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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

    US to ramp up tracking of domestic extremism on social media
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Department of Homeland Security plans to ramp up social media tracking as part of an enhanced focus on domestic violent extremism. While the move is a response to weaknesses exposed by the deadly U.S. Capitol insurrection, it’s raising concerns about undermining Americans’ civil liberties.

    House narrowly approves $1.9B to fortify Capitol after riot - AP

    Trump CFO faces second criminal inquiry: Sources - ABC

    Israel and Hamas approve ceasefire in Gaza - Axios

    Biden Signs The COVID-19 Hate Crimes Bill As Anti-Asian American Attacks Rise - NPR

    35 Republicans buck Trump, back study of Jan. 6 Capitol riot - AP

    Ron Johnson: Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a largely 'peaceful protest' - The Hill

    Trump hits 35 'wayward' Republicans for voting in favor of Jan. 6 commission - NBC

    House GOP revolt against Trump sets up tough Senate battle on January 6 probe - CNN

    'Not a positive development': What the new criminal probe could mean for the Trump Org. - NBC

    Michael Cohen says he believes Trump will 'flip on all of them,' including his children, in New York investigations... BI

    New name emerges in Gaetz investigation - The Hill

    Prospects bleak that 10 Republicans would buck McConnell on January 6 commission vote - CNN

    Obama called Trump a 'f------ lunatic' in remarks to foundation donors, book claims - FOX

    Treasury pitches global minimum tax rate of at least 15 percent - The Hill

    Senate panel approves Biden's first slate of judicial nominees - CBS

    Progressives nearly tank House Democrats' Capitol security bill - The Hill

    Senate panel advances Biden pick as WH science adviser - AP

    Bernie Sanders may force vote to block Israel weapons sale, as Democrats split over Gaza conflict - FOX

    US jobless claims decline to 444,000, a new low - ABC

    The differences between Republicans in the House and Senate - Politico

    Jen Psaki claims 'a number of officers' died the day of the Capitol riot - Wash. Examiner

    EU ministers seek to cement trade ties with Biden team - AP

    Democrats and Republicans are bracing for what Pelosi will do in 2022 - CNN

    Here's how the Biden administration plans to collect $700 billion from wealthy tax cheats - CBS

    EXPLAINER: What’s the status of voting legislation in Texas? - AP

    Andrew Giuliani says he has spent parts of '5 decades' in politics despite being just 35 years old - BI

    Biden increasingly impatient with Netanyahu, sources say - CNN

    Amazon facing new lawsuits alleging racial, gender bias - The Hill

    Biden’s top scientist gets OK from Senate committee - Politico

    Schumer: 'No good justification' for opposing January 6 commission - NBC

    McCarthy says he'd testify before Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

    Democrats prepare for hardball as doubts linger over Jan. 6 commission: The Note - ABC

    Inside Trump’s push to oust his own FBI chief - Politico

    Republicans defy Trump to back Capitol riot probe - BBC

    Biden tells Netanyahu U.S. expects ‘a significant de-escalation today’ in Gaza - CNBC

    J.D. Vance Is Making Everyone Mad on Twitter. Can It Win Him a Senate Seat? - Politico

    GOP sens strategize to prevent CRT training in military - Wash. Examiner

    Sanders moves to block sale of US bombs to Israel he says 'devastating Gaza' - ABC

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo advised brother, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on sexual claims, report says - CNBC

    US, Russia at odds over military activity in the Arctic - AP

    Restaurants appeal for more aid -Politico

    As Congress debates Jan. 6 commission, some Republicans look to downplay Capitol riot - Yahoo News

    Israel unleashes new strikes as expectations for truce rise - AP

    Senate GOP readies to let Trump off the hook — again - NBC

    House Ethics panel to drop $5K metal detector fines against Clyburn, Rogers - The Hill

    Flights transporting migrant children to TN raises questions - Wash. Examiner

    Senators propose bipartisan Postal Service reform bill that could actually pass - CNN

    Biden leaning toward Thomas Nides as ambassador to Israel - Axios

    As Airstrikes Pummel Homes In Gaza, Even A Trip To The Kitchen Requires Planning - NPR

    Trump knocks 'wayward' House Republicans who voted for Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

    Biden’s old Senate colleagues don’t recognize his current economics. They’re cool with that - Politico

    Biden proposes doubling IRS workforce as part of plan to snag tax cheats - Politico

    Hackers targeted SolarWinds earlier than previously known - AP

    House passes $1.9 billion Capitol security bill that faces Senate roadblocks - CNBC

    "Piles of problems," but Russia calls 1st top-level meeting with Biden administration "positive" - CBS

    Former President George W. Bush 'deeply concerned' Afghanistan troop withdrawal will 'create a vacuum' - FOX

    Justice delayed? In wealthy California town, officer kills 2 - AP

    An 'Army of 16-Year-Olds' Takes On the Democrats - NY Times

    House OKs $1.9B billion for Capitol security; GOP calls it premature - USA Today

    'Squad' vote against Capitol police funding makes Pelosi scramble - Wash. Examiner

    McAuliffe ties Youngkin to Trump's objections to 2020 results in new ad - The Hill

    How did America end up with a policing crisis? And what's the path forward? An expert explains - CNN

    AP Interview: Hamas official says ‘no shortage of missiles’ - AP

    Top US, Russia diplomats spar firmly but politely in Iceland - AP

    U.S. pressure fuels hope for Israel-Gaza ceasefire, but as both sides stay on the attack, kids suffer the most - CBS

    Prosecutors took 18 electronic devices from Rudy Giuliani's home and office in April raid - CNN

    Carlson's 'Nazi' attack on Chicago mayor roils debate over newsroom diversity - Politico

    GOP's Burr, who voted to convict Trump, opposes Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

    Tennessee bill mandating bathroom signs called 'humiliating' for transgender people - USA Today

    Harris To Asian Americans: Turn Pain And Outrage Into Political Power - NPR

    Biden suggests bipartisan COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act marks anti-Trump 'break' - Wash. Examiner

    Cuomo dismisses question about signing $5M book deal while New Yorkers died: 'That's stupid' - FOX

    US ends use of 2 immigration jails accused of mistreatment - AP

    DHS closes 2 migrant detention centers run by ICE amid allegations of abuse, misconduct - FOX

    Senators call on Biden administration to demand Saudi end blockade tactics on a starving Yemen - CNN

    China's persecuted Muslims find haven in US - ABC

    Pence's brother says Pelosi wanted to bail after Jan. 6 attack - The Hill

    Tennessee bill mandating bathroom signs called 'humiliating' for transgender people - USA Today

    Biden to sign anti-Asian hate crime bill into law: 'Hate has no place in America' - ABC

    Israel-Gaza: Israel and Hamas 'close to ceasefire deal' - BBC

    Trump rising: 73% GOP want him to run, beats Harris 49%-45% - Washington Examiner

    House member fined for ignoring mask policy on the floor: Pelosi 'wants to fine the science' - FOX

    Justin Amash warns of painting Liz Cheney as a 'hero' and questions why she spoke out about Trump - CNN

    Netanyahu’s prospects bolstered amid Israel-Hamas fighting - AP

    Pardon-probe ruling roils legal teams for Trump ally Broidy, associate - Politico

    The largest iceberg in the world just broke off from Antarctica - CBS

    Chinese authorities order video denials by Uyghurs of abuses - AP

    White House: 'Incredibly disappointing' to see GOP oppose Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

    How emboldened Arizona Latinos took down anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio - Axios

    Ilhan Omar's daughter, a prominent climate activist, adds communist hammer and sickle to Twitter bio - FOX

    Death of 17-year-old Asian American girl being investigated as hate crime - ABC

    Here are the 63 Republicans who voted against the anti-Asian hate crimes bill - CNN

    DIARY: Fleeing bombs, trying to endure in a city under fire - AP

    Treasury estimates tax gap of $600B in 2019 - The Hill

    Gillibrand climbs back after a tough 2020 - Politico

    Feds Seize 68 Lions, Tigers And Other Big Cats From Tiger King Park In Oklahoma - NPR

    Black man is beaten, stunned by troopers in footage police refused to release - NBC

    2020 was a record-breaking hurricane season. Here's what NOAA says to expect in 2021. - ABC

    Senate Republicans warn Jan. 6 commission bill gives Dems full authority over staff as bill faces uphill climb - FOX

    Official: Roadside bombings in Afghanistan kill 13 - ABC

    Clarence Thomas awaits his chance to drive the conservative majority on abortion and guns - CNN

    Report: BBC reporter used deceit to get 1995 Diana interview - AP

    Video shows Virginia deputy lifting car to save trapped woman - NBC

    California entrepreneur arrested in Thai kidnap - ABC

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    Rapid school reopenings may have led to thousands of COVID cases, hundreds of deaths - ABC

    Nervous workers struggle to adjust to new mask policies - AP

    Lawmakers spar over requirements to wear mask on House floor - CBS

    New Coronavirus Detected In Patients At Malaysian Hospital; The Source May Be Dogs - NPR

    In 19 states, at least half of adults are fully vaccinated against Covid - CNN

    Pelosi slams unvaccinated lawmakers, says she needs to ensure House floor isn't 'petri dish' for COVID - FOX

    Colleges in 15 states won't require the Covid vaccination. Is yours one of them? - NBC

    China says providing vaccines to 40 African states - ABC

    They Haven't Gone for a Shot. So Shots Are Coming to Them - NY Times

    Big gaps in vaccine rates across the US worry health experts - AP

    Graphic: See the full vaccination rate in your state and nationwide - NBC

    LIVE UPDATES WH leaves possibility open to using unused Covid relief money for infrastructure - CNN

    Sen. Cotton on Wuhan COVID lab leak report, US funding debate: 'Fauci is playing word games' - FOX

    EU signs new deal with Pfizer-BioNTech - ABC

    Stark racial disparities persist in vaccinations, state-level CDC data shows - CNN

    Weapons seized in raids by Austrian police on opponents of coronavirus curbs - NBC

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