Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Thursday, September 24, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

Unanimous Senate commits to peaceful transfer of power after Trump refuses
Feds put first Black inmate to death since execution restart
Protesters hit by vehicles at Breonna Taylor demonstrations in Buffalo, Denver
Pelosi not considering another Trump impeachment: ‘I don’t think he’s worth the trouble at this point’
Trump promotes health care ‘vision’ but gaps remain
FBI Director Wray: No sign of coordinated voter fraud by mail in national election
Democrats prepare bill limiting U.S. Supreme Court justice terms to 18 years
Facebook takes down suspicious accounts linked to Russia
7 'discarded' military votes for Trump found in Pennsylvania, campaign blames Democrats
How Republicans in key states are preparing to run out the clock on the election
Fox News Poll: Tight race in Ohio, Biden tops Trump in Nevada and Pennsylvania
Democrats to redraft virus relief in bid to jump-start talks
Trump faces tricky choice on Supreme Court pick
Feds, In Unusual Statement, Announce They're Investigating Discarded Ballots
Biden campaigns to win, as Trump maneuvers to hold power
At UN, China, Russia and US clash over pandemic responses
Lindsey Graham: 'I'm getting killed financially'
Trump’s team plots his departure — even if he won’t
"This time is different": Biden attracts slew of endorsements from retired military, GOP officials
Cuomo, Whitmer call for Congress to investigate Trump's response to COVID crisis
Despite Trump attacks, both parties vow orderly election
Trump's former national security adviser says President's refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power is disappointing
Facebook says it will reject political ads claiming election victory before results are declared
Donald Trump Jr. blasts media for ignoring Hunter Biden report: 'I was front page news for weeks' while Bidens 'get a pass'
DeJoy: Trump 'incorrect' that USPS isn't equipped to handle mail-in voting
Trump Questions Election Again After White House Walked Back His Earlier Remarks
Daily Caller reporters arrested covering Louisville protests (video)
Roy Moore sues Alabama over COVID-19 restrictions
Almost 2 in 3 Americans say economy is worse than a year ago today, survey says
AP-NORC poll: Support for racial injustice protests declines
GOP lawmakers distance themselves from Trump comments on transfer of power
Trump praises Barrett as possible SCOTUS pick, says he's still considering 5 women
McConnell, Pelosi dispute Trump, vow peaceful power transfer
GOP downplays Trump's refusal to commit to peaceful transition of power: 'The President says crazy stuff'
Trump to campaign in Florida amid outrage over comments on transfer of power
McConnell pushes back at Trump's refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power
Jordan demands answers on whether FBI is investigating Hunter Biden allegations, in wake of Senate report
'Honor Her Wish': Trump Met With Boos As He Pays Respects To Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Trump jeered as he visits Ginsburg's casket at U.S. Supreme Court
A list of the times Trump has said he won't accept the election results or leave office if he loses
Update on condition of Louisville police officers shot amid Breonna Taylor protests, suspect ID'ed
FBI, CISA urge public not to panic if they hear about election hacking
Kenosha shooter’s defense portrays him as ‘American patriot’
Trump claims Biden has ‘tremendous advantage’ in first presidential debate
Poll shows Trump growing his lead in Iowa as Senate race tightens
It's Trump's one clear advantage. To erase it, Biden's taking a page from Obama's playbook.
Mary Trump sues President and his siblings for fraud, calling it the family 'way of life'
Trump says he's "not a fan" of Meghan Markle after she and Harry urge Americans to vote
Trump says Biden 'should leave the campaign' after Senate GOP report on Hunter Biden's business dealings
'Naked ballots': Philadelphia official warns court ruling could negate 100k mail-in ballots
Pelosi urges voting to counter Trump on peaceful election transition
South Carolina man accused of planning terrorist attack he said could be 'Netflix worthy'
Some GOP lawmakers dismiss Trump's refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power
Trump hits Biden for holding no public events for the day, slams him as ‘low energy’
Republican Leaders Reject Trump Hedging On Transfer Of Power
Science academies sound alarm on political interference
What happens next in the Breonna Taylor case
Trump visits Supreme Court to pay respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, protests heard outside
New weekly unemployment filings tick up to 870,000
Pelosi hopeful COVID-19 relief talks resume 'soon'
Breonna Taylor: Sport stars react to decision not to charge police with black woman's death
Trump booed while visiting Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's casket at Supreme Court
Records: Mail delivery lags behind targets as election nears
Mnuchin says he and Pelosi have agreed to restart coronavirus stimulus talks
Trump niece files suit, claims family cheated her
Florida AG defends investigation of billionaire's donations to help felons vote
5 things to know for September 24: Breonna Taylor, Covid-19, election, N Korea, Minsk
Officers shot during protests over Breonna Taylor case, Louisville police release bodycam footage
Dismay over Breonna Taylor spills into America’s streets
Supreme Court favorite faces renewed attention for religious affiliation
Pompeo shatters diplomatic norms with political appearances
Trump struggling in three states he won four years ago: poll
Trump blasts ballots when asked about election aftermath: 'The ballots are a disaster'
Joe Biden urges peace, patience following Breonna Taylor grand jury decision
More than 200 retired generals, admirals endorse Biden, including some who served under Trump
Trump's threats and actions bring America to the brink
Nearly 500 National Security Experts Endorse Biden For President
3 in 4 who strongly disapprove of Trump likely to vote by mail: poll
POLITICO Playbook: Are we a banana republic?
Paul Selva, once one of Trump's top generals, endorses Biden
Florida election officials divided on enforcing mask mandate on Election Day
Eric Trump spreads false video about Biden using teleprompter in interview
Justice Department moves to make it easier to sue internet companies
Wall Street's biggest fear
North Korea 'killed and burned South Korean official'
'Desperation And Fear' For Millions With Congress Deadlocked Over Pandemic Assistance
Abortion stirs GOP tensions in Supreme Court fight
As they rally behind Trump's pick, GOP senators struggle to explain refusal to move on Obama's nominee
Live Updates: 2020 presidential election heats up with 1st presidential debate Tuesday
Presidential hopefuls gear up for costly post-election legal battles
Battleground polls show Trump up in Texas, Biden ahead in Iowa
Gallup: 61 percent support abolishing the Electoral College
Portland police declare riot during protests after Breonna Taylor ruling
Election 2020 Today: Trump’s power move; Biden courted
Pay attention to nightmare election scenarios. One might come true
Pompeo accused of stumping for Trump ahead of election
Florida Democrats losing registration edge — Republicans aim at Bloomberg's felons voting donation — Nuestro PAC blankets Florida
Bad blood from Kavanaugh confirmation may resurface in U.S. Senate hearings
Live Updates: Ruth Bader Ginsburg honored as Supreme Court vacancy battle continues
Joe Biden endorsed, Trump excoriated by nearly 500 retired top military, national security officials
Biden's personal touch and the Supreme Court boost Democrats' enthusiasm in this swing county
Progressives pledge to keep pushing Biden to expand court
The two Republican members of the North Carolina State Board of Elections abruptly resign
Bleary-eyed U.S. election officials turn to signature-verifying software in mail-in surge
Trump, other mourners to pay respects to Ginsburg during second day of viewing at Supreme Court
Bernie Sanders plans news conference on Trump's 'threats' to democracy
2 retired 4-star officers who served under Trump endorse Biden
Hopes for DC, Puerto Rico statehood rise
Trump Accuses FDA Of Playing Politics With COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines
Palm oil labor abuses linked to world’s top brands, banks
Xinjiang: Large numbers of new detention camps uncovered in report
Obama gives out his phone number: 'Send me a text'
Trump attempts a fall turnaround: Reclaiming his Catholic base
Trump won’t commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses
Fact check: Trump makes false claims about his record on manufacturing and coal jobs
With Warnings Of Socialism, Trump Seeks To Boost Support Among Young Florida Latinos
As wildfires approach Silicon Valley, tech firms struggle to find the backing to fight them
Susan Collins faces political land mine with Supreme Court fight
How To Sign Up To Work The Polls On Election Day
‘This is an illegitimate nomination’: Some Democrats snub Trump's pick
‘It’s getting worse’: Frontline female firefighter on this year’s historic season
Biden: 'We must continue to speak Breonna Taylor's name'
Taylor family calls lack of charges 'outrageous'
North Korean Troops Fatally Shoot South Korean Man Believed Attempting To Defect
Breonna Taylor: Two officers shot during Louisville protests

Coronavirus News and Updates:

How Trump is undermining his own vaccine race
Coronavirus continues to top what Americans hear about Trump
Trump Administration Plans Crackdown On Hospitals Failing To Report COVID-19 Data
"I can't save every job": UK scales back support as COVID surges
Poll: Coronavirus pandemic has Puerto Ricans on edge about in-person voting
Vaccine guidelines pit Trump against his own FDA
Putin tells Russians to obey rules as COVID-19 cases tick higher
Nearly 50% of coronavirus patients did not report their close contacts, CDC says
UK records 6,634 new COVID-19 cases, up from 6,178
Coronavirus live updates: CDC forecasts up to 226K US deaths by mid-October
Secret, powerful panels will pick Covid-19 vaccine winners
Coronavirus fuels historic legal battle over voting as 2020 U.S. election looms
Rising coronavirus cases spark fears of harsh winter
‘Are people to be left to die?’ Vaccine pleas fill UN summit
Colorado business owners adapt to COVID realities, prepare for future
Bioethicists condemn DIY COVID-19 vaccine efforts
Pandemic accelerates changes to work culture
Quarantine ordered for 2,500 students at elite Swiss school
United to provide COVID-19 tests to customers on San Francisco-Hawaii flights
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