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Oct 5, 2019
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I figured we needed a thread specifically about the media.

There was a very big correction recently by the Washington Post.

That story was supposedly "independently confirmed" by CNN, NBC News, USA Today, ABC News, & PBS News Hour. How could they all have gotten the quote wrong if they actually independently confirmed the story?

Why do all the errors always go in one political direction and not closer to 50/50?
I’m still waiting for a serious proposal on how you remove a candidate from the ticket who won all the primaries and locked up the nomination? For what reason? It has to be a real reason, not his polls look bad or I want someone else.

And then a serious plan formulated for what to do next, and no, Carville’s idea isn’t really serious, IMO. It smacks of one of those reality TV show.

Stewart is just another privileged person who just wants what he wants, actual voters be damned. It’s not a good look, IMO.
There's a procedure, and it would be a shoe in that Harris would prevail. Read the selection of delegate rules for the Democrats, It would require you read them state by state because they are state party things. At the national level the rules are often changed from election to election, so old specific knowledge will not be reliable, but the system will basically the same each time but with some minor variation.

Anyway to get to the point the convention delegates will almost all of them be Biden kind of Democrats who are sworn to Biden. That may vary some state by state as well. Some states send their establishment big wigs, and those would not necessarily be all that bound to Biden, since they are the establishment folks by and large, the result will be largely the same.

It wouldn't be if say a further left candidate was the one pulling out, then it would probably lead to a shift to center and not Perhaps go their way.

Suppose Biden steps down, he will release his delegates, along with a statement saying he wishes they would support Harris. They will not be bound to Harris, but they will be the people who are the same kind of democrats Harris is. They number almost double the number of bound delegates at the convention it would take to place Harris on the ticket, so many of them could fritter away, but why would they.

To make this even more likely when it might not have been in the past, Democrats have drasiavly reduced the number of unbound delegates who will be there. All of the Legislators I think, and some party leaders but not as many as there used to be.

There will be no primary with short campaign period or voting happening anywhere other than at the convention by the chosen delegates. That is why they call them delegats, they've already been chosen and they are delegated to do this very thing, That's why they exist instead of something else.

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