President Trump and First Lady have tested positive for Virus (Update: Trump to undergo televised ‘medical exam’ Friday night) (1 Viewer)

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    I'm with Daniel Dale. This is remarkable considering his stance on Corvid and his track record of lies from his bmi to crowd size, especially if it has to do with his image. My spidey sense is tingling. Something isn't right.
    There is also a letter from the WH physician. I know that won’t hold a lot more weight. I don’t know what to think. I truly hope he doesn’t have it. He could have infected many people if he does.

    He has been almost criminally irresponsible about this whole thing.
    Him beIng criminally irresponsible is why I hope his tweet is correct

    ETA- I can’t wait to hear the QAnon response
    It's not good for the country. It's not good for him personally, being high risk as he is, or his family. The politics involved are obvious. With how lax they have been with preventative protocols I'm not surprised but it certainly isn't something that I'm excited about or celebrating. This is unsettling for the country and my hope is that this FINALLY gets all Americans on board with how serious this virus is and the responsibility we all have to take preventative measures to mitigate its spread. It is way past time to stop forking around about your rights and mask up. Just a bad night all around imho.
    @First Time Poster -

    I normally agree with you but you left me at the last off ramp.

    How is this not good for America? At worst, it should give pause to some of the troglodytes who think it is a hoax. At best, well I am not going to get ahead of myself.
    I don’t think we should celebrate this, either. This could lead to major unrest and bad things. I know I’ve been personally horrified by the way he has bungled this, but we need calm rather than chaos right now.

    He won’t learn any lessons though. I feel pretty sure about that.
    My fear is that he may have infected Biden, according to past scientific research the particles can travel up to 27 feet, Can’t wait to hear how Fox News is going to spin this.
    What kind of unrest? Honestly what other than 14 weeks of a Pence Presidency is the downside here?

    calm would come from clowns realizing that it wasn’t a hoax. and that he isn’t some savior.

    he caught a virus he said was not dangerous and would disappear like a miracle. Get him some bleach and a UV enema and he’ll be right as rain

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