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    Conservative activist Christopher Rufo, who is a close ally of Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, hosted a social media debate in which one participant argued that conservatives should cooperate with a hypothetical white nationalist dictator “in order to destroy the power of the left”.

    Rufo, a Manhattan Institute fellow who has been a hugely influential figure in DeSantis’ culture war policies in Florida, did not disagree with the sentiments.

    Instead he commended speakers for their “thoughtful points” and presenting the discussion as a model for engagement with “the dissident right”.

    Rufo is a high-profile conservative activist who in books, columns, media appearances and a Substack newsletter has encouraged conservatives to oppose “wokeness”.

    He has been credited with mobilizing conservatives against communities of color, first with a distorted version of critical race theory; then by linking LGBTQ-inclusive education practices to pedophilic “grooming”.…….

    Later in the broadcast, Haywood responded to concerns about rightwing authoritarianism by saying: “When we’re talking about people like Franco or Pinochet or even Salazar … they did kill people. They killed people justly, they killed people unjustly, and that’s just a historical fact.”

    “But,” Haywood added, “they saved a lot more people than they killed.”

    Augusto Pinochet was military dictator of Chile from 1971 to 1990, and after coming to power in a coup he tortured, exiled or killed tens of thousands of his regime’s opponents.

    Francisco Franco was dictator of Spain from 1936 until his death in 1975, and his regime killed 100,000 to 200,000 people during the so-called “white terror”.

    António de Oliveira Salazar was the head of Portugal’s authoritarian, one-party state from 1932 until 1968; his regime repressed domestic opposition and oversaw brutal colonial policies in Africa that permitted forced labor and other abuses.

    In closing the discussion, Rufo credited speakers with raising “some provocative points on all sides, some thoughtful points on all sides”, and told listeners: “I think there is a room for engaging the dissident right and the establishment right. I think we need to have a bridge between the two and engage in thoughtful dialogue.”……..

    Make no mistake, what Rufo means by having a “dialog” with the establishment right is that he will convince them that genocide is a necessary evil. I wish I didn’t feel this way - but it’s impossible not to at this point.
    Per my darker thoughts - here is another RWNJ laying the groundwork for genocide of “leftists”. We’ve all seen this before and it ends ugly. Will enough normal people be able to stop it this time?

    In a bizarre interview, Christian commentator Morgan Ariel said Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce should be “hung”.

    Ms Ariel, who describes herself as a “Christian activist”, also told Rumble streaming host Stew Peters on Wednesday that Ms Swift and Mr Kelce should be “publicly prosecuted” and alleged the pair are using their relationship as a strategy to push vaccines.

    “I think people deserve to be publicly prosecuted and hung,” she told Mr Peters, an alt-right conspiracy theorist known for his extreme anti-vax positions.

    A clip of the interview was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, but it has since then been removed.

    “If she’s dating some high-end, you know, football player that is pushing the vaccine, then that’s going to raise the probability that they’ll go out and get it,” Ms Ariel said.

    “These people are responsible for murder,” Mr Peters replied. “They’re actually selling their souls and knowingly killing children with a DOD-manufactured, US government-owned and deployed weapon of biowarfare. I mean, these people should be held to serious account.

    “I think people deserve to be publicly prosecuted and hung. I mean, the same thing that you say,” Ms Ariel added. “I think that we need justice in this country. I think that celebrities that are pushing it should be tried and they don’t have any conviction because their God is Satan and they value money instead of human life.”

    Mr Kelce appeared in a recent Pfizer ad encouraging users to update their Covid-19 vaccinations and flu shots.…..

    First time seeing the term Red Ceasar
    In June, rightwing academic Kevin Slack published a book-length polemic claiming that ideas that had emerged from what he called the radical left were now so dominant that the US republic its founders envisioned was effectively at an end.

    Slack, a politics professor at the conservative Hillsdale College in Michigan, made conspiratorial and extreme arguments now common on the antidemocratic right, that “transgenderism, anti-white racism, censorship, cronyism … are now the policies of an entire cosmopolitan class that includes much of the entrenched bureaucracy, the military, the media, and government-sponsored corporations”.

    In a discussion of possible responses to this conspiracy theory, he wrote that the “New Right now often discusses a Red Caesar, by which it means a leader whose post-Constitutional rule will restore the strength of his people”.

    For the last three years, parts of the American right have advocated a theory called Caesarism as an authoritarian solution to the claimed collapse of the US republic in conference rooms, podcasts and the house organs of the extreme right, especially those associated with the Claremont Institute thinktank.

    Though on the surface this discussion might seem esoteric, experts who track extremism in the US say that due to their influence on the Republican party, the rightwing intellectuals who espouse these ideas about the attractions of autocracy present a profound threat to American democracy.

    Their calls for a “red Caesar” are now only growing louder as Donald Trump, whose supporters attempted to violently halt the election of Joe Biden in 2020, has assumed dominant frontrunner status in the 2024 Republican nomination race.

    Trump, who also faces multiple criminal indictments, has spoken openly of attacking the free press in the US and having little regard for American constitutional norms should he win the White House again.

    The idea that the US might be redeemed by a Caesar – an authoritarian, rightwing leader – was first broached explicitly by Michael Anton, a Claremont senior fellow and Trump presidential adviser.

    Anton has been an influential rightwing intellectual since in 2016 penning The Flight 93 Election, a rightwing essay in which he told conservatives who were squeamish about Trump “charge the cockpit or you die”, referencing one of the hijacked flights of 9/11.

    He gave Caesarism a passing mention in that essay, but developed it further in his 2020 book, The Stakes, defining it as a “form of one-man rule: halfway … between monarchy and tyranny”.……

    “The fact that Trump lost in 2020 has just radicalized a lot of these people – it occurred to them that they might not win a proper election again,” he said.

    “That would mean that – excuse the language–they’re shirt out of luck unless there’s some other path to power. That’s where Caesarism comes in.”

    Linker said that the danger in such ideas is not that the American people will actively choose a dictatorship, but more in how they might shape the rightwing response to a future emergency.

    “If Trump wins in 2024, what does the opposition do, and how does he respond?” Linker speculated. “Does he send in the troops? Does that lead to bigger protests?”

    “If he then declares martial law, do these ideas prepare people in the Republican party to say, ‘Well, we need law and order’?,” Linker asked.

    “Does Trump then listen to people like Michael Anton and his friends about the need to perhaps cancel the next election?”

    Underlining this danger is the fact that Caesarism has won converts beyond Claremont as a solution to perceived decadence and the declining electoral appeal of far-right ideas.…….


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