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    Oct 5, 2019
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    I figured we needed a thread specifically about the media.

    There was a very big correction recently by the Washington Post.

    That story was supposedly "independently confirmed" by CNN, NBC News, USA Today, ABC News, & PBS News Hour. How could they all have gotten the quote wrong if they actually independently confirmed the story?

    Why do all the errors always go in one political direction and not closer to 50/50?

    As the 2020 Election Day count dragged on into the next morning in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin, the New York Times campaign reporter Reid Epstein reported a hiccup at 4:52 a.m.: “Green Bay’s absentee ballot results are being delayed because one of the vote-counting machines ran out of ink and an elections official had to return to City Hall to get more.”

    Eight minutes later Epstein sent a follow-up tweet giving the all-clear: “Clerk has returned with printer ink!”

    This tiny drama from Wednesday, Nov. 4, would be lost to history but for the deep consternation it ignited among influential members of the government and tech industry. Details uncovered in the Twitter Files and revealed here for the first time show that Epstein’s tweet prompted immediate and mostly successful speech suppression efforts by the Department of Homeland Security and others who were intent on undermining any facts or claims that might possibly be used to question the integrity of the 2020 election.

    The episode is of more than passing historical note because it is the first known case of the agency attempting to silence a social media account associated with a national newspaper – and because the Times, which has long professed to report the news “without fear or favor,” did little to push back against the censorship, even though nothing has emerged to invalidate Epstein’s reporting.

    Who cares what political affiliation the lawyers have.

    What political affiliation did the juries of his peers that said he is a rapist have?

    Or the forking three grand juries of every day Americans that found grounds for indictment? Not lawyers. Citizens. Even incels like those who post in this thread are on those juries. What is their political affiliation?
    Here you go. There’s more than this, but this should get you pointed in the right direction. There are a lot of garbage polls out there.

    Polls conducted or commissioned by a single media outlet are mostly slanted to boost ratings. Close races are better for ratings than lopsided ones are.
    This makes me very happy. I cannot imagine how this woman ever got hired by a reputable news outfit.

    You hate reporters that make Democrats look bad. There were 800 total layoffs at CBS.
    No, I hate reporters who obviously shill for one side or the other. She was awful. A cringe-worthy obsequious interview with Bill Barr where she simped and scraped before him. All her twisting of facts over the years. Her exaggerated opinion of herself. 🤮
    It's hard to know who is a better stenographer for the US Intelligence services. Bertrand or K.Dilanian.

    And Fox just moves on to the next lie without ever acknowledging the hundreds of times they used the lies told by a Russian to smear Joe and Hunter Biden. It’s sickening.

    Cruz is more of a podcaster than a senator, so maybe we should treat him as media


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