Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Tuesday, September 1, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

Court blocks release of Trump tax returns
Trump claims credit for bringing calm to Kenosha in visit criticized as politicizing racial unrest
Barr tightens rules on surveillance of candidates
AP FACT CHECK: Trump misstates what happened in Kenosha
President Trump visits Kenosha after days of unrest, announces millions in aid
Trump provides no proof of plane full of 'thugs'
Trump spins baseless tale of ‘thugs’ flying to protests
Senate Republicans look to roll out targeted coronavirus relief bill
USPS delivery delays on everything from medicine to baby chicks deepen concerns about mail-in voting
Facebook And Twitter Remove Russia-Backed Accounts Targeting Left-Leaning Voters
Los Angeles police fatally shoot Black man after suspected bike violation
Deciphering the 'red mirage,' the 'blue shift,' and the uncertainty surrounding election results this November
Trump's 'plane loaded with thugs' conspiracy theory matches months-old rumor
Walker claims Biden, Democrats 'trying to flip the script' on urban riots: 'They know they're in trouble'
Trump blows past the intelligence to accuse China of backing Biden
Trump is trying to grab some of Biden's most valuable supporters. Here's why
Trump says jobs are "flowing." Big employers just cut 50,000 jobs.
Trump sidesteps Blake shooting to extol law enforcement in Kenosha
U.S. CDC issues temporary halt on residential evictions to combat virus
Mnuchin says Trump still wants virus deal with Democrats
Donald Trump goes maskless in Kenosha, and urges others to do so despite COVID-19 order
Biden campaign is expected to announce it raised $310 million in August
Trump lauds 'very productive' talk with Big Ten commissioner on 'immediately' resuming football
Amid tensions in Kenosha, Trump tours damaged businesses, meets with law enforcement
Trump knocks Drudge: He didn't back me in 2016 and 'doesn't support me now'
Postal Service Watchdog Outlines 'Concerns' Surrounding Election Readiness
US vetoes UN resolution on terrorists over failure to include call for repatriation
Federal law enforcement drawn deeper into Trump's political ambitions
ICE arrests 2,000 immigrants in largest sweep of the pandemic
Facebook axes small Russian troll network
Justice Department investigating protest leaders
Armed militias don't have legal authority, but today there is little standing in their way
Fact check: 'WE ARE NOT ABLAZE,' Portland fire department says after Trump falsely claims 'entire city' is on fire
Trump visits Kenosha, calls violence ‘domestic terrorism’
Amid National Crises, Louisiana Mayor Fears His Decimated City Will Be Forgotten
Are US cities seeing a surge in violent crime as Trump claims?
Ari Fleischer warns Biden handlers 'severely' limiting ex-VP's media exposure and 'press is yielding' to it
Top Democrats demand intelligence chief resume election security briefings to Congress
Thousands of small-business loans may have been fraudulent, U.S. House panel finds
Judge allegedly punched on way to court
Polls to close in Markey-Kennedy Democratic primary in Massachusetts that's divided Democrats
Alleged Kenosha shooter's deadly night reconstructed with video
Jill Biden says Trump 'didn't have a strategy' for school openings
Twitter compels Democratic congressional candidate to delete tweet that violated rules against voter suppression
Pence says he doesn't 'recall' being put on standby during Trump Walter Reed visit
Trump and his physician deny he had "mini-strokes"
Trump wades into racial tensions with visit to Kenosha, Wis.
'It's Trump vs. not-Trump:' After conventions, Biden looks to excite his base while Trump tries to expand his
Protesters gather after sheriff's deputies shoot Black man during confrontation
Trump suggests 'some very stupid rich people' are funding protest groups, rioters at RNC and across US
Pence calls Blake shooting 'tragic' but says investigation must play out
The clash over Kenosha: Biden flips script on Trump as campaign heats up
Trump goes mostly dark in TV advertising fight with Biden
Why Kenosha's criminal justice advocates saw this coming
Trump closes in on Biden in Minnesota
Jacob Blake: Father 'refuses to play politics' as Trump visits Kenosha
Trump compares police who use force to golfers who 'choke'
Donald Trump Jr. says Democrats would rather people 'rob someone's store' than 'open up your store'
Biden condemns violence and asks if Americans 'really feel safe under Donald Trump'
Trump alleges Biden controlled by people in ‘dark shadows’
2 shootings, 2 days: In Kenosha, a microcosm of US strife
Florida 'antifa hunter' gets 3 years after threatening Black candidate, activist
Trump says Black Lives Matter is 'bad for Black people'
Macron on Lebanon: ‘It’s a risky bet I’m making’
Trump suggests Wisconsin protest murder suspect Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defense
'Poppycock!': Federal Judge Bars CBP Employees From Screening Asylum-Seekers
President Trump on push for COVID vaccine, Biden's willingness to shut down economy, relationship with Fauci (Video)
Trump, friends mourn right-wing activist killed in Portland
Wisconsin special session on police reform lasts less than a minute. GOP not interested.
Fact check: Trump makes more false claims about Biden and protests
Absent details, police shooting narratives seek to distract
Officials Identify Slain Portland Trump Supporter, President Threatens Intervention
DOJ 'targeting and investigating' leaders, funders of far-left groups and rioters, Wolf tells Tucker
Planes, pizza and Cher: Biden resumes campaign travel
Fact-checking Biden's speech on Social Security, fracking and crime
Trump defends supporters accused in deadly clashes
United, Delta, American Say They Are Dropping Change Fees For Domestic Flights
Pence was on standby to 'take over' during Trump's unannounced Walter Reed visit, new book reports
St. Louis couple charged after waving guns appear in court

Coronavirus News and Updates:

US says it won’t join global effort to find COVID-19 vaccine
Internal tensions and a resignation to virus' spread govern President Trump's pandemic response
New York City delays school start in deal with unions over coronavirus concerns
Florida Cuts Ties With Large Coronavirus Testing Lab, Citing 75,000 Delayed Results
Large antibody study offers hope for virus vaccine efforts
COVID-19 antibodies present in patients four months after recovery: study
'She cared like no other nurse': South Carolina front-line worker dies of COVID-19
FEMA Says It Will Stop Paying For Cloth Face Masks For Schools
DeSantis lifting Florida’s coronavirus-related ban on visiting nursing homes
Feds to ship fast COVID-19 tests to assisted living sites
Over 100 million testing kits to be distributed by feds to schools
Russia’s virus cases exceed 1 million, globally 4th highest
Coronavirus live updates: US case count for COVID-19 tops 6 million
Coronavirus missteps from CDC and FDA worry health experts
The Blame Game: The Uphill Battle To Prevent College Partying
AstraZeneca bolsters COVID-19 vaccine supply with new deal
At military academies, COVID-19 is the enemy to be defeated
Large trials for anticipated Oxford COVID-19 vaccine begin in the U.S.
COVID-19 vaccine will be made available "on the basis of science and data," FDA commissioner says
6 Million Coronavirus Infections Now Confirmed In U.S., A Country In Limbo
India leads global rise in new weekly COVID-19 cases, while deaths down: WHO
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