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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    Trump backs Stefanik to replace Cheney as GOP conference chair
    Washington — Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday publicly called for the removal of GOP conference chair Liz Cheney, who has repeatedly criticized him for spreading falsehoods about the 2020 election and seeking to downplay the January 6 attack...

    Cuomo signs law to restore voting rights to parolees immediately after prison release - CBS

    Judge Strikes Down Federal Eviction Moratorium, Setting Up High-Stakes Appeal - NPR

    Trump's Facebook ban upheld by Oversight Board - NBC

    Trump told Facebook's oversight board that his supporters were 'law abiding' during Capitol riot - Politico

    Republicans ramp up threats against Big Tech after Trump Facebook ban upheld - CNBC

    McConnell says focus is on 'stopping' Biden agenda as Trump continues to push election lies - Yahoo

    Republicans promote pandemic relief they voted against - AP

    Biden: GOP in the midst of a 'mini-revolution' - The Hill

    Trump’s not back on Facebook, and Republicans are even angrier - Politico

    Rep. Liz Cheney urges GOP to reject Trump ‘cult of personality,’ says ‘history is watching’ - CNBC

    While Trump calls him 'gutless,' Mitch McConnell says focus is 100% on 'stopping' Biden - USA Today

    Trump responds after Facebook ban extended pending additional review - GMA

    Elise Stefanik's rapid rise as Trump supporter highlights the Trump takeover of the GOP - CNN

    What's behind the push for a fourth stimulus check - CBS

    Arizona Democrats, GOP settle over 2020 ballot review, but audit will continue - NBC

    The Memo: The GOP's war is already over — Trump won - The Hill

    Liz Cheney’s top donors back her despite push to oust her from GOP leadership - CNBC

    Some Calif. Democratic strategists say Catilyn Jenner gubernatorial bid is a win for Gov. Newsom: Report - FOX

    U.S. Justice Department worried about Arizona vote recount - Politico

    Trump, other top Republicans back Stefanik to replace Cheney as GOP conference chair - NBC

    Tennessee bans critical race theory from public schools - USA Today

    Liz Cheney, facing GOP leadership removal, takes swipe at Trump 'cult' - FOX

    Biden hits schools goal even as many students learn remotely - AP

    Can the Biden Agenda Fix Middle America's Deepest Problem? - NY Times

    Losing a megaphone: Donald Trump's Facebook ban could limit fundraising, his work to impact elections - USA Today

    Trumpland thought he’d get back on Facebook. Now, they’re anxious and scrambling - Politico

    US, Iran signal possible breakthroughs in nuke talks - The Hill

    Ukraine foreign minister: Trump years were a "difficult time" - Axios

    Paycheck Protection Program is out of funds for most small businesses - CBS

    ICE deportations fall to under 3,000 in April amid Biden rules that restrict removals - FOX

    WATCH: The GOP civil war is heating up (video) - Politico

    Gov. Ron DeSantis to sign controversial voter bill Thursday - USA Today

    Biden on GOP move to oust Liz Cheney: 'I don’t understand the Republicans' - Yahoo

    Hawley: Facebook board's Trump ban proves its time to 'get serious' on antitrust action - Fox

    Caitlyn Jenner on Hannity touts Trump: 'He was a disruptor' - The Hill

    Facebook’s Speech Policies Are Even More Arbitrary Than We Thought - Politico

    The politics of takeout: Biden brings back the presidential lunch run - CNN

    How Cheney could become dangerous to House GOP if ousted from leadership role - Wash. Examiner

    Sen. Joni Ernst, the only other woman in GOP leadership, defends Liz Cheney - Axios

    Biden’s families plan would cost $700 billion more than projected, new study says - CNBC

    Trump rails on tech companies after Facebook ruling - Politico

    'Perception gap': Taiwan says U.S. fears of Chinese invasion are missing the real threat - NBC

    GOP caucus releases video encouraging people to get vaccine as some in conference still haven't gotten the shot - CNN

    McConnell dodges questions about Liz Cheney - FOX

    Biden says he's open to compromise on corporate tax rate - The Hill

    The Real Reason Republicans Want to Oust Liz Cheney - Politico

    AZ secretary of state unveils list of concerns about Maricopa 2020 election audit - Wash. Examiner

    Republicans float support for antitrust reform after Trump Facebook ban upheld - The Hill

    Texas 'heartbeat bill' banning abortions at 6 weeks gets initial approval from House - USA Today

    How Amy Coney Barrett has changed the Supreme Court in ways Kavanaugh hasn't - CNN

    Conservative Club for Growth PAC comes out against Stefanik to replace Cheney - The Hill

    In op-ed, Rep. Liz Cheney writes the GOP is at a 'turning point' - USA Today

    Biden touts direct relief for businesses with Restaurant Revitalization Fund - CBS

    Biden admin’s photos of empty migrant facility are misleading, Texas Democrat says: ‘They’re just next door’ - FOX

    Location, location, location: Picking a spot for Biden-Putin summit is a tricky task - Politico

    FIRST ON CNN Feds fine unruly and maskless airplane passengers as violent incidents increase - CNN

    Trump, No. 2 House Republican Steve Scalise throw support behind Elise Stefanik for Liz Cheney's leadership post - USA Today

    A Chauvin juror participated in the 2020 March on Washington. Is it grounds for appeal? - NBC

    Harris to travel to Mexico and Guatemala in first foreign trip as vice president - CBS

    Demand for butt implants saw huge spike during pandemic - The Hill

    Poll: Two-thirds support Afghanistan withdrawal - The Hill

    A federal judge struck down the CDC's eviction moratorium — but a flood of evictions is unlikely - The Week

    MTG predicts Trump social media platform will be a 'major threat' to Facebook and Twitter - Wash. Examiner

    States push back against use of facial recognition by police - ABC

    State troopers, local police ramp up at border as federal resources stretched - NBC

    Liz Cheney clings to GOP post as Trump endorses replacement - AP

    Chinese rocket debris is expected to crash into Earth soon. It's not the first time. - CNN

    Alleged second Steele dossier on Trump emerges - Wash. Examiner

    Newsom draws contrast with GOP challenger Caitlyn Jenner after her comments on transgender athletes - FOX

    ‘Cult of personality’: House Dems seize on Cheney chaos - Politico

    Trump Plaza renamed 'The Plaza' as condo owners pivot to original name of West Palm Beach complex - USA Today

    Why 'gray divorces' like Bill and Melinda Gates' are becoming so common - NBC

    Duckworth urges Biden to demand Turkey curb attacks on Syrian Kurds - Politico

    Biden defends proposed tax hikes as helping 'the standard of living of people I grew up with' - CNN

    Labor Department reverses Trump-era rule that made it easier for companies to call workers independent contractors - CBS

    SpaceX launches and lands Starship in first successful flight - NBC

    General: China’s Africa outreach poses threat from Atlantic - AP

    Dem incumbents get financial head start over would-be GOP challengers - Wash. Examiner

    Netanyahu Opponent Given 4 Weeks To Form New Government In Israel - NPR

    House GOP leaders tap a Republican woman to kickstart Cheney's eviction - Politico

    Biden dismisses McConnell's pledge to focus 'on stopping this new administration' - CNN

    Man allegedly yells he hates the Chinese before striking Asian clerk in DC incident - Wash. Examiner

    Facebook oversight board was divided over how to weigh Trump decision, official says - Politico

    Trader Joe's cuts employee 'thank you' bonus after three months - The Hill

    AP: Trooper charged in child rape hid checkered FBI past - AP

    St. Louis prosecutor who charged McCloskeys faces misconduct allegations - Wash. Examiner

    Trump and legal team approached about Giuliani legal costs - CNN

    Melinda Gates says marriage is 'irretrievably broken,' doesn't need spousal support - NBC

    Lost in Translation - FOX

    Italian jury convicts two Americans of murder over killing of Roman police officer - The Hill

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    Biden administration to support waiving COVID-19 patents - CBS

    Anthony Fauci on ending the Covid seesaw - Politico

    CDC expects new COVID surge starting this month - Axios

    Giving 2 Doses Of Different COVID-19 Vaccines Could Boost Immune Response - NPR

    COVID’s US toll projected to drop sharply by the end of July - AP

    Moderna booster shots effective against Covid variants in early study - Politico

    Novavax vaccine 51 percent effective against South African COVID-19 variant: study - The Hill

    CDC chief says adolescents vaccinated against COVID can remove masks outdoors at camps - Axios

    Why Is India Running Out Of Oxygen? - NPR

    Children make up 26% of new COVID-19 cases in this state - ABC

    Fauci: The U.S. has a 'moral obligation' to help with global pandemic response - Politico

    Want to know if your family or friends got the COVID-19 vaccine? It's not rude to ask, etiquette experts say - USA Today

    CDC guidance to allow cruise lines to apply for trial trips with volunteer passengers - The Hill

    'Who to be saved, who not to be': Inside a hospital during India's COVID-19 crisis - ABC

    They Desperately Need COVID Vaccines. So Why Are Some Countries Throwing Out Doses? - NPR

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