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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    Tactical law enforcement officers move through the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light-rail yard where a mass shooting occurred on May 26, 2021 in San Jose, Calif.Philip Pacheco / Getty Images

    'Enough': Biden renews calls for gun control bill after San Jose rail yard shooting
    President Joe Biden urged Congress to pass stricter gun control measures following the latest mass shooting at a Northern California rail yard on Wednesday, in which eight people were shot dead.

    Senate presses forward with January 6 commission bill despite filibuster threat - CBS

    Co-workers of suspect among 8 shot to death at California transit facility - ABC

    Where things stand in the Trump criminal investigations - CNN

    Why China is crushing Hong Kong dissent - BBC

    PA county votes for investigation after voting machine mislabeling error - Wash. Examiner

    Biden pick for ATF pushes back against GOP senators — and disinformation - NBC

    GOP gambles with Pelosi in opposing Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

    Republican and Democratic lawmakers actually agree on two areas of climate policy - AXIOS

    Prosecutors investigating Trump tell witness to prepare for grand jury testimony - CNN

    Oath Keepers respond to Capitol riot lawsuit, say they didn't interrupt Congress' duties - NBC

    Obama says ‘institutional constraints’ kept him from talking about certain killings while president - Politico

    PA county votes for investigation after voting machine mislabeling error - Wash. Examiner

    Newsom on San Jose shooting: 'What the hell is going on' in the US - The Hill

    More Trump administration officials head to K Street - Politico

    HHS secretary dismisses reports of unsanitary conditions, distressed migrant kids - Yahoo

    Biden's Gaza reconstruction plan faces major roadblocks - AXIOS

    Biden faces growing pressure to take action on antisemitism - The Hill

    Warren calls for overdraft fee crackdown after blasting Dimon - Politico

    Jennifer Granholm sells holdings in electric bus maker after Republican criticisms - Politico

    Biden calls for further investigation into origins of COVID-19, 'questions for China'

    Defiant Belarus leader slams EU sanctions on plane diversion - AP

    Top Democrats jump-start push to offer a health care 'public option,' a Biden promise - NBC

    AP Interview: Michigan official warns of democracy threats - AP

    What we know about grand jury in Trump probe - The Hill

    Majority of Americans support trans troops, oppose trans athletes, Gallup finds - NBC

    After embracing Trump's effort to overturn vote, GOP congressman wants to run Georgia's elections - CNN

    Feds take down Medicare scams that preyed on virus fears - AP

    Karine Jean-Pierre becomes first Black woman in 30 years to lead White House press briefing - CBS

    Why A '9/11 Commission' Is Popular But May Not Happen For The Jan. 6 Capitol Attack - NPR

    GOP senator miffed over busted deal seeks to block China bill - The Hill

    Bipartisan highway bill advances in Senate, offering a path through infrastructure morass - Politico

    Mother of Brian Sicknick asking to meet GOP senators before Jan. 6 vote - The Hill

    Leading Dems seek input on ‘public option’ health care plan - AP

    Biden reveals intel community suspects Chinese lab accident one of two 'likely' causes of COVID outbreak - FOX

    Limits of a Democratic majority highlighted as key votes hang in the balance - CNN

    Bank CEOs return to Congress at time of deep partisan divide - ABC

    Collins, seeking changes, will back Jan. 6 bill on key vote - The Hill

    He Fought Trump's 2020 Lies. He Also Backs New Scrutiny of Ballots. - NY Times

    Coworkers of suspect among 8 shot to death at California transit facility - ABC

    His flight was intercepted by a Belarusian fighter jet. Why does the state want him? - NBC

    Elizabeth Warren spars with JPMorgan Chase head Jamie Dimon on overdraft fees - CBS

    Top House Democrat blasts Yellen for refusing to testify on PPP - Politico

    Kremlin tempers expectations for Putin-Biden summit in June - AP

    Pentagon considering telling troops to report suspected 'Havana Syndrome' incidents - CNN

    Guatemala to extradite former Panama president's son to US - The Hill

    Seeking to Restore Palestinian Links, Blinken Risks New Frictions With Israel - NY Times

    8 killed in shooting at transit facility; suspect, an employee, is dead - ABC

    Mayorkas defends handling of migrant crisis, claims 'the border is closed' amid GOP criticism - FOX

    WH undercuts GOP request to redirect COVID-19 relief funds to infrastructure - Wash. Examiner

    Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter announces resignation amid personal 'distraction' - USA Today

    Texas missing chance to avert deadly blackouts, experts say - AP

    Quiet Biden presidency confronts noisy world: The Note - ABC

    Bezos' final shareholder meeting as CEO looks to Amazon's future - NBC

    Biggest U.S. bank CEOs grilled over profits and priorities - Axios

    66 percent of GOP want Trump to run for reelection: poll - The Hill

    Biden budget to seek boost to the military's cyber force - Politico

    White House finalizing plans for Biden to meet with Queen Elizabeth II - CNN

    Italy cable car fall: Three arrested over fatal accident - BBC

    Yellen skips House small business hearing, defying legal requirement - CNBC

    Amazon will acquire MGM for $8.45 billion - ABC

    Incoming head of powerful California union has warning for Newsom amid recall election - FOX

    Second gentleman Doug Emhoff is hitting the campaign trail - Politico

    New round of $1,400 stimulus checks brings total amount sent to about $391 billion - CNBC

    Exxon: At least 2 board members lose seats in climate fight - AP

    Dems aim to craft public option bill as Biden excludes it from recovery plans - CNBC

    Citizen crime-tracking app, funded by Peter Thiel, scraps plans for on-demand police force - CBS

    GOP senators appalled at Biden ATF nominee's past gun control support - Wash. Examiner

    Bundles of cocaine washing ashore in Texas county - ABC

    $6 trillion stimulus: Here's who got relief money so far - CNN

    Police declare riot in Portland as protesters mark 1 year since George Floyd's death - ABC

    Texas lawmakers pass bill requiring national anthem to be played by pro sports teams - FOX

    McConnell offers rare praise for Biden administration's response to Myanmar coup - The Hill

    Divided US Catholic bishops will debate Communion policy - AP

    New grand jury seated for next stage of Trump investigation - AP

    MTG said Democrat should be 'shamed by everyone' in 2019 for comparing migrant camps to the Holocaust - CNN

    Senators try to salvage legislation on Jan. 6 commission - AP

    Biden indicated he could support $1 trillion infrastructure plan, Republicans say... - CNN

    Schumer to force vote on Jan. 6 commission this week - Politico

    AP FACT CHECK: House GOP falsely blames Biden for gas prices - AP

    Trump calls reported convening of grand jury in NY probe 'purely political' - NBC

    Pentagon official leading military extremism crackdown said Trump supporters are extremists - FOX

    Louisiana governor condemns police in Ronald Greene death - CBS

    Even the Holocaust isn't out-of-bounds in Marjorie Taylor Greene's age of outrage - CNN

    MyPillow’s Mike Lindell is turned away from Republican governors event - Politico

    Tech company backs out of Arizona election audit - The Hill

    U.S. judge dismisses indictment against ex-Trump adviser Bannon, cites pardon - Reuters

    Biden to nominate LA Mayor Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India: report - FOX

    New Hampshire auditors see no sign of fraud -- as Trump claims otherwise - CNN

    Dominion blames 'human error' for voting machines not showing GOP ballots in PA county - Wash. Examiner

    Republicans could expel Marjorie Taylor Greene. They won't. - NBC

    Trump lashes out after grand jury seated for New York criminal probe - The Hill

    Kinzinger calls for Marjorie Taylor Greene to be kicked out of GOP conference over Holocaust remark - Politico

    Critics slam Florida's law banning Big Tech 'de-platforming' as 'unconstitutional' - ABC

    California's Newsom ordered to pay $1.35M in settlement with LA-area church over coronavirus restrictions - FOX

    AP Investigation: Myanmar’s junta using bodies to terrorize - AP

    Judge suggests Bannon may not be innocent - Wash. Examiner

    CBP to build new 'central processing' facility in El Paso to hold migrant families, children - USA Today

    GOP leaders face new calls to boot Greene - The Hill

    Nashville DA won't enforce 'hate' bill requiring businesses to post signs for transgender bathroom access - USA Today

    Bipartisan pair of House lawmakers say Postal Service is spying on social media - Wash. Examiner

    Manchin wants more time for a bipartisan infrastructure deal - Politico

    Kamala Harris urged by New Mexico GOP lawmaker to involve Congress in her ‘root causes’ talks - FOX

    Third victim dies after shooting at New Jersey house party - CBS

    Judge: Man charged with bringing guns to DC had militia ties - AP

    State Department unfurls Black Lives Matter flags - Wash. Examiner

    Schumer tees up vote on Jan. 6 commission bill - The Hill

    'The clock is ticking': Democrats grow restless with Biden's infrastructure talks as Republicans float next counteroffer - USA Today

    Manhattan district attorney convenes special grand jury in Trump probe: Sources - ABC

    High Cost Of Los Angeles Homeless Camp Raises Eyebrows And Questions - NPR

    House Oversight Committee requests investigation into Postal Service's covert internet surveillance program - Yahoo News

    John Brennan floats 'financial front' as hidden piece of Trump-Russia puzzle - Wash. Examiner

    Trump responds to insurrection lawsuit by claiming immunity while he was President - CNN

    Many wait uneasily as Biden unwinds key Trump asylum policy - AP

    Senators struggle to save Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

    Rep. Tlaib says social media has censored Palestinians, calls for change - NBC

    Bill to bar Navalny allies from seeking office - ABC

    Meeks introduces legislation to boost American diplomacy to counter China - The Hill

    Trump is starting to put together his own Contract with America. And he’s teaming up with Newt. - Politico

    Rallies, moments of silence honor George Floyd a year later - AP

    Trump is gone. America's appalling treatment of migrant kids continues - The Week

    ‘We won’t be intimidated,’ and ‘yes, we have guns’: Kelley Paul slams critics advocating violence against her family - Wash. Examiner

    Kristen Clarke narrowly confirmed as first Black woman to lead Justice Department's civil rights division - USA Today

    DHS chief wants to make 'significant changes' to ICE as deportations, arrests plunge - FOX

    What is next for Gaza after the ceasefire?: Reporter's notebook - ABC

    Hope stirs as Biden-Putin summit falls on 900th day of Whelan’s detention - Wash. Examiner

    Rick Santorum and CNN’s ‘Trumping Heads’ Problem - Politico

    Prosecutor assigned to case of ex-cop charged in Daunte Wright's death resigns over 'vitriol' and 'partisan politics' - USA Today

    Biden warns sanctions could be imposed on Belarus after opposition journalist detained - The Hill

    Jeffrey Epstein prison guards get no jail time regarding his death, falsifying documents - USA Today

    Lori Vallow, Chad Daybell indicted on murder charges in deaths of her two kids - NBC

    Biden to head to Tulsa to mark 100th anniversary of Tulsa race massacre - CBS

    ACLU sues Arkansas over ban on treatment for transgender youth - The Hill

    Trump's hold on GOP remains as he teases Texas AG endorsement - CNN

    Dictator or ‘Dad’? Belarus leader suppresses all dissent - AP

    Manchin, Sinema's plea to Senate Republicans on Jan. 6 Commission: 'Work with us' - NBC

    George Floyd's family meets with Biden and lawmakers on anniversary of death - CBS

    News anchors say Marjorie Taylor Greene's offenses are 'part of something bigger' - CNN

    Murkowski to back Jan. 6 commission bill - The Hill

    Defiant Ghosn pins hopes on French probes to clear his name - AP

    Key takeaways from 5th day of trial for man accused of killing Mollie Tibbetts - ABC

    Biden defends waiving sanctions against Nord Stream - The Hill

    Car-free San Francisco streets: Residents debate reopening - AP

    White House ousts four Trump-appointed members of prestigious arts commission - CNN

    The White House Ends A Stalemate And Moves To Open California To Offshore Wind Farms - NPR

    Counting ballots in NYC mayor's race will be faster thanks to software approval - CBS

    Mother of Belarusian blogger pleads for help - ABC

    Video shows moment Maserati driver opens fire in D.C. road rage incident - NBC

    Schumer says Senate will move on Biden's infrastructure agenda in July - The Hill

    Activist alleges Illinois Democratic Rep offered him a job in exchange not opposing her in primary - FOX

    GOP plan to filibuster January 6 commission doesn't sway Manchin on changing Senate rules - CNN

    AI emotion-detection software tested on Uyghurs - BBC

    Los Angeles airport cargo handlers accused of stealing gold bars - NBC

    Tenn. bans teaching critical race theory in school - ABC

    Senate competitiveness bill includes $10B authorization for Bezos space company - The Hill

    3 Reasons Why The Arrest Of A Journalist By Belarus Is Troubling - NPR

    Why this 14-year-old activist is fighting for trans athletes - CBS

    Reward in fatal California road rage shooting increases to $150,000 - ABC

    D.C. Sues Amazon, Accusing It Of Inflating Prices And Abusing Its Monopoly - NPR

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    In NY, vaccinated teens can enter raffle for free college - ABC

    Dems back growing calls for Congress to probe Covid lab leak theory - Politico

    Here's why schools are on alert over new coronavirus variants - CNN

    Biden: Intelligence community split on Covid-19 origin - Politico

    Republicans call for Fauci’s termination over shifting position on Wuhan lab funding - CNBC

    House Homeland Security panel Republicans demand admin provide 'all intelligence' related to Wuhan lab - FOX

    China tries to pin pandemic on US - Wash. Examiner

    Possible vaccine-linked heart problem mostly mild, experts say - NBC

    DC closing walk-up COVID-19 vaccine sites - The Hill

    The latest on the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines - CNN

    Graham: Without sanctions, China will never help find source of virus - FOX

    COVID-19 infections are exceedingly rare after full vaccination: CDC - ABC

    Vaccine inequality in India sends many falling through gaps - AP

    Why there's more interest in the lab-leak theory of Covid's origin - CNN

    The Memo: Media face hard questions on Trump, Wuhan lab - The Hill

    Senate advances measure barring taxpayer funds for China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology - CNN

    Half of U.S. adults are now fully vaccinated, CDC says - CBS

    France probing whether Russia involved in campaign against Pfizer vaccine - The Hill

    They're keeping their masks on. It's not just about Covid. - NBC

    Federal government gives OK for states to offer lotteries, cash incentives for vaccinations - USA Today

    Chinese state media is turning on Fauci amid Wuhan lab controversy - CNN

    American held in Russia contracts COVID-19 after denied vaccine - The Hill

    US urges 'transparent' WHO inquiry into Covid origins - BBC

    Georgia GOP governor bans Covid-19 passports in state government - CNN

    Countries eager to reopen to travel as pandemic recedes - AP

    Pompeo-led effort to hunt down Covid lab theory shut down by Biden administration over concerns about quality of evidence - CNN

    NBA player fined $50,000 for breaking league's COVID-19 rules - The Hill

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