State of The Union Address.. 2/4/2020 (1 Viewer)

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    What were the Dems standing up and Chanting? Most action I have seen outta them.

    And AOC and few other Democrats boycotting the SOTU??? Really???
    Omg, that was soooo awkward (awarding Rush medal of freedom). Trump is And I just turned it on. Pelosi looks like she would rather be someplace else.

    This is hard to watch tbh.
    found it hard to believe that the Democrats could not even applaud when Trump said we would never touch Social Security...

    And the 2nd amendment comments really got the Democrats to their feet.
    awww man who doesn't love a surprise daddy's home thingy. BTW that was Rhetorical I know who doesn't.
    So far tonight we have gotten a


    Up next.......

    I completed my 2019 taxes online with the SOTU playing in the background.
    My wife just came in and said that after the speech, Nancy Pelosi made a point of ripping it in half and throwing it down on the podium.

    Did anybody else see this?

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