What happens to the Republican Party now?


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Mar 13, 2019
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This election nonsense by Trump may end up splitting up the Republican Party. I just don’t see how the one third (?) who are principled conservatives can stay in the same party with Trump sycophants who are willing to sign onto the TX Supreme Court case.

We also saw the alt right types chanting “destroy the GOP” in Washington today because they didn’t keep Trump in power. I think the Q types will also hold the same ill will toward the traditional Republican Party. In fact its quite possible that all the voters who are really in a Trump personality cult will also blame the GOP for his loss. It’s only a matter of time IMO before Trump himself gets around to blaming the GOP.

There is some discussion of this on Twitter. What do you all think?

Why are the Democrats tolerating this any longer? They keep complaining about it but haven't done a damn thing about it. It's not like they have zero leverage. Fight fire with fire and maybe some Republicans will come to their senses.
Must have heard you (at least for a few)...

Just as we all knew: Trump’s DOJ was super-weaponized. Every accusation is a confession with these people.

Must have heard you (at least for a few)...

I really don't understand why they just can't vote to kick him off that committee.

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