Unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell / Jeffery Epstein transcripts have dropped (1 Viewer)

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    May 17, 2019
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    (likely crashed)

    From what I have seen so far on how people look

    Bad: Alan Dershowitz
    Maybe bad: Bill Clinton
    Meh: Trump

    HOLY shirt: FBI and Dubya for letting the DOJ do this.
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    This whole thing is just so disgusting. I really hope some important people get locked up over this. I don't care what their political persuasion is, the color of their skin, if they're huge philanthropists, etc. Lock them all up for a really long time.
    Why is any of this still redacted?

    Also, I'd just like to remind everyone that the current PRESIDENT of the US wishes Ghislaine Maxwell well.

    LOL... come on. Do you take everything he says literally?
    Exactly which things that Trump says or Tweets should we take literally , and which things should we just let roll off our backs and pretend he didnt say them?

    Please be specific.

    The ones where anyone [Mod Edit - Insulting] can recognize he's being sarcastic.
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    The ones where anyone with a brain can recognize he's being sarcastic.

    Oh ok.. Thanks, that totally clears it up.

    So when he says “Russia, if you’re listening- please find Hillary’s emails” or whatever, then he’s obviosusly ‘being sarcastic’ , he’s not really interested at all in getting dirt on his opponent any way possible... Gotcha, hell i only have half a brain, but even i can see your point. :cheer:

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