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Mar 13, 2019
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Of course I have made many mistakes in my life. Here’s where I think she’s not the sharpest knife on the shelf. For over two years during the 2016 election cycle she had thousands of people working for her in paid or volunteer roles. She had millions of dollars to spend on campaigning and advertising. Do you really believe that no one in her staff told her she needed to go to the rust belt? Do you really think the state democratic parties never asked her to come to their states? Let me rephrase my point, she was either a very incompetent politician or she was to lazy to go there. Now over confidence may have played a role in that laziness and so does her health. I’m sure you remember seeing her almost falling outside a vehicle and her having those coughing fits.
you are really stuck on this oversimplification, so I doubt anything else I say could convince you otherwise. So, go on believing what you want. She became a lawyer, worked for Congress, became a US Senator, and then Secretary of State because she’s stupid and lazy. 🙄

Her health was a big red herring (a lie, really) that was promoted by Fox. I saw it on there myself. That was the last time I watched an entire segment on Fox, actually, since it was so obviously completely made up.

She had pneumonia, and got dehydrated. That was seriously peddled as a brain tumor by Hannity, or some other neurological condition. Oh, Parkinson’s I think. People should stop believing what the talking heads say on Fox.


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Sep 28, 2019
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Omaha, NE
Moving away from this discussion for a minute. Your line of work sounds pretty interesting. Do you work predictive models just for politics or for industries or other businesses?
No nothing exciting like politics. My team supports call centers for a leading company in the hospitality industry. We mainly work on forecasting call volumes and handling times. Lots of optimization for call types to make our agents more efficient. Not very exciting, but it pays the bills.

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