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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    Bipartisan Senate group reaches tentative infrastructure deal, but skepticism prevails
    WASHINGTON — A bipartisan group of 10 senators said Thursday they had reached a tentative infrastructure deal, but skepticism from Republicans and impatience from Democrats left its prospects uncertain as lawmakers departed for the weekend.

    Here's what we know about the bipartisan infrastructure deal - CNN

    Recount of Maricopa ballots expected to conclude this week - Wash. Examiner

    How Trump's Political Legacy Is on the Ballot in the Virginia Governor's Race - NY Times

    Deutsche Bank issues dire economic warning for America - The Hill

    Biden, Johnson strike warm tone in first meeting - AP

    Ad war erupts in West Virginia as both sides try to pressure moderate Democrat Manchin - CNBC

    Wisconsin Republican lawmakers plan trip to observe Arizona recount - USA Today

    Senators eye $579B in new infrastructure spending, $1T plan - AP

    White House silent as Dem civil war brews between Pelosi, 'Squad' - FOX

    FBI Director Chris Wray says he's 'not aware of any investigation' against Trump related to the insurrection - CNN

    America's global image under Biden skyrockets compared to Trump, survey finds - NBC

    UN Secretary-General’s climate warning: ‘We are at the verge of the abyss’ - NBC

    Supreme Court asked to keep eviction pause in place - The Hill

    Where Voters Are Losing Patience With Lauren Boebert - Politico

    DOJ charges six connected to pro-Trump rallies and right-wing revolutionary group in new Capitol riot conspiracy case - CNN

    Watch: Biden, Boris Johnson appear to hit it off at G-7 summit - FOX

    Gaetz, under investigative cloud, questions FBI director - The Hill

    Price surge sparks new attacks on Biden but shrugs from Wall Street - Politico

    PA Senate votes to end governor's COVID-19 emergency declaration, keep protections in place - FOX

    Wray grilled on FBI's handling of Jan. 6 - The Hill

    The Latest: Biden presents UK’s Johnson with a US-made bike - AP

    Three Percenters militia members charged in U.S. Capitol attack - Reuters

    Pro-Trump Republicans are flocking to site of partisan Arizona ballot audit - NBC

    Senate group reaches infrastructure deal without tax hikes — but leaders still need to sign off - CNBC

    Republicans use leak of billionaires' tax secrets to attack Biden's plan to boost IRS - Politico

    Rashida Tlaib calls out Dem leadership for 'policing' Ihan Omar and Muslim women - FOX

    Gorsuch, Thomas join liberal justices in siding with criminal defendant - The Hill

    Sinema faces Arizona blowback over becoming the Senate's new unmovable roadblock - CNN

    Watch: President Biden updates ally status with UK including 'revitalised' Atlantic Charter - USA Today

    Prisons, once seen as a small-town jackpot, are now more burden than boon - NBC

    Top Dems rebuke Ilhan Omar for US, Israel comparison to terrorist groups: 'no moral equivalency' - FOX

    Nancy Pelosi rebukes Ilhan Omar for tweet on Israel, Hamas and Taliban - The Guardian

    Shelby sides against Trump in Alabama Senate race - Politico

    Infrastructure talks enter last-ditch stage as both Republicans and Democrats eye gas-tax increase - BI

    Pence eyes his political future as he tries to make peace with Trump - CNN

    Rep. Ilhan Omar says she wasn't equating US, Israel to Hamas, Taliban after rebuke ... USA Today

    Gov. Abbott says Texas will build border wall amid immigration crisis - FOX

    Jill Biden will meet with Kate Middleton in England this week - CNN

    Iowa governor questions lack of notice on migrant children flights to Des Moines - The Hill

    Arizona AG running for Senate after tangling with Trump - Politico

    Some States Will Let Student Athletes Earn Money From Endorsements. But Critics Cry Foul - NPR

    Senate confirms Zahid Quraishi, making him the first Muslim American federal judge - USA today

    First lady says Biden 'over-prepared' for Europe trip, says they are 'bringing love from America' - FOX

    Apple, other U.S. companies under pressure to address China’s ‘repression,’ Biden ally says - CNBC

    China has created a 'dystopian hellscape' in Xinjiang, Amnesty report says - BBC

    Biden won't accept infrastructure plans that include gas tax index - Wash. Examiner

    Demings raises $1 million after announcing Senate bid against Rubio - The Hill

    Feds obtain another conspiracy indictment in Jan. 6 riot - Politico

    The green energy revolution is coming -- with or without help from Washington - CNN

    Trump finds historical muse in tourmate and ex-Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly - The Guardian

    BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors erects fencing and electric gate around her new $1.4M home: report - FOX

    Gov. Reynolds claims feds lied about flying migrant children to DSM - Axios

    Progressives rally behind Omar while accusing her critics of bias - The Hill

    From facial recognition to dating apps, technology helping track down Capitol rioters - ABC

    Ilhan Omar: US congresswoman defends 'offensive' Israel remark - BBC

    Senator Presses Landlord Over Report It Evicts Black Renters At Higher Rates - NPR

    New report details torture, cover-ups in China's internment camps for Muslim minorities - NBC

    Joe Manchin is to Biden's White House what Joe Lieberman was to Obama's - Politico

    Deficit tops $2 trillion in first 8 months of fiscal year, Treasury says - CBS

    Trump State Department appointee Federico Klein offered plea deal in Capitol riot case - USA Today

    Texas Democrats who defeated restrictive voting bill to meet with Harris - NBC

    Global Leaders Are Meeting To Tackle Climate Change And Pandemic Recovery - NPR

    South Dakotans 'pissed off' and 'angry' over Keystone XL cancellation - Wash. Examiner

    Treasury says tax gap to balloon to $7 trillion, calls for beefed-up IRS - CNBC

    Dem leaders look to deescalate Omar drama - Politico

    Macron slap: Four months for man who attacked French president - BBC

    Former GOP congresswoman concerned that without extensive probe "something like January 6 could happen again" - CBS

    Black activist wards off protesters so women can access Mississippi's sole abortion clinic - NBC

    Third member of FDA advisory panel resigns over Alzheimer's drug approval - The Hill

    Video shows pregnant woman's car flip over after officer's PIT maneuver - ABC

    Half of pandemic unemployment money may have been stolen - Wash. Examiner

    California recall that could oust Gov. Newsom projected to cost state $215M - NBC

    Terry McAuliffe going to New York to raise cash for Virginia gubernatorial campaign - CNBC

    Have West Virginia's senators squandered their state's moment in the sun? - Yahoo News

    Schumer bemoans number of Republicans who believe Trump will be reinstated: 'A glaring warning' - The Hill

    Crist makes GOP election bill centerpiece of early Florida gubernatorial campaign - Politico

    ‘Crimes against humanity’ detailed in China’s Xinjiang: Amnesty - Aljazeera

    Autopsy: Andrew Brown Jr. died from gunshot to head - ABC

    Pentagon chief supports major shift in how military handles sex assault cases - NBC

    China is the elephant in the room at the G-7 - Politico

    'Everyone was running': Shooter, 2 others dead inside Florida Publix - USA Today

    Wray: FBI frowns on ransomware payments despite recent trend - AP

    San Jose mayor rolls out new gun control proposal days after railyard mass shooting - FOX

    'She didn't pitch a shutout': Harris hit from all sides after flubbing trip - Wash. Examiner

    Jeffrey Toobin returns to CNN eight months after exposing himself to colleagues on Zoom call - Wash. Examiner

    Wife of drug kingpin 'El Chapo' pleads guilty to US charges - USA Today

    Contractor that does nuclear weapons-related works for Energy Department hit by ransomware - FOX

    Colorado charts a new path on immigration: Provide state benefits to undocumented residents - NBC

    Police officer investigated for allegedly deleting suspect's video of arrest - ABC

    Biden officials: Border stats ‘overstate’ problem - Wash. Examiner

    Facing shortage of high-skilled workers, employers seeking more immigrant talent - CNBC

    Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: UN aid chief says there is famine - BBC

    The US is banking on G7 summit to revitalise transatlantic ties - Aljazeera

    Kyrsten Sinema gets her make-or-break moment with Republicans - Politico

    Peru's Pedro Castillo closes in on victory in presidential election - NBC

    Copays for new Alzheimer's drug reach could $11.5K - ABC

    Arizona AG Brnovich joins 2022 race to oust Mark Kelly - Wash. Examiner

    'Rosetta stone' explosion on the sun reveals clues about solar eruptions, study reports - USA Today

    Israeli court postpones Silwan forced displacement hearing - Aljazeera

    New DNA testing identifies John Doe #1 found in 1994 believed to be victim of 'Hog Trail Murders' serial killer - NBC

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    Kid Covid-19 vaccines: 3 takeaways from the FDA's big meeting - Politico

    Hospitals across U.S. are requiring workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 - CBS

    2 passengers test positive for COVID on 1st North American cruise since 2020 - ABC

    Biden announces ‘no strings attached’ global vaccine donation - Aljazeera

    The U.S. is stepping up its global Covid response - Politico

    Leaders head to COVID-themed G7 summit with vaccine pledges - AP

    Some Bitcoin conference attendees report testing positive for Covid after event - NBC

    No shipments of J&J's Covid-19 vaccine have gone out from the government in weeks, official tells CNN - CNN

    Cap for on-site federal workers lifts without requirement for COVID vaccines - Axios

    Analysis: Were half of Covid unemployment benefits stolen? Here's what we know - CNN

    Spring College Enrollment Dropped By Nearly 730,000 Students. And It's Not Just About COVID - NPR

    Scott Walker cuts ad encouraging Covid vaccination - Politico

    GOP Sens. Graham and Sasse praise Biden's purchase of 500M Pfizer vaccines to share globally - Axios

    New Covid workplace safety rules snag health care, spare other industries - Politico

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    Andrus Whitewing


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