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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

    Florida gov signs GOP voting law critics call ‘un-American’
    Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a major rewrite of Florida’s elections law on Thursday, tightening rules around drop boxes and mail-in voting in the presidential battleground. Critics say the changes will make it harder for voters, particularly the elderly and people of color, to cast ballots.

    Trump aides flood Senate and gubernatorial races as consultants and pollsters - CNN

    Pollster Frank Luntz: Trump's 'Big Lie' is working, may cost GOP votes - The Hill

    Biden to push his big infrastructure plan in GOP stronghold - AP

    Cheney not fighting, but not backing down in face of Trump, Republican backlash - ABC

    DOJ expected to issue order rule on 'ghost guns' Friday: sources - FOX

    Cheney drama exposes GOP's Trump rifts - The Hill

    NY: Broadband companies paid for 8.5M fake net neutrality comments - AP

    Biden says he's open to corporate tax rate between 25% and 28% to pay for infrastructure plan - CNN

    Florida's new voting law immediately hit with lawsuits - The Hill

    Justice Department: Arizona Senate Audit, Recount May Violate Federal Law - NPR

    Pelosi slams GOP leadership's moves against Liz Cheney - Axios

    Account tweeting Trump statements suspended by Twitter - The Hill

    With Trump ruling, Facebook's Oversight Board highlights where the power lies - NBC

    McConnell says 'real chance' Biden, Dems could work with GOP on 'bipartisan' infrastructure bill - FOX

    ‘He was packing up his hangar’: Jenner says wealthy Californians are moving to avoid the homeless - Politico

    Trump launches blog to spread election lies - Yahoo

    With 8 mln Americans out of work, why are more companies not filling jobs? - Reuters

    Who is Liz Cheney? Wyoming rep, House leader, Trump critic - USA Today

    Antony Blinken: US tells Russia to cease 'reckless and aggressive actions' - BBC

    U.S. sends more firepower to Middle East as troops withdraw from Afghanistan - CNBC

    Biden ready to sell $2.3T infrastructure plan in Louisiana - ABC

    FBI still after 'worst of the worst' in Capitol riot as new arrests come at steady pace - NBC

    GOP-backed voting restrictions like Florida's will appease Trump more than they'll help Republicans win elections - BI

    Lawmakers wonder: ‘How did we let Facebook get this big?’ - Politico

    Some in GOP worry new limits will hurt their voters, too - AP

    California county wants to build migrant tent city on private farm lands - Wash. Examiner

    White House: Florida 'moving in the wrong direction' with voting law - The Hill

    Battle over tax hikes muddies GOP’s push to become party of the working class - CNBC

    Mike Pence looks at the 2024 presidential race but sees Donald Trump everywhere - USA Today

    Texas moves toward permit-free gun carrying, joining five other states this year - CNN

    Sanjay Gupta blasts Tucker Carlson as 'reckless' on vaccines - The Hill

    Fox News Anchor Wonders ‘Who’s Right’ on the ‘Big Lie’—Cheney or Trump? - DB

    Thousands of veteran record requests stuck in red tape - Wash. Examiner

    Secret Service agents driving Trump around hospital during Covid stay needed full protective gear - NBC

    Veterans Affairs hiring racial diversity consultants to fight homelessness - FOX

    Sanders on Cheney drama: GOP is an 'anti-democratic cult' - The Hill

    Warren pushes Biden to forgive student debt as White House weighs legal authority - CNBC

    Kemp signs bill allowing college athletes to be paid - Wash. Examiner

    Support grows for defense funding in infrastructure bill - Politico

    Liz Cheney's fall shows that Trump is here to stay - CNN

    House to vote on Senate-passed COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act later in May - CBS

    Stefanik says GOP needs to be 'one team' in 2022, is committed to working with Trump - FOX

    Gillibrand touts legislation to lower drug costs: This idea 'is deeply bipartisan' - The Hill

    Trump's latest attempt to return to Twitter ends a day later with a suspension - BI

    'I'm not a deficit spender,' Biden says - Wash. Examiner

    Restrictive Texas voting bill advances to floor vote - ABC

    Judge temporarily stays ruling in eviction moratorium case - AP

    The battleground states advancing controversial election and voting bills - CBS

    POLITICO Playbook PM: How Biden sees the GOP - Politico

    Warren: Trump is 'a danger to democracy' - The Hill

    Cancel culture gives pass to liberals who launched racial attacks at Tim Scott - FOX

    FBI raid exposes Giuliani and signals widening criminal search, experts say - The Guardian

    Minor reprimands for officer in Wright death - ABC

    Justice Department warns Arizona Senate president of civil rights violations in 2020 election audit - CNN

    Wyoming officials steer clear of Cheney peril before vote - AP

    Republican candidates in Virginia governors' contest sign onto anti-critical race theory pledge - FOX

    Yang falls behind Adams for first time in New York mayor’s race poll - Politico

    Cheney fight stokes cries of GOP double standard for women - The Hill

    Biden’s plan would boost conservation of US lands, waters - AP

    Biden tax hikes for family plan would slow economic growth, new analysis finds - Wash. Examiner

    Why Facebook's Decision On Trump Could Be 'Make Or Break' For His Political Future - NPR

    Stefanik says she supports GOP review of Biden's Arizona victory as she stresses embrace of Trump - CNN

    Flint water crisis victims may need X-rays for compensation, raising health concerns - ABC

    In Missouri, the polarizing future of the GOP is on display. Dems aim to take advantage - NBC

    50 eye-popping earmarks requested by lawmakers in upcoming federal budget - FOX

    Biden: $2.25T infrastructure spending package about 'saving lives' - Wash. Examiner

    Stefanik bashes Twitter after aide’s account suspended in ‘error’ - Politico

    U.S. conducting intelligence review of "Havana Syndrome" incidents, as suspected CIA cases rise - CBS

    GOP group hits House Dems on drug bill - Wash Examiner

    Blinken reaffirms US support for Ukraine amid Russia tension - AP

    How Systemic Racism Continues To Determine Black Health And Wealth In Chicago - NPR

    Trump allies search for viable Cheney foe in Wyoming amid fight over 'Big Lie' - CNN

    Jill Biden to meet military spouses during stop in Colorado - ABC

    'Bearded Bandit' bank robber found dead on Southern California beach - NBC

    First genetically modified mosquitoes released in US - Wash. Examiner

    Chicago suburb set to pay reparations, but not all on board - AP

    GOP Gov. DeSantis signs Florida election bill into law amid new controversy - ABC

    Likely Cheney successor appears on Bannon show to tout GOP unity - The Hill

    Lawmakers want billions in government spending on unusual pet projects, Fox News investigation finds - FOX

    Fact check: Elise Stefanik tried to get election overturned, promoted election lies - CNN

    Florida's Agriculture commissioner outlines attack strategy against DeSantis ahead of likely challenge - Politico

    Brazil: At least 25 killed in Rio de Janeiro shoot-out - BBC

    Study: Residents left big metros during pandemic for family - AP

    Biden administration details plans to conserve 30% of US land and water by 2030 - CNN

    'New Era In Resettlement': U.S. Refugee Advocates Count On More Community-Based Help - NPR

    General says US may train Afghan forces in other countries - AP

    Naval standoff between U.K. and France 'resolved' — for now - NBC

    Mother-friend gossip chain prompts FBI to identify US Capitol riot defendant - CNN

    They've made themselves visible, now Afghan women fear their future hangs in the balance - NBC

    Risk of flooding from melted glaciers to increase as climate warms: Study - ABC

    Almost $44,000 in fraudulent charges made on Republican National Committee credit card - The Hill

    Scotland Goes To Polls In Crucial Election That Could Trigger New Independence Vote - NPR

    Jonathan Bush, brother of President George H.W. Bush, dead at 89 - FOX

    Democrats wary of appearing to push Justice Breyer out despite their small window to replace him - CNN

    Fishing tensions flare between France, UK over Brexit rules - AP

    California bar owner charged after allegedly selling fake Covid-19 vaccination cards - NBC

    Longtime GOP consultant, lobbyist faces federal tax charge - AP

    45,000 apply for 12 spots to shoot Grand Canyon bison - The Hill

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    More support easing vaccine patent rules, but hurdles remain - AP

    New Study Estimates More Than 900,000 People Have Died Of COVID-19 In U.S.- NPR

    Moderna says its COVID-19 vaccine is 96% effective in teens - CBS

    EXPLAINER: Why patents on COVID vaccines are so contentious - AP

    Study examines why COVID-19 death rate among Hispanics is so high - ABC

    Poll shows COVID-19 vaccine enthusiasm has reached a plateau - The Hill

    India's gov't eases hospital oxygen shortage as demand jumps - AP

    World hails U.S. reversal on vaccine patents, but hurdles persist for countries in crisis - NBC

    Covid: Germany rejects US-backed proposal to waive vaccine patents - BBC

    Minnesota, Virginia join U.S. states easing COVID-19 restrictions - Reuters

    EU open to discussion on coronavirus vaccine waiver - The Hill

    How to prepare for the coming wave of COVID child vaccinations: OPINION - ABC

    The Latest: NYC mayor plans to keep ordering vaccines - AP

    New Jerseyans still giving Murphy high marks for his handling of the pandemic, poll finds - Politico

    WATCH: An Easy Way To Understand Coronavirus Variants — Using Puzzle Pieces - NPR

    Nebraska launches 'beef passport' program for meat eating - AP

    India's packed hospitals forced to turn COVID patients away - CBS

    COVID-19 spreads to rural India, villages ill-equipped to fight it - Reuters

    Pfzier to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes - ABC

    Authorities arrest man accused of stealing 100 vials of COVID-19 vaccine - ABC

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    Andrus Whitewing


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