2024 GOP Presidential Race (formerly Can DeSantis overcome Trump?)


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Jan 7, 2022
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New Jersey
Many of Trump's endorsed candidates did not do well on Nov. 8th.
Gov. Ron DeSantis DID do well.
He won convincingly.
Yet in this OP's opinion, Donald Trump is an egomaniac who is seemingly incapable of putting "Party over Self"
Trump has ZERO chance of being elected our next president.
In my opinion, if Trump would just shut up and go away (fat chance of that)...but "if" Trump did that, Gov. Ron DeSantis would have a CHANCE to be a formidable candidate for President in 2024.
Here is an interesting article on this topic...
What do any of you think re. Trump vs DeSantis?
Yes, I see the actual results in the midterms and all the special elections since then and the polls are utterly failing to register those results. Polls are pretty worthless at this point in the election cycle anyway.
I'll agree polls are worthless, at least until after the primaries are done and if/when the general election debates take place. Too much can happen between now and then.

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