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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


FILE PHOTO: The U.S. Capitol Building is stormed by a pro-Trump mob on January 6, 2021

U.S. Republicans clash over Jan 6 panel as Senate debate looms

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republicans in the U.S. Congress clashed on Sunday over the need for an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, with one lawmaker warning that failure to create the panel could plague the party's election prospects in 2022 and beyond.

US general: As US scales back in Mideast, China may step in - AP

Senators reach bipartisan agreement on $300 billion for highways, roads and bridges - CNBC

'I said nothing wrong': Greene doubles down on her Holocaust comments - CNN

Blinken condemns Belarus forcing plane carrying opposition journalist to land - FOX

National Guard mission to provide security ending at Capitol - AP

Cheney dodges on link between Trump election claims and GOP voting laws - The Hill

A California party with 2,500 people devolved into violence and vandalism, police say - CNN

Biden keeps saying ‘follow the science,’ but how often does he? - FOX

Postal Service sees chance to turn the page after tumultuous year - The Hill

At least 15 dead, 170 children missing after volcano erupts in eastern Congo - USA Today

KY GOP looks for payback after CA bars travel to state - Wash. Examiner

Iranian official says nuclear inspector deal has expired - Politico

AP FACT CHECK: Senate GOP misrepresents Jan. 6 riot panel - AP

Minutes to touchdown: the moment a Belarusian dissident knew his time was up - Reuters

GOP lawmakers slam Marjorie Taylor Greene's comparing House mask mandate to Holocaust - NBC

Children speak of sickness and neglect in US asylum camps - BBC

George Floyd's family holds rally, march in brother's memory - Politico

Massachusetts will require unemployment recipients to prove they are actively seeking a job - Wash. Examiner

Texas aims to crack down on protesters who block traffic: 'That chaos won't be tolerated' - FOX

Greene's Holocaust comments aren't just vile. They're dangerous - CNN

Three in five say more changes needed to give Black Americans equal rights: poll - The Hill

Bipartisan group of lawmakers push 'Yes In My Backyard' bill in effort to reduce housing costs - FOX

State bills would curtail health care for transgender youth - CBS

Did Belarus 'hijack' a civilian airliner to detain an activist? - CNN

Children witnessed the violence in Gaza and Israel. Consequences are already being felt - NBC

Biden adviser says reducing red meat isn't sole climate change solution - The Hill

"Convicting Chauvin is not enough": Leaders urge reform at rally marking 1 year since George Floyd's death - CBS

New book claims Obama was a 'parasite' who sucked the Democratic Party dry to get reelected - FOX

San Francisco could break drug overdose record - The Hill

Phil Mickelson wins PGA to be oldest major champ - NBC

Experts or ‘grifters’? Little-known firm runs Arizona audit - AP

Supreme Court decisions on abortion and guns could shake up 2022 election - NBC

Liz Cheney Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene's Comments On Mask Mandates 'Evil Lunacy' - The Hill

Israel-Hamas cease-fire put US in position 'to building something more positive': Blinken - GMA

How new UFO footage — and Obama's curiosity — ratchet up expectations for a big reveal - NBC

Redistricting delays add to Democrats' worries about keeping U.S. House - Reuters

'You Can Feel the Tension': A Windfall for Minority Farmers Divides Rural America - NY Times

The mob made me do it: Rioters claim Jan. 6 crowd at fault - AP

'Too early' to start Jan. 6 commission, Republicans will likely block, Sen. Blunt says - FOX

Ex-Trump ambassador says former President 'absolutely' bears responsibility for January 6 riot - CNN

Democrats seize on GOP opposition to Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

Column: Why McCarthy and McConnell want you to forget about the Jan. 6 riot - LA Times

'I strongly support' a Jan. 6 commission, but still 2 'resolvable' issues: Sen. Susan Collins - GMA

GOP states ramp up legal battles against Biden's immigration policies - FOX

What The Rise Of Amazon Has To Do With The Rise Of Trump - NPR

Growing mystery of suspected energy attacks draws US concern - AP

Police records show threats to kill lawmakers in wake of Capitol attack - The Guardian

The long tail of Trump's Big Lie: 9 ways it continues to affect American politics - CNN

Ted Cruz reacts to 'Kremlin Cruz' nickname given to him by MSNBC anchor Brian Williams... BI

Former Defense secretary: No Republican president I worked for would recognize GOP today - The Hill

Harris, White House betting on Guatemala to help stem migrant influx - Politico

Iran Says International Inspectors May No Longer Get Images Of Its Nuclear Sites - NPR

Dismissed in 2012, this diagnosis of GOP ills has now become undeniable - CNN

U.S. Senate Republican sees short window for infrastructure deal - Reuters

Biden adviser: President will 'change course' in infrastructure talks if inaction seems inevitable - CNN

Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan recovering after emergency surgery - FOX

Lawmakers see promise in police reform negotiations as Biden plans meeting with George Floyd's family - CNN

Blinken says two-state solution is 'only way to ensure Israel's future' - Wash. Examiner

Bernie Sanders urges "even-handed" U.S. approach to Israel and Palestinians - CBS

Booker: Police reform talks see 'meaningful progress' - Politico

Advocates see Biden order as new tool in eviction, immigration fights - The Hill

Reality bites: Biden's best-laid plans interrupted in second 100 days - USA Today

'Beyond reprehensible': GOP lawmaker condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene's comparison of mask mandates to Holocaust - CNN

Campaign 2024: Trump getting ready to hit campaign trail - FOX

Over 100 DACA recipients can travel and return to the U.S. legally for the first time - Axios

The red meat issue Biden won't touch - Politico

Madison Cawthorn defends missing House votes for honeymoon: ‘My service as a husband' - FOX

After George Floyd, police killed many other Americans - USA Today

Kinzinger: Jan. 6 will impact 2022 midterms if 'Republicans don't take ownership for what happened' - The Hill

Congress could spend big on broadband. Tribal nations say it can't come soon enough - NBC

Kinzinger charges that McCarthy ‘failed to tell the truth’ - FOX

Tennessee moves to the forefront with anti-transgender laws - AP

Robert Gates sees "very little prospect" of peace between Israel and Palestinians - CBS

Ron DeSantis vows action on critical race theory - Wash. Examiner

2 dead, 12 injured in shooting at New Jersey house party - AP

Bernie Sanders calls Hamas a 'terrorist group' but says Israeli government has 'overt racists' - FOX

Biden slashes GOP priorities in infrastructure counteroffer to Senate Republicans - CNBC

21 die in Huanghe Shilin Mountain Marathon in China, including legend Liang Jing - USA Today

White House willing to let infrastructure talks 'play out,' Richmond says - Politico

Honoré: Jan. 6 'could have been totally different' if there were a quick reaction force - The Hill

Trump criminal investigation looms over DA race - ABC

Joe Biden wants to tax the wealthy without creating a wealth tax, even though it's overwhelmingly popular - BI

Blinken affirms Biden's support for a 2-state solution - Politico

Biden administration stresses need for 'equal' peace between Israel, Palestinians - FOX

Biden to skip Notre Dame commencement amid backlash over abortion stance - Wash. Examiner

Progressive economist is Senate banking panel chair’s top choice to fill Fed vacancy - CNBC

Federal agencies take aim at Trump's LGBTQ policies - Axios

Rep. Lucy McBath is living her son's legacy - CNN

Abortion fight front and center ahead of midterms - The Hill

Quiet Holds For A 2nd Day In Israel And Gaza As The Focus Turns To Rebuilding - NPR

Blinken says Russia must decide if it wants better relations - Politico

Netanyahu adviser Mark Regev says Hamas should 'think twice' before breaking cease-fire - FOX

Belarus forces Ryanair plane to land to detain opposition blogger - NBC

Environmentalists see infrastructure as crucial path to climate goals - The Hill

Does a $75m settlement make up for three decades in prison? - BBC

16-year-old dead, 5 other teens injured in Ohio shooting - NBC

Biden's first 100 days: President missed the mark on school reopenings - Wash. Examiner

Biden protects thousands of Haitians from deportation with new TPS measure - Miami Herald

Blunt looks to help Capitol Police after insurrection instead of creating commission - Politico

3 dead, 3 wounded in shooting outside bar - ABC

Melting Snow Usually Means Water For The West. But This Year, It Might Not Be Enough - NPR

Mount Nyiragongo: Volcanic eruption in DR Congo leaves people homeless - BBC

A massive heat dome is about to make the Southeast sweat - CNN

Cold weather in China kills 21 in ultramarathon sparking outrage - NBC

Mother of 6-year-old killed in road rage shooting pleads for justice - ABC

Italian cable car plunges to the ground, killing at least 13 - AP

‘I would do it again’: Suspect shows no remorse after punching, kicking, and pepper-spraying Jewish man - Wash. Examiner

AP PHOTOS: Death and despair on Europe’s African frontier - AP

Coronavirus News and Updates:

New information on Wuhan researchers' illness furthers debate on pandemic origins - CNN

COVID mask policy highlights bitter partisan divide between Congressional lawmakers - FOX

Covid: UK passes 60m jabs milestone after 762,000 in a day - BBC

New COVID-19 Cases Haven't Been This Low In The U.S. Since Last June - NPR

Rand Paul refusing to get vaccinated because he already had COVID-19 - FOX

Harris to 2021 grads: Pandemic prepared you for 'pretty much anything' - The Hill

UK variant now dominant in Los Angeles County - The Hill

China is using Covid-19 vaccine to flex its muscles in America's backyard, experts say - NBC

Eyeing variant, France may restrict UK tourists - ABC

Covid: Pfizer and AstraZeneca jabs effective against Indian variant - study - BBC

Fauci 'not convinced' COVID-19 developed naturally - FOX

More states turn to lotteries in vaccine hesitancy fight - The Hill

Gottlieb says Americans should rely on "individual assessments" of COVID risk - CBS

India battles fatal fungal threat as virus deaths near 300K - AP

Texas Gov. Abbott says declining COVID numbers, day with zero deaths prove opening economy was 'right move' - FOX

Among homeless populations, a deep mistrust of vaccines. Here's how cities are intervening - NBC

The women possibly at higher risk for Covid-19 that no one is talking about - CNN

Trump visa restrictions live on under COVID-19 backlog - The Hill

Faced with anti-vaccination parents, teens are helping each other get Covid shots - NBC

Vaccines' success could undercut Biden's multibillion-dollar school testing plans - Politico

One of nation's largest teachers union still reportedly pushing for masks in schools despite new CDC guidance - FOX

Rand Paul says he won't get a Covid vaccine - NBC

Skepticism Of Science In A Pandemic Isn't New. It Helped Fuel The AIDS Crisis - NPR

An 8th US state just reached a critical Covid-19 vaccination milestone - CNN

India ban on COVID-19 vaccine exports pressured Biden to ship more doses overseas - Wash. Examiner

The poor, the rich: In a sick India, all are on their own - AP

The U.S. isn't losing to Russia and China on vaccine diplomacy. It's not even playing - NBC

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