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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    GOP offers $928B on infrastructure, funded with COVID aid
    Republican senators outlined a $928 billion infrastructure proposal Thursday that would tap unused coronavirus aid, a counteroffer to President Joe Biden’s more sweeping plan as the two sides struggle to negotiate a bipartisan compromise and remain far apart on how to pay for the massive spending.

    GOP set to block 1/6 panel, stoking Senate filibuster fight - AP

    White House sends positive signal on GOP infrastructure proposal - The Hill

    Sen. Manchin criticizes McConnell, GOP for opposing Jan. 6 commission - NBC

    Electric vehicle, climate spending slashed under GOP infrastructure counteroffer - CNBC

    Watch Elizabeth Warren grill Jamie Dimon over pandemic overdraft fees - CNN

    Future of Senate filibuster faces crucial day Thursday - FOX

    White House criticizes latest GOP infrastructure offer but says talks will continue - CNBC

    Deep-rooted racism, discrimination permeate US military - AP

    Trump, Giuliani urge judge to throw out Democrats' Capitol riot lawsuit - NBC

    Manchin says he's not willing to abolish filibuster over GOP opposition to Jan. 6 commission - AXIOS

    DeSantis withdrawing Florida from federal unemployment boost - Politico

    Drama scrambles Schumer's China bill - The Hill

    Senate GOP unveils its $928 billion infrastructure counteroffer to Biden — here’s what’s in it - CNBC

    The latest on Congress as Capitol riot commission faces key Senate vote - CNN

    ‘It’s insane’: Proud Boys furor tests limits of Trump’s GOP - Politico

    Senate tests willingness to preserve filibuster with China, Jan. 6 commission votes - NBC

    9 victims identified in San Jose mass shooting - ABC

    How Matt Gaetz helped make Ron DeSantis - Politico

    Senate GOP doubts grand jury charges would weaken Trump - The Hill

    Harris to announce business investments in Central America - AP

    Sen. Ron Johnson 'respectfully disagrees' with Sicknick family after meeting - The Hill

    Republicans offer infrastructure counter well short of Biden vision - Politico

    Koch network hasn’t yet engaged much with White House after pledge to seek cooperation - CNBC

    Paul Ryan to enter GOP's civil war by criticizing Trump's hold on party - CNN

    Biden's Silence on Abortion Rights at a Key Moment Worries Liberals - NY Times

    Border Patrol agents see 3,166% increase in sex offender arrests in Del Rio Sector - FOX

    How Biden’s cash paid for Florida GOP’s pet education projects - Politico

    'Still a lot of work to do' as Windham 2020 election audit concludes - Wash. Examiner

    Russia blocks flights as West's standoff with Belarus over diverted plane hits air travel - CBS

    Republican governors face the Trump litmus test as elections approach - CNN

    Warren says GOP infrastructure proposal not 'a serious counteroffer' - The Hill

    Stringer stays strong in NYC mayor's race after sexual harassment allegations - Politico

    DeSantis slams media for making fun of FL during pandemic - Wash. Examiner

    Rudy Giuliani’s Actual Legal Defense: These Dems Are Peddling Conspiracies! - DB

    GOP senators set summer deadline on Congress’ policing bill - AP

    EPA restoring state and tribal power to protect waterways - AP

    Trump and Giuliani file responses to House Democrat lawsuit over Capitol riot - NBC

    Biden faces dilemma on Trump steel tariffs - The Hill

    Biden administration looks to reopen U.S. embassy in Libya - NBC

    The GOP's four camps on a Trump 2024 campaign - Politico

    Biden eyes McCaskill for Europe ambassadorship as political allies fan out across globe - AXIOS

    Killer of 9 in California had talked of workplace attacks - AP

    Texas Democrats kill transphobic bill aimed at student athletes by stalling - The Guardian

    Senate Dems reject ban on certain types of human-animal hybrid experiments - FOX

    Mother of slain Capitol Police officer urges GOP senators to back Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

    Chris Cuomo claims US gov never took lab leak theory seriously despite reporting on investigation last year - Wash. Examiner

    POLITICO Playbook: GOP dreads the return of Trump rallies - Politico

    The Covid-19 origin story has massive political consequences - CNN

    No, The Pandemic Didn't Slow Down Climate Change. In Fact, Scientists Warn It's Accelerating - NPR

    San Jose mass shooting updates: 2 guns, 11 magazines found - ABC

    US pipelines ordered to increase cyber defenses after hack - AP

    Top Wisconsin Republican Robin Vos hires former cops to investigate November election - USA Today

    Why Washington gets so little done - CNN

    Trump wanted a quick tax break. His appointees are now stuck with big bills - Politico

    Israel-Palestinian conflict fuels anti-Semitism in U.S. and Europe - CBS

    Clay Travis and Buck Sexton to take Rush Limbaugh time slot - The Hill

    'I can't imagine they're nice': Sci-fi creators weigh in on aliens, impending UFO report - NBC

    US to sue Canada over dairy practices as hopes for better trade relations fade - The Guardian

    Census Bureau’s use of ‘synthetic data’ worries researchers - AP

    Jim Jordan promises 'inside look' at GOP battles in recent years in new book - FOX

    In Cleveland, Biden seeks to seize control of economic message, sell infrastructure plan as talks drag - USA Today

    Inside the fractured relationship between the Capitol Police and members of Congress - CNN

    Co-workers of suspect among 9 shot to death at California transit facility - ABC

    Republican debate slugfest — Garcia tangles on the trail after surge — Morales rocked by staff shakeup - Politico

    The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022 - CNN

    Signs point to shift in combating sexual assault in military - AP

    Lara Trump slams Biden, Harris: If the border is closed, then ‘I’m a sparkly unicorn’ - FOX

    Colorado Becomes The First State To Ban Legacy College Admissions - NPR

    GOP frets behind the scenes over potential Trump 2024 bid - Politico

    Whitmer’s campaign will pay for Florida flight to see dad - AP

    White House to propose $6 trillion budget for 2022- CNN

    Sens. Murphy and Cornyn discussing bipartisan measure on gun background checks - NBC

    Democrats drop poll bomb into GOP gov primary - Politico

    Tennessee bathroom law sponsor now says it has penalties - ABC

    Senate panel deadlocks on energy tax credits bill - The Hill

    Republican governors talk COVID, economy with Sean Hannity at Nashville town hall - USA Today

    Gunman in San Jose shooting had a temper and kept "things to himself," ex-wife says - CBS

    Cops who kill often catch a break at sentencing time - AP

    We're Seeing A Spike In Workplace Shootings. Here's Why - NPR

    Democratic state treasurers warn against repurposing COVID-19 funds for infrastructure - The Hill

    Death threats and the KKK: Inside a Black Alabaman’s fight to remove a Confederate statue - NBC

    U.S. stocks rise as economy shows signs of improvement - AP

    Suspect in Mollie Tibbetts' slaying blames 2 men for her murder - CBS

    Did Trump Remake the GOP? On Foreign Policy, Not So Much - Politico

    Dozens of Afghan military bases, outposts surrendered to Taliban this month: report - The Hill

    Israeli strikes in Gaza may constitute war crimes, U.N. rights chief says - NBC

    Activists: Charge Louisiana troopers in Black man’s death - AP

    Three men charged with hate crimes after antisemitic incidents in Brooklyn - NBC

    Unearthing history: Tulsa massacre victims search resumes - AP

    Report: Mexican officials say Salazar will be next US ambassador to Mexico - The Hill

    Memorial Day air travel set to boom as a rapidly expanding airline industry rises to meet demand - CBS

    Police: Armed school worker stops attempted kidnap suspect - AP

    Iran bans bitcoin mining as its cities suffer blackouts and power shortages - NBC

    GM to reopen 5 plants shut due to semiconductor shortage - The Hill

    First female Army secretary approved by Senate for second time after head-scratching reversal - FOX

    Climate change is erasing 'flammability barrier' that protects high-elevation forests - NBC

    Climate: World at risk of hitting temperature limit soon - BBC

    Longtime White House butler retiring after 47 years of service - CNN

    Dershowitz files multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Netflix over portrayal in Epstein series - The Hill

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    Biden orders more intel investigation of COVID-19 origin - AP

    As world grows desperate, US sits on tens of millions of unused COVID vaccine - ABC

    China 'cover-up' hampering investigation into COVID origin: top US general - FOX

    Why A Lab In Wuhan Is Worth A Closer Look As A Possible Source Of The Pandemic - NPR

    The Latest: Britain PM defends virus record after criticism - AP

    Biden tasks intelligence community to report on Covid origins in 90 days - CNN

    Intel community: Competing COVID-19 origin theories not 'more likely than the other' - The Hill

    China refusal to support WHO COVID origins probe accelerated Biden announcement on US investigation: official - FOX

    ACLU urges Biden administration to offer Covid-19 vaccine to detained immigrants - CNN

    How the pandemic changed America’s ideas about infrastructure - Politico

    NYC won't offer remote schooling in the fall as city plans for full return to classrooms - Politico

    Maryland adds 517 more to COVID-19 death toll over pandemic - AP

    Plans for COVID-19 booster shots need to start now, say long-term care advocates - ABC

    Covid: China hits back as US revisits Wuhan lab leak theory - BBC

    Woman speeds through vaccination tent in protest - ABC

    Why some African countries are dumping scarce vaccine doses - Politico

    As CDC clears 1st cruise line to sail in U.S. waters, industry banks on vaccines for a post-COVID rebound - CBS

    Taiwan struggles with testing backlog amid largest outbreak - AP

    Facebook won’t remove posts claiming Covid-19 is man-made - AP

    As epidemics collide, 'spiritual first responders' turn to boxing and the Bible - ABC

    Minnesota to offer giveaways for getting COVID-19 vaccine - AP

    Ohio announces 1st $1 million Vax-a-Million lottery winner - AP

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