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    I can only imagine the pressure these hearings will place on the DOJ to pick up the pace in their investigations.
    I'm sure that the result of the investigation is that their funding will stagnate so that they can't investigate next time
    The video before the break was just brutal. It's like taking all of the snippets we've seen on news shows over the last 16 months and mixing in some new ones. This was a violent, brutal insurrection. Trump's utter lack of a response was criminal and he should never be allowed in a federal building for as long as he lives. Frankly, his actions were treasonous. I will always view him as a traitor to our country.
    im suspecting this was Sec and LE video that hasnt been published like they said..never
    seen before.

    its hard to fathom how the faux people can pretend reality is not.
    the cognitive dissonance is so thick so encompassing, it must be difficult
    to live that way. must be a miserable way to exist.

    that faux is pretending not to view this...imagine how pucker will go on about it.
    what a smarmy creep. he exemplifies cognitive dissonance and is grossly overpaid for it.
    he makes my skin crawl.

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    My question is this, does this cool fall under the category of firing squad if found guilty?

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