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    I was looking for a place to put this so we could discuss but didn't really find a place that worked so I created this thread so we can all place articles, experiences, videos and examples of racism in the USA.

    This is one that happened this week. The lady even called and filed a complaint on the officer. This officer also chose to wear the body cam (apparently, LA doesn't require this yet). This exchange wasn't necessarily racist IMO until she started with the "mexican will never be white, like you want" garbage. That is when it turned racist IMO

    All the murderer and other insults, I think are just a by product of CRT and ACAB rhetoric that is very common on the radical left and sadly is being brought to mainstream in this country.

    Another point that I think is worth mentioning is she is a teacher and the sense of entitlement she feels is mind blowing.
    This is a tough call. I wish I had been there to see what was happening before the police showed up. Were they reported to the BAA, Boston Athletic Association, for disrupting the race, and did the BAA message/call/whatever the Newton police? Either way, was it racist?

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    Guess this can go here

    Not buying it

    The white woman who accused black teenager Emmett Till of making improper advances, spurring his lynching in Mississippi in 1955, has denied identifying him to his killers or wanting him murdered.

    In her unpublished memoir, Carolyn Bryant Donham wrote that she was unaware of what would happen to Till, who was 14 at the time he was brutally kidnapped, killed and thrown into a river.

    Donham was 21-years-old at the time of Till’s killing. The now 87-year-old’s upcoming memoir, ‘I am More Than a Wolf Whistle,’ which was obtained by the Associated Press, offers the most extensive account of the incident to date.

    The 99-page manuscript was only made public following the recent discovery of an arrest warrant on kidnapping charges issued for Donham in 1955 that was never served.

    In the memoir, Donham wrote that she tried to help Till once he was located by her husband and brother-in-law, who had brought him to her for identification in the middle of the night.

    Donham reportedly denied that the boy was Till because she didn’t want the men to hurt him.

    ‘I did not wish Emmett any harm and could not stop harm from coming to him, since I didn’t know what was planned for him,’ Donham said in the manuscript, which was compiled by her daughter-in-law. ‘I tried to protect him by telling Roy that “He’s not the one. That’s not him. Please take him home.”‘.

    Till, who was kidnapped from his family’s home at gunpoint, identified himself to the men.

    Donham said that she ‘always felt like a victim as well as Emmett’ and ‘paid dearly with an altered life’ for what had happened to him.

    ‘I have always prayed that God would bless Emmett’s family. I am truly sorry for the pain his family was caused,’ she says at the end of the manuscript...........

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    Why don’t more people of color ride bikes? There is no singular reason; however, safety is often cited as a primary concern. In communities of color with a high concentration of low to middle-income residents, the lack of cycling infrastructure elements, such as bike trails, bike lanes, or even shoulders, make cycling unsafe and impractical.

    “The lower a metro area’s median household income, the more dangerous it’s streets are likely to be for people walking,” according to a Smart Growth America Dangerous by Design 2021 report. “This is unsurprising, given low-income communities are less likely to have sidewalks, marked crosswalks, and street design to support safer, slower speeds.”
    Without such infrastructure, Black and Hispanic residents face the greatest risks. According to a Harvard and Boston University study assessing racial disparities and traffic fatalities, for every mile walked, Black people are twice as likely to be killed by cars compared to white pedestrians.

    For every mile ridden, Black cyclists are 4.5 times more likely to be killed than white cyclists. At the same time, Hispanic cyclists and pedestrians experience a 1.7 and 1.5-fold risk of being killed compared to white Americans.

    Higher death rates among Black and Hispanic cyclists and pedestrians in low-income communities can be partially attributed to historical neighborhood designs. In areas where the government-sponsored Home Owners’ Loan Corporation rated neighborhoods a grade of D, pedestrian fatality was twice as high as in neighborhoods with an A grade. Communities with lower ratings have wider roads designed for higher speeds, more traffic volume, and are close to highways and freeways.

    In Los Angeles, the Harbor Freeway goes through the heart of a residential community of South L.A. which has a 60 to 80 percent Black and Hispanic occupancy rate.

    In the Big Apple, New York City’s most dangerous streets for pedestrians and cyclists are concentrated in the historically Black and Hispanic areas of the South Bronx, East Harlem, and East New York.

    Down the east coast in the nation’s capital, historically white areas—Northeast and Northwest D.C.—resisted freeway construction efforts. In time, the construction of I-395 and I-295 freeways shifted to the predominantly Black- Southeast and Southwest- regions of the city.

    Pedestrian fatalities in D.C. are highest in Ward 7 and 8, both historically Black communities with straight, wide feeder roads to I-295.

    As more people of color concentrate in historic neighborhoods due to cost-of-living increases, gentrification, and other factors, the number of cyclists killed each year continues to increase. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that almost 1,000 cyclists die every year. Many cities have adopted “Vision Zero” campaigns to combat this issue............

    Happening today in Ohio. Most of them are heavily camouflaged because they are cowards. That leader cannot remain anonymous with his tattoos, and sure enough Twitter ID’d him readily. Ex-military using a Christian website to raise money for a whites only town. 🤡

    I'm skeptical of heavily edited videos.
    The last 2 dudes looked like child molesters.
    Yeah, me too. I don’t doubt though that a small blond girl would attract more attention than a black girl of similar age, it just makes sense. I just am not sure about that video.
    fork that. The managers had a responsibility to kick those pieces of shirt out of the restaurant. The whole waitstaff and kitchen staff should have stopped working until they did.

    Persona non grata, full stop.
    Ridiculous the the waiter had to go through that

    I’m sure there will be a hefty settlement and the (future former) manager will have some hard questions to answer
    The Internal Revenue Service audits Black taxpayers at significantly higher rates than other Americans, Commissioner Daniel Werfel told lawmakers Monday, confirming earlier findings by researchers at leading universities and the Treasury Department.

    In a letter to the Senate Finance Committee, Werfel said the agency would review audit algorithms for certain anti-poverty tax credits to search for systemic racial bias.

    Tax examiners do not know the race of the people they are auditing, but the algorithms the IRS uses to monitor fraud around the earned income tax credit — one of the U.S.'s largest social safety net programs — target filers that make errors on their returns and do not report business income.

    The result, the researchers found, is that the algorithms are more likely to identify Black taxpayers for audits.

    There is no evidence that Black taxpayers perpetrate fraud at a higher rate than any other demographic.

    Researchers from Stanford University, University of Michigan, University of Chicago and the Treasury Department in January found that the IRS was at least three times as likely to audit Black taxpayers than other demographic groups.

    “While there is a need for further research, our initial findings support the conclusion that Black taxpayers may be audited at higher rates than would be expected given their share of the population,” Werfel wrote……..


    Joe Rogan Doubts White Supremacist March: 'Where's the Fat People?'​

    I don't even think he believes any of the stuff he says. The only people who don't know he makes this stuff up are the ones who listen to him..

    On Sunday, more than a hundred members of the white supremacist group Patriot Front marched through the National Mall in Washington, D.C., wearing masks and holding upside-down American flags.

    Commenting on a video of the march during Monday's podcast episode, Rogan said, "Look at these guys, where's the fat people? How come they're all wearing the same clothes?"

    He went on to ask, "Have you ever seen anything that looks more like feds?" and promoted the conspiracy theory that the marchers were federal agents in disguise.
    Really bad look to suspend the student

    A Missouri high school sophomore who recorded a teacher using a racial slur during class has been suspended for three days.

    Mary Walton, a student at Glendale high school in Springfield, said that she was told on Friday to not return to school until Wednesday because she violated school district policy on inappropriate use of electronic devices, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

    The teacher, whose name has not been released, was put on paid administrative leave after saying the N-word on Tuesday. CNN reported the teacher later resigned.

    Walton’s attorney, Natalie Hull, said to the Associated Press she planned to issue a “demand letter” in an effort to get the suspension lifted so Walton could return to class sooner. Hull told the Washington Post that Walton was essentially a whistleblower who collected evidence of an authority figure’s misconduct and allowing her punishment to stand would inflict a “chilling effect” on students speaking out about wrongdoing in the future.

    The family also wants an apology, Hull told the AP.

    Walton said the teacher used the N-word six times – two of which were recorded on her video. Walton wasn’t sure what prompted the exchange. Yet she said the teacher asked some of her classmates why they were allowed to use the slur but he wasn’t, which academics have said is a racist argument meant to minimize the Black community’s efforts to reappropriate the word.

    Walton said the teacher told her to put her phone away when he realized Walton was recording him. When she refused, he told her to go to the office but stopped short of sending her.

    Walton sent the video to her mom and shared it with one friend. Walton said she didn’t upload it, but it spread “really, really fast”.

    Glendale’s principal, Josh Groves, said in a message to school employees and families that the comments expressed in the video were inappropriate and did not meet the Springfield district’s professional standards…….

    The cold formality of the letter is seared in Debra Long’s memory.

    It began “Dear Claimant,” and said her 24-year-old son, Randy, who was fatally shot in April 2006, was not an “innocent” victim. Without further explanation, the New York state agency that assists violent-crime victims and their families refused to help pay for his funeral.

    Randy was a father, engaged to be married and studying to become a juvenile probation officer when his life was cut short during a visit to Brooklyn with friends. His mother, angry and bewildered by the letter, wondered: What did authorities see — or fail to see — in Randy?

    “It felt racial. It felt like they saw a young African American man who was shot and killed and assumed he must have been doing something wrong,” Long said. “But believe me when I say, not my son.”

    Debra Long had bumped up against a well-intentioned corner of the criminal justice system that is often perceived as unfair.

    Every state has a program to reimburse victims for lost wages, medical bills, funerals and other expenses, awarding hundreds of millions in aid each year.

    But an Associated Press examination found that Black victims and their families are disproportionately denied compensation in many states, often for subjective reasons that experts say are rooted in racial biases……,

    But, but, I’ve been assured so many times on here that systemic racism just doesn’t exist!

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