Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Wednesday, August 12, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

We just saw the first pandemic debate
Biden, Harris lash Trump at debut of historic VP choice
Trump calls Democratic demands 'ridiculous' as blame traded over virus aid stalemate
Trump campaign spox rips GOP congressman over rejection of QAnon conspiracy
Harris VP pick draws mixed reaction from progressives
Republicans rush to condemn Kamala Harris, but their message is all over the place
Harris embraces VP nominee attack dog role, says case against Trump ‘open and shut’
New Bob Woodward book will include details of 25 personal letters between Trump and Kim Jong Un
McCarthy faces QAnon squeeze
Trump administration can enforce green card wealth test in most states, court rules
Radical or moderate? Trump paints Democratic ticket as both
‘Reopen!’ refresh: Trump adds masks, CDC assist in plea for in-person school
Chris Wallace: Kamala Harris 'not far to the left despite what Republicans are gonna try to say'
Puerto Rico ordered to resume primary after ballot shortage suspended election
Trump touts administration’s guidelines for reopening schools
Exclusive: Harris could help Biden with women, young voters, maybe some Republicans too - Reuters/Ipsos poll
Funding For Postal Service, Mail-In Voting Stall Coronavirus Relief Talks
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say Trump has left US 'in tatters'
Talks of merging coronavirus aid with government funding has experts worried
Biden raised $26 million in a day after picking Harris for VP
Trump slams Kamala Harris over her presidential primary performance
Charlie Hurt describes 'uncanny' similarities between 2020, 2016 election polling: 'It's remarkable'
Harris VP choice signals tougher stance on pollution under Biden
CNN Exclusive: Details, title and cover revealed for Bob Woodward's upcoming book on Trump
Lyft joins Uber in threatening to shut down in California over new labor rule
QAnon-supporting candidate unrepentant despite GOP criticism
Tech giants unite to secure the upcoming election
Twitter plans clampdown on mail-in voting misinformation amid friction with Trump
Sen. Ron Johnson defends investigating Joe, Hunter Biden's ties to Ukraine: 'They put themselves' in spotlight
How can Wall Street be so healthy when Main Street isn’t?
Tightening Immigration May Not Mean More Jobs For Americans
Fact Check: At briefings, Trump is settling into a routine of false claims and exaggeration
Kamala Harris represents 'complete socialist takeover of Joe Biden,' Trump 2020 adviser Schlapp says
History shows running mates don't help much. But Kamala Harris could be different
Let it flow: Trump administration eases showerhead rules
Pence tells 'Hannity' he 'can't wait' to debate Kamala Harris, says voters' choice 'could not be clearer'
Kamala, Joe And The Fissures In The Base
China claims HHS Secretary Azar turned his back on Americans dying from coronavirus
Donald Trump made campaign donations to Kamala Harris years ago. His campaign says it's proof he's not racist.
Florida sheriff forbids staff, visitors from wearing masks
The congressional candidates who have embraced the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory
Rep. Clyburn reveals Biden confided in him before picking Harris: "I am having a little war between my head and my heart"
Trump campaign, RNC sue 'rogue' Iowa officials over mail ballots
Kamala Harris’ flip-flops back under a microscope after VP selection
Congressman accuses State Department official of lying about weapons sales
Congress is quietly blocking arms sales to Turkey
Military helicopter shot at over Va., 1 injury
The story of Black women in politics: How we got to Kamala Harris' ascent
Ron Johnson says committee Republicans blocking Comey, Brennan subpoenas
Where Kamala Harris stands on the issues
Trump 'thrilled' Joe Biden picked 'extreme San Francisco liberal' Kamala Harris as VP: Ronna McDaniel
Pelosi: 'People will die' if coronavirus stimulus talks drag into late September
Trump's ambassador to U.K. made 'inappropriate' comments on race and gender, watchdog says
Kanye West met with Kushner as rapper eyes 2020 election spot
Kamala Harris Pick For VP Is Hailed As 'A Moment Of Pride' In India
Biden will raise taxes, 'crater' stock market and economy: Kudlow
Stein Mart declares bankruptcy, will close most stores
Watch live: Biden and Harris appear together for first time as running mates
Biden, Harris to make unusual campaign debut in virus era
Trump congratulates QAnon supporter on Georgia win
FiveThirtyEight: Biden has a 71 percent chance of winning the White House
Democrats, White House 'miles apart' over COVID-19 aid - Pelosi
Trump calls 'most liberal' Harris 'dangerous choice' for Biden: 'Not sure that's what the country wants'
Harris pick recasts Democratic power structure for years to come
Kanye flops among Black voters
Biden leads Trump in 5 of 6 battleground states: poll
Three of ten Americans laid off in coronavirus crisis worried about food, shelter: Reuters/Ipsos poll
6 former EPA bosses call for agency reset after election
Trump says 'suburban housewife' will vote for him over Biden, cites low-income housing policies
Trump grabs 'third rail' of politics with payroll tax pause
As Americans await financial help, Trump's unemployment relief move confuses states
Chris Wallace: Kamala Harris is a ‘reasonably safe choice’ for VP pick
Big 12 Conference vows to continue with fall football season despite other Power 5 cancellations
5 Takeaways On The New Biden-Harris Presidential Ticket
Kamala Harris: Countries rush to celebrate Biden's running mate
Here's who could fill Kamala Harris's Senate seat if she becomes VP
Why Kamala Harris may prove an elusive target for Trump
Trump reverts to stereotypes as campaign fumbles to respond to Harris pick
Democrats ramp up warnings on Russian election meddling
Rice praises Harris after veepstakes: ‘She’s going to make a tremendous running mate’
Payroll Tax Delay To Boost Take-Home Pay, But Don't Spend It Yet
Tucker Carlson responds to guest correcting pronunciation of Kamala Harris's name: 'So what?'
Liz Cheney calls Kamala Harris a 'radical,' says her voting record is to the left of Bernie Sanders
Trump calls Kamala Harris ‘the kind of opponent everyone dreams of’
Another QAnon victory and 2 other takeaways in key primary races in Minnesota and Georgia
Shooting at Louisiana hospital prompts manhunt
Trump calls QAnon GOP primary winner a 'future Republican Star'
Rep. John Garamendi: Kamala Harris is very balanced ideologically and politically
Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and other major companies denounce Trump visa restrictions
'Irreparable damage': Puerto Rico's primary chaos spurs voter suppression concerns
McConnell urges White House, Democrats to restart COVID-19 stimulus talks (video)
Mnuchin declines to say if U.S. COVID-19 aid deal can be reached
Black activists praise Biden's pick of Harris, but warn challenges remain
TikTok collected data from mobile devices to track Android users: report
How Kamala Harris outflanked her skeptics to become Biden’s VP pick
'The Squad' shows staying power after string of primary wins
Putin is trying to score “a domestic win” after mismanaging his country’s outbreak and failing to revive the economy, said J. Stephen Morrison.
'Squad' sweep as U.S. congresswoman Omar holds off primary election challenger
McConnell warns control of Senate 'could go either way' in November
Rep. Ilhan Omar wins contentious Democratic primary election in Minnesota
Keen observers point out unusual elements of Biden’s Instagram post with Harris
Harris VP pick creates dilemma for Trump campaign
U.S. health chief, visiting Taiwan, attacks China's pandemic response
Fox's Cavuto fact-checks Trump camp claim that Harris called Biden racist: 'She never did'
How it happened: Inside Biden’s search for a running mate
Amazon’s ruthless business model meets Sweden’s labor unions
Trump warns of mail-in voting 'disaster', predicts China, Russia will be 'grabbing plenty' of ballots
Why Kamala Harris is a historic VP pick for Joe Biden (video)
Democrat calls on White House to withdraw ambassador to Belarus nominee
U.S. court blocks Trump administration's relaxation of migratory bird safeguards
Kamala Harris’ selection as VP resonates with Black women
New GOP headache as candidate condemned for racist videos wins Republican primary
Smash Mouth frontman mocks coronavirus at packed Sturgis Motorcycle Rally concert
Analysis: Russia claims a win in the vaccine race. But would you take a vaccine from Vladimir Putin?
Democratic National Convention: What to expect at Biden's nomination party
Biden makes appeal to progressives by naming Harris as VP
Kodak raised spending on lobbying government in months before loan awarded
Women say they will fight sexism, ‘ugly’ attacks on Harris
Parents Of Elijah McClain Sue City Of Aurora, Colo., And Police Over His Death
QAnon backer Marjorie Taylor Greene wins congressional primary in Georgia
UK officially in recession for first time in 11 years
Running mates don’t usually matter. Kamala Harris might
Hospitals, expats blast Trump plan to block U.S. citizens over coronavirus

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Colombia arrests US men accused of selling fake COVID cure
Neck gaiters may be worse than not wearing a mask at all, study shows
The next unprecedented vaccine hurdle: Making hundreds of millions of doses
Coronavirus updates: AMC announces timing for reopening theaters
U.S. CDC reports 5,119,711 coronavirus cases
The 1st U.S. Dog With COVID-19 Has Died, And There's A Lot We Still Don't Know
Fauci, Azar cast doubt on Putin's coronavirus vaccine claim
Trump adds coronavirus adviser who echoes his unscientific claims
Coronavirus updates: Over 1,000 students under quarantine in 1 school district
How The Coronavirus Has Upended College Admissions
Growing number of voters oppose Trump demand to fully reopen schools
'Hundreds dead' because of Covid-19 misinformation
Concerns over rising COVID-19 cases in Germany
New Zealand considers freight as possible source of new coronavirus cluster
Science and politics tied up in global race for a vaccine
Three people affiliated with one Florida school die from coronavirus
What you need to know about the coronavirus right now
Companies test antibody drugs to treat, prevent COVID-19
Putin’s plan for Russia’s coronavirus vaccine is at ‘high risk of backfiring,’ expert says
The latest on the coronavirus pandemic
Australia suffers deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic, cases rise
UK scientists openly question government's pandemic response
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