Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Tuesday, October 13, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

Supreme Court allows Trump to wind down census early
The Latest: Day 2 of Barrett confirmation hearings wraps
US election: Biden says Florida seniors 'expendable' for Trump
'Unmasking' investigation closes without report or charges: report
DOJ: Trump's 'total declassification' of Russiagate docs has no effect
Vulnerable Senate Republicans tie themselves to Barrett with Trump's numbers eroding
Barrett bats away tough Democratic confirmation probing
Russia shuts down Trump admin's last-minute push to strike nuclear arms deal before election
Seeking to close gap, Trump bashes Biden on fracking as campaign intensifies
Trump's words haunt Amy Coney Barrett as she vows not to be a 'pawn' on Supreme Court
Republicans try to separate Barrett from Trump
Pelosi spars with CNN's Blitzer over COVID-19 aid: 'You really don't know what you're talking about'
Government sues Melania Trump’s former best friend over ‘scathing tell-all’
5 takeaways from Tuesday's Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings
Pelosi defends rejecting White House's stimulus proposal: Americans' 'needs are not addressed in the President's proposal'
Can Trump Pardon Himself? Barrett Elides What Booker Calls A Live Issue
"I have no agenda": Amy Coney Barrett refuses to speculate on political issues in Senate hearings
FDA pushes back on Trump administration attempt to rebrand ‘emergency authorization’
Trump, Biden zero in on swing states that are key to victory
Trump shuns opportunity to change tack on coronavirus approach
Amy Coney Barrett faces pressure during hearing, responds with grace and poise, experts say
Trump makes appeal to suburban women at rally: 'Will you please like me?'
Texas loses bid to reinstate ban on second-trimester abortion procedure
Barrett apologizes for calling sexual orientation a 'preference'
Biden continues to outspend Trump on TV ads
Anchorage mayor steps down amid scrutiny over relationship with TV journalist
The art of the dodge: Amy Coney Barrett's 11 hours in the Senate hot seat
Judge Amy Coney Barrett flips the script on Democrats over health care, notes when she adopted daughter
Trump files emergency request with Supreme Court to stop release of his tax returns
Trump’s children brought Secret Service money to the family business with their visits, records show
Harris tells Barrett that Ginsburg was ‘far more forthcoming' about abortion views
The Latest: Barrett defends opinion on gun rights for felons
McConnell slates October revote on COVID relief
McConnell dares Democrats to block 'targeted' Covid relief before election
Barrett: I’ve had no conversation with Trump about how I’d rule on any case
Trump urges Congress to "go big or go home" on coronavirus stimulus bill
Barrett refuses to commit to recusal in election cases
6 key moments from day two of Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing
Trump attacks Fauci with falsehoods after backlash for ad quoting him out of context
Fauci says Trump campaign is "harassing" him with unauthorized ad
Mike Lee unleashes tirade against court packing, touts past Biden speech on the subject
Obama to hit the campaign trail for Biden 'soon'
Why Trump picking on Fauci is bad politics
Tightening Michigan race gives GOP hope of hanging on to the Senate
AP FACT CHECK: Lindsey Graham revises history on Obamacare
Barrett On George Floyd: Obvious That 'Racism Persists In Our Country'
Trump's Supreme Court pick says she is not 'hostile' to Obamacare, dodges on abortion
Suspects in plot against Michigan governor also discussed taking Virginia governor
Barrett: No precedent protects Affordable Care Act from pending challenge
McConnell says 'no one believes' Supreme Court will strike down Obamacare despite Barrett confirmation
North Carolina Senate race tilts toward Cunningham despite scandal, poll shows
Cut cable shuts down Virginia’s online voter registration
Trump takes bid to shield his tax returns back to U.S. Supreme Court
Fact-checking Biden's claim that Barrett's SCOTUS confirmation process is "not constitutional"
In Careful Answer, Barrett Doesn't Rule Out Recusal On Potential Trump Election Case
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon calls for more federal stimulus spending
McConnell to force vote on 'targeted' coronavirus relief bill next week
Democrat Gov. Tony Evers begs Wisconsin GOP to stop fighting mask mandates
Amy Coney Barrett: Trump Supreme Court nominee sidesteps questions
Fact-checking Biden's claim that Barrett's SCOTUS confirmation process is "not constitutional"
Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan donate $100 million more to U.S. election infrastructure
Biden says Obama will be 'out on the trail' for him
Romney cites Trump's rhetoric as he denounces 'vile' state of American politics
Palestinian premier: Trump reelection would be a disaster
2020 election live updates: Trump attacks Fauci again; Amy Coney Barrett faces questioning at confirmation hearing
Biden says he's "not a fan" of adding more justices to Supreme Court
Pelosi says Trump offer on coronavirus bill falls short, still hopes for deal
Graham slams Obamacare as senators begin questioning of Barrett
Trump mocks virus as he launches potential superspreader sprint to win reelection
Supreme Court declines to hear Democrats' emoluments case against Trump
Supreme Court rejects challenge to Planned Parenthood funding
Grassley: 'If people don't like what we do, they can vote us out of office'
Barrett Tries To Float Above Democrats' Snares, Including On Election Delay
Bipartisan Christian group forms super PAC to oppose Trump
The Memo: Biden landslide creeps into view
Biden again dodges court-packing question, hints he is 'not a fan'
Election week? Maybe not. Arizona, Florida and others could give us an early indication of who is winning
Barrett said she won't be 'legal pundit' when asked about Trump's threat to delay the election
Fauci says he's 'not going to walk away' as Trump revives criticism
California Republicans refuse to remove ballot boxes, slam state's $35 million 'Team Biden' contract
Barrett refuses to express a view on LGBT rights, whether she agrees with Scalia's dissent
WATCH: Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing
LISTEN: Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing: ABC News Live
Election 2020 Today: Barrett hearings, Harris in focus
The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip, 3 weeks from Election Day
Harris walks fine line on Barrett as election nears
Barrett says upcoming Obamacare lawsuit does not challenge pre-existing conditions coverage
3 million voters registered in Texas after 2016, raising Democrats' hopes of flipping Texas in 2020
Biden touts 'Buy American' plan
Desperate Americans hit by pandemic beg Congress, Trump to pass economic relief bill
Trump Funnels Record Subsidies to Farmers Before Election Day - NY Times
The Latest: Barrett says she can set aside Catholic beliefs
5 men in Michigan governor kidnapping face court
US rebukes Turkey for 'calculated provocation' in eastern Mediterranean
Sen. Ernst's Dem challenger seen backing Black Lives Matter group, despite no position on campaign website
U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs Planned Parenthood defunding case
Top U.S. general casts doubt on Trump's Christmas troop withdrawal timeline for Afghanistan
As opposition to Trump's pandemic approach grows, most voters want Senate to pass stimulus before considering Amy Coney Barrett
Trump claims Biden's 'dementia' is 'rapidly getting worse' after campaign trail gaffes
Barrett tells senators she’s not Scalia, but her own judge
Senators getting the chance to question Barrett in Tuesday confirmation hearing
The Note: Republicans stuck on uneasy defense on health care
Trump, Biden head to Pennsylvania and Florida as campaigns focus on swing states
Texas’ Abbott praises court ruling reinstating 1 ballot drop box per county
Uptick for retiree checks in 2021 amid coronavirus worries
Ghislaine Maxwell to urge U.S. appeals court to keep damaging deposition secret
COVID-19 spurred a new home-buying frenzy, but is it harder to find a new home?
What happened to 'defund the police'?
How SCOTUS Nominations Became All-Out War
Democrats in Trump Country: They're Not Shy Anymore About Liking Biden - NY Times
California AG sends cease and desist letter to state GOP amid reports of unofficial ballot boxes
How a Feud Between Cuomo and de Blasio Led to a Chaotic Virus Crackdown - NY Times
Belarus opposition leader threatens nationwide strike
Amy Coney Barrett: Trump Supreme Court nominee faces questions
Germany, France call for UK concessions in EU-UK trade talks

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Eli Lilly pauses trial of antibody drug Trump touted as COVID-19 'cure' over safety concern
Florida educators say pandemic "is not over and it's not going anywhere in the near future"
Covid-19: New three-tier restrictions come into force in England
U.S. government signs deal to make more COVID-19 vaccine components
Countries turn to rapid antigen tests to contain second wave of COVID-19
J&J says review of illness that led to pause of coronavirus vaccine trial could take days
Pfizer CEO pushes back against Trump claim on vaccine timing
Russia reports record high daily coronavirus cases and deaths
Coronavirus live updates: Italy introduces strict new nationwide measures
Trump mocks Fauci's pitching arm and his Covid predictions
The pandemic's energy toll
More masks, less play: Europe tightens rules as virus surges
COVID-19 again? Reinfection cases raise concerns over immunity
How long can I expect a COVID-19 illness to last?
2nd COVID-19 vaccine trial paused over unexplained illness
Poll: Months into pandemic, most adults say it has had a major impact on their lives
After frying chicken for over 100 years, Kansas restaurant is shut by pandemic
AP-NORC poll: New angst for caregivers in time of COVID-19
Coronavirus struck Texas' Rio Grande Valley. Will Latinos strike back with their votes?
When school is home and home is school, which rules prevail?
A tale of two responses to pandemic travel
Push to bring coronavirus vaccines to the poor faces trouble
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