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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    Battle between Republican leaders Cheney and McCarthy reaching boiling point
    The House Republican leadership skirmish that has simmered for weeks — one that has pitted House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., against House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo. — appears to have reached its boiling point this week.

    Derek Chauvin files for new trial after murder conviction in George Floyd case - NBC

    Despite business warnings, GOP moves ahead with voting bills - AP

    GOP Sen. Mitt Romney defends Rep. Liz Cheney amid Republican blowback: 'Liz Cheney refuses to lie' - USA Today

    Rep. Cheney stands by criticism of Trump despite mounting pressure from Republicans - NBC

    Donald Trump promises supporters will be ‘very happy’ when he makes 2024 announcement - FOX

    'Kind of a lunatic': Sen. Sherrod Brown calls out Sen. Rand Paul for not wearing a mask - USA Today

    Judge orders Justice Dept. to release Trump obstruction memo - AP

    U.S. prosecutors want 'special master' to review Giuliani evidence - Reuters

    Former Oregon House speaker arrested in sex trafficking sting - NBC

    Rep. Ruben Gallego trades insults on Twitter with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after she calls him 'coward' - USA Today

    Supreme Court Weighs Crack Cocaine Sentencing Disparity - NPR

    Trump launches 'From the desk of Donald J. Trump' as potential Facebook ban looms - USA Today

    Federal spending could drive a rise in interest rates, Janet Yellen says - CBS

    It just got harder for Democrats to hold their House majority in 2022 - CNN

    DOJ ordered to release memo advising Barr on not pursuing Trump charges - Wash. Examiner

    Attorney general calls for more funding to combat domestic terrorism - NBC

    Companies call out efforts to restrict voting in Texas - CBS

    Why Rising Diversity Might Not Help Democrats as Much as They Hope - NY Times

    Cheney sees cratering support in House GOP as McCarthy says she isn't 'carrying out the message' - CNN

    Cheney could be ‘toast’ in fight with Trump over GOP future - AP

    DeSantis emergency order does not convince Publix, Florida public schools to ditch masks - FOX

    U.S. begins reuniting families separated under Trump's "zero tolerance" policy - CBS

    U.N. welcomes Biden decision to admit more refugees as 'lifeline' - Reuters

    Kevin McCarthy's dishonest explanation for getting rid of Liz Cheney - CNN

    Alleged Capitol rioters are still being arrested four months after the insurrection - CNBC

    US military begins major exercises in Russia's backyard - Wash. Examiner

    How Bill and Melinda Gates divorce could affect nearly $130 billion fortune - ABC

    Bid to ban transgender athletes hits snag - USA Today

    DHS releases images of empty Border Patrol facility as child migrants move to HHS shelters - FOX

    Biden and McConnell toughen their positions on tax hikes - CNBC

    US report: Taliban will likely curtail Afghan women’s rights - AP

    Former Gov. Charlie Crist launches a campaign to be Florida governor again - Miami Herald

    Biden operatives begin opposition research on potential 2024 GOP presidential candidates - FOX

    McCarthy says GOP members are concerned Cheney can't "carry out the message" - CBS

    Texas leaders, corporations form coalitions to fight voting restrictions - NBC

    Old mass shooting fears new again as pandemic ebbs - ABC

    Elise Stefanik moves to quickly consolidate GOP support as Liz Cheney replacement: 'The fix is in' - CNN

    GOP Rep blasts Biden on illegal immigration: More 'got-aways' than a sold-out Penn State game - FOX

    House to hold additional hearings on January 6 attack on the Capitol - CBS

    Kevin McCarthy Caught On Hot Mic Saying He's 'Had It' With Liz Cheney: Report - HP

    Meet Victoria Toensing and Joseph diGenova, the Republican power couple caught up in the FBI's Rudy Giuliani investigation - BI

    Idaho legislative intern reports rape, is ID’d by lawmaker - USA Today

    Campaign stunt, ads bring California recall into new phase - AP

    Private school parents pressured to become BLM activists, NYC dad says - FOX

    McCarthy Comments Fuel Speculation Of Liz Cheney's Removal From House GOP Leadership - NPR

    Netanyahu misses deadline, political future in question - AP

    Republican House leader McCarthy admits he rented room from GOP pollster Luntz - CNBC

    incoln Project airs one last ding at Trump before he leaves Mar-a-Lago for New Jersey - USA Today

    Prosecutors seek 'special master' to review items FBI seized from Giuliani - CNN

    ANALYSIS: For Republican leaders, Liz Cheney is the pain that won't go away - NBC

    Biden considers new role for LA Mayor Garcetti as India ambassador - FOX

    Reports linking Garcetti to amb. gig are 'speculative' - Wash. Examiner

    Ohio GOP will discuss possible censure of Rep. Anthony Gonzalez for impeaching Trump - USA Today

    Former SEAL Eddie Gallagher's new shocking claim - ABC

    Suspected intruder dies after being shot by FBI agents outside CIA headquarters - NBC

    Biden business allies help White House woo private sector in climate change push - CNBC

    Pentagon watchdog launches UFO probe into Defense Department's actions amid string of sightings - FOX

    New York's no-bail law leaves a trail of violence - Wash. Examiner

    Florida governor sets election dates to fill US House seat - AP

    Elizabeth Warren Stitches The Stories She Says 'Help Us Learn To Persist' - NPR

    The tight battle for control of Virginia's House of Delegates - CBS

    JFK’s intimate letters to Swedish mistress up for auction - FOX

    Biden extends ban on fentanyl-like substances - NBC

    AG Garland discusses proposals for 'community-oriented policing' at House hearing - NBC

    Suspect on video hitting Asian woman with hammer - ABC

    Vermont Senate OKs noncitizens voting in capital city's elections - FOX

    Overpass collapse on Mexico City metro kills at least 24 - AP

    Woman missing for months found alive; foraged for grass, moss to survive - ABC

    How companies rip off poor employees — and get away with it - AP

    US gov seeks seizure of statue en route to Kim Kardashian - Wash. Examiner

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    Biden to shift how vaccines are allocated, setting new 70 percent inoculation goal for July 4 - NBC

    One Of The World's Poorest Countries Has One Of The World's Lowest COVID Death Rates - NPR

    Officials push back against Florida governor's lifting of COVID-19 restrictions - ABC

    Vaccine distribution has been a big target for the Biden administration from the beginning - USA Today

    How India descended into Covid-19 chaos - BBC

    White House to redirect unordered vaccines to states where demand is higher - Axios

    Why Washington state is seeing a 4th COVID-19 wave - ABC

    ‘Horrible’ weeks ahead as India’s virus catastrophe worsens - AP

    Covid cases at Everest base camp raise fears of serious outbreak - BBC

    White House calls CDC outreach to teachers union on school guidelines ‘longstanding best practice' - FOX

    Andrus Whitewing

    Andrus Whitewing


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