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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Conservatives push big issues to fore at Supreme Court
WASHINGTON (AP) — Abortion. Guns. Religion. A Trump-fortified conservative majority is making its presence felt at the Supreme Court by quickly wading into high-profile social issues that have been a goal of the right for decades.

New York AG's office opens criminal probe into Trump Organization - NBC

McCarthy's bid to quash January 6 commission underscores GOP split on Trump - CNN

McConnell hits ‘pause’ on Dems effort to create Jan. 6 panel - AP

Firm behind Arizona audit says no data was destroyed, contradicting GOP allegations - The Hill

America's Satanic Panic Returns — This Time Through QAnon - NPR

Cruz faces backlash on social media after joking about flights resuming to Cancun - CNN

Obama on UFO videos: 'We don't know exactly what they are' - NBC

Biden waiving sanctions on company in charge of Nord Stream 2 pipeline - Wash. Examiner

Taliban ramped up attacks against Afghans as peace talks faltered, Pentagon watchdog says - NBC

Fox News Moves To Have Dominion Voting Systems Lawsuit Dismissed - NPR

GOP splits open over Jan. 6 commission vote - The Hill

Biden keeps to 'quiet diplomacy' as calls for Israel-Hamas cease-fire ramp up - ABC

House Democrats block consideration of bill sanctioning Hamas financial supporters - FOX

In Biden White House, the Celebrity Staff Is a Thing of the Past - NY Times

House passes bill to curb hate crimes against Asian Americans, sends it to Biden - CNBC

Lawmakers frustrated over White House's ‘total lack’ of urgency in helping Afghan interpreters - Politico

Trump calls for Jan. 6 commission debate to end 'immediately' - The Hill

Group of House GOP lawmakers remove masks in Chamber on Tuesday - USA Today

Pelosi calls for ‘diplomatic boycott’ of 2022 China Olympics on human rights grounds - CNBC

Maricopa election audit team says 'deleted files' recovered - Wash. Examiner

Israel, Gaza violence overshadows Biden’s domestic plans - AP

The Supreme Court's plan to hear the Mississippi abortion case is likely the end of Roe - NBC

Senate Republicans do not offer Biden officials new infrastructure plan - Reuters

GOP congressmen sign letter warning of 'hyper-politicization' of Capitol riot prosecutions - USA Today

McCarthy rejects proposed Jan. 6 commission - ABC

Facebook Calls Links To Depression Inconclusive. These Researchers Disagree - NPR

Biden talks with Tlaib on tarmac after she slammed WH Middle East policy - Wash. Examiner

Sen. Johnson questions Dems' focus on Jan. 6 Capitol riot amid debate over independent commission - Yahoo

What Rep. Rashida Tlaib Told President Biden On The Detroit Tarmac - NPR

In Michigan, Arab Americans courted by Biden angered by his Gaza policy - Reuters

Clock ticking on Biden as second GOP infrastructure meeting yields little progress - Politico

U.S. military continues Afghanistan withdrawal undeterred by Israel-Gaza violence - CNBC

AP source: US encouraging Israel to wind down Gaza offensive - AP

Senate Republicans call for Biden to restore Trump-era government transparency order - FOX

RBG's death casts a shadow over Breyer's upcoming decision as court takes a right turn - CNN

'I'm only teasing': Biden jokes about running over reporters who ask about Israel as he test drives electric truck - USA Today

AP FACT CHECK: Hyperbole from Biden, GOP on state of economy - AP

Experts call 'anti-protest' bills a backlash to 2020's racial reckoning - NBC

The scandal inside the Matt Gaetz scandal - Politico

More states are expected to pass anti-abortion bills challenging Roe v. Wade ahead of monumental Supreme Court case - CNN

Marjorie Taylor Greene delivers impassioned speech on why she opposes Capitol riot commission - Wash. Examiner

Washington Gov. Inslee signs sweeping police reform measures - NBC

New York prosecutors investigating Trump Organization in a 'criminal capacity' - The Hill

Democratic Rep. Val Demings to launch Senate bid against GOP Sen. Marco Rubio - CNBC

How Kamala Harris became a victim of the barriers she broke - Politico

Giuliani, who urged Trump supporters to have 'trial by combat,' says he wasn't literally calling for insurrection - CNN

Tesla in Autopilot crashes into parked police car - ABC

Source: U.S. helped avert Israeli ground invasion of Gaza, hopes rise conflict could end soon - Politico

Stacey Abrams on not being Biden's VP: 'He picked the right person' - The Hill

20 Companies Are Behind Half Of The World's Single-Use Plastic Waste, Study Finds - NPR

Pentagon prepping program to screen military service members' social media for extremism: report - FOX

State losses plague Democrats ahead of redistricting - Politico

White House officials 'livid' with HHS about NBC News report migrant kids were held on buses overnight - NBC

McCarthy won't support January 6 commission and sides with Republicans downplaying the insurrection - CNN

European Parliament to vote on freezing China deal - Politico

Joe Rogan criticized, mocked after saying straight white men are silenced by 'woke' culture - NBC

New York state investigation into Trump is now a criminal probe - Politico

Biden back behind the wheel, zooming away in electric truck - AP

Hackers behind Colonial Pipeline attack reportedly received $90 million in bitcoin - CNBC

Problem Solvers Caucus backs Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

Arizona auditors now say voter data is intact, after sparking GOP feud - CNN

Lawyers square off over Devin Nunes suit - Politico

Beto O'Rourke's claim that Gov. Greg Abbott 'killing the people of Texas' comes back to haunt him - FOX

Israel-Gaza: Netanyahu says militants 'set back by years' - BBC

Democratic House chair calls McCarthy 'weak and cowardly' for opposing January 6 commission - CNN

Palestinians go on strike as Israel-Hamas fighting rages - ABC

Meghan McCain, Joy Behar argue over GOP support for Gaetz - The Hill

Mark McCloskey, St. Louis man who defended home from BLM, announces Senate run to stop Biden's 'socialism' - FOX

St. Louis lawyer who waved rifle at protesters running for Senate in Missouri - NBC

Voting machines across PA county not accepting GOP ballots in local races: Report - Wash. Examiner

A megachurch's ministry program used inappropriate tactics to 'train' teens, ex-interns say - NBC

Abortion rights groups sue Indiana over law regarding 'abortion reversal' drug - USA Today

Pittsburgh mayor concedes to Democratic primary challenger - The Hill

Dark money group launches $2 million pressure campaign to help Biden’s agenda - CNBC

Democrats abandon push to delay Biden administration arms sale to Israel - Politico

Rep. Virginia Foxx becomes 5th House member fined for failing to pass through metal detectors - FOX

Trita Parsi on Israel-Palestinian conflict: US has given 'blank check' to allies in Middle East - The Hill

WH memo sees economic strength where critics see fragility - AP

Despite Joe Manchin's latest pitch, voting rights bills remain imperiled in Congress. Here are the differences among them - CNN

Court decision leaves state's medical marijuana initiative in limbo - ABC

Ford and Biden hope to catch lightning with electric pickup - Politico

Flooding from Louisiana storms turns deadly - NBC

Israel-Gaza: Young Americans on the conflict - and online activism- BBC

Pompeo warns US money to Iran could be funneled to terrorists attacking Israel - FOX

Senate narrowly advances Biden civil rights nominee - The Hill

Gaza children bearing the brunt in Israel-Hamas conflict - AP

Sen. Ben Sasse presses ODNI nominee over his work for Huawei - FOX

Feds have asked about Giuliani's consulting on Romania - Politico

Resistance to January 6 commission grows among Senate Republicans - CNN

North Carolina sheriff’s deputies ‘justified’ in fatally shooting Andrew Brown Jr., DA says - CNBC

Trump DOJ tried using subpoena to identify Nunes critic on Twitter: Court docs - Wash. Examiner

Biden prays for safety of Tlaib's family in Michigan speech - The Hill

Now that Joel Greenberg has pleaded guilty to sex trafficking, what's going to happen to Matt Gaetz? - USA Today

Seizures of deadly fentanyl by CBP in FY2021 already top all of FY2020 - FOX

Pandemic heightens calls for TSA collective bargaining rights - Politico

Pharmaceutical company AbbVie inflated prices for two major drugs, House Oversight report says - NBC

3 inmates killed in 1 week as feds sue Alabama over prisons - ABC

US reverses longstanding policy on citizenship for babies born overseas using reproductive technology - CNN

Conservative group launches ad campaign against ‘woke capitalism’ - CNBC

Amazon extends facial recognition moratorium for police - The Hill

McCarthy races to contain GOP defections on Jan. 6 commission - Politico

Senate GOP will hit 'pause button' on riot commission - Wash. Examiner

Biden to tout EV agenda on tour of Ford factory building electric F-150 Lightning - CNBC

Most Americans want to see the Supreme Court uphold Roe v. Wade, polling shows - CNN

Andrew Giuliani announces run for New York governor - Politico

Homeless man ID'd as suspected arsonist - ABC

Juror removed from Durst murder trial as pandemic delay ends - AP

2022 shakeup: Demings to run against Rubio — DeSantis, GOP scramble for gambling deal votes... Politico

In Arizona, Border Patrol encounters new tactics in migrants' bid to cross into US - CNN

Woman testifies saying she was raped in 2003 by 'That '70's Show' star Danny Masterson - USA Today

'Beethoven' star Charles Grodin dead at 86 - ABC

Coronavirus News and Updates:

COVID-19 vaccinations surge in state that offered $5 million lottery - ABC

GOP members revolt against House floor mask rule after new CDC guidance - FOX

CDC: At least 600,000 kids 12 to 15 have received first COVID-19 vaccine dose - The Hill

Biden adviser makes personal appeal to young to get shots - ABC

It's Time For America's Fixation On Herd Immunity To End, Scientists Say - NPR

If I'm vaccinated, why should I care if unvaccinated people don't wear masks? - The Hill

Changed by pandemic, many workers won’t return to old jobs - AP

'Best $500 I ever spent': GOP lawmakers flout mask rules, risk fine on House floor - NBC

Fourth House GOP lawmaker issued $5,000 metal detector fine - The Hill

India surpasses 25 million COVID-19 cases as powerful cyclone slows response effort - ABC

Republicans defy mask rules on House floor - The Hill

Texas Gov. Abbott bans mask mandates from public schools, local governments - FOX

What India's 2nd COVID-19 wave may mean for Africa - ABC

Missouri AG serves Chinese Communist Party in lawsuit over ‘unleashing’ COVID-19 pandemic - FOX

Elizabeth Warren received $250,000 advance for book - FOX

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