for this. We know that at least 140 members of Congress have pledged to join the objection. Under federal law, if at least one member of each house (HOR and Senate) objects, each house will adjourn the joint session for their own session (limited at two hours) to take up the objection. If both houses pass a resolution objecting to the EC result, further action can take place. If both houses do not (i.e. if one or neither passes a resolution), the objection is powerless and the college result is certified.

Clearly this is political theater as we know such a resolution will not pass the House, and there's good reason to think it wouldn't pass the Senate either (with or without the two senators from Georgia). The January 6 joint session is traditionally a ceremonial one. This one will not be.

Many traditional pillars of Republican support have condemned the plan as futile and damaging. Certainly the Trump loyalists don't care - and many are likely doing it for fundraising purposes or to carry weight with the fraction of their constituencies that think this is a good idea.

A mother-and-son duo who carried zip ties as they searched for lawmakers after breaching the US Capitol were sentenced to federal prison for several felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with the riots.

Eric Munchel, 32, dubbed “zip-tie guy” on social media, was sentenced to nearly five years in prison followed by 36 months of supervised release on 8 September. His mother Lisa Marie Eisenhart, 59, was sentenced to more than two years in prison followed by 36 months of supervised release. They each have been ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution.…..

Guess this can go here
For more than two years, Michael Fanone’s muddied D.C. police badge was kept in a zip-top bag in an FBI evidence bin, dirt smeared across an imprint of the U.S. Capitol emblazoned on its face.

The man who ripped Badge No. 3603 from Fanone’s tactical vest during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol had buried it in his backyard in Buffalo, and investigators later seized it to use in the criminal case against him.

That man, Thomas Sibick, is in prison now, and authorities said the badge, no longer needed for evidence, is being returned to the department.

But Fanone — who resigned 11 months after he had been dragged into the frenzied mob, beaten unconscious and threatened to be killed with his own gun — said that when he asked for it back, the agency he once served balked at his request.

When a reporter called to inquire, a D.C. police spokesman initially pointed to regulations that dictate officers’ badges be returned to the department, noting that even former chiefs are forbidden from keeping their official shields after leaving the force.

But on Friday, police said they would make an exception because of the “unique circumstances” of Fanone’s actions on Jan. 6, and would give the badge, mounted in a display case, back to him, if that’s what he wanted.

“It’s the only thing from MPD that I want,” Fanone said of the scuffed piece of metal that he described at the sentencing hearing for Sibick as “the emblem of my duty and what I had dedicated my life to for the past 20 years.”……..

“Traditionally, badges go back to the department,” Fanone said. “I understand that. But I think we’re dealing with some pretty extraordinary circumstances.”

Fanone said that after his follow-up inquiries to D.C. police about the badge went nowhere, he enlisted the help of Christopher Macchiaroli, a former federal prosecutor in D.C. who is now in private practice. Macchiaroli had prosecuted some of the people Fanone arrested.

Macchiaroli sent a letter dated Sept. 9 to Stuart Emerman, an assistant D.C. police chief of the technical and analytical services bureau, requesting the department allow the U.S. attorney’s office for D.C. to “release Officer Fanone’s shield back to him directly.”

Having received no response, Fanone described the situation to The Washington Post. And when a reporter asked about it earlier this week, a D.C. police spokesman pointed to policies that he said prohibited ex-officers from retaining their badges.

“MPD handles badges of former members consistently,” Paris Lewbel, the deputy director of communications for D.C. police, said in a statement. “Badges of members who separate from the Department, whether they resign or retire, are recycled for future officer assignment.”……

Fanone said in an interview he does not want the D.C. police department to publicly display the badge. “Not a chance,” he said, adding that the agency doesn’t deserve to use him as a representative of officers who fought the insurrection because he feels it has not been fully supportive.

Fanone said members of his own department jeered him at last year’s Congressional Gold Medal ceremony, which he said “almost dissolved into a fistfight because a fellow officer took that moment to call me a disgrace to the badge.” Twenty-one House Republicans voted against awarding officers the honor…….

Not sure where to put this but what the??

Wouldn't shock me. Rudy definitely has a few loose screws these days.

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