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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    Photo - CBS - Face the Nation

    Manchin says he'll vote against Democratic elections bill, defends stance on filibuster
    Washington — West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who holds the key Democratic vote in the evenly divided Senate, said Sunday he will oppose a sweeping election and campaign finance reform bill and instead encouraged his colleagues to pass voting rights legislation that can garner bipartisan backing.

    Trump’s grievances cloud Republican agenda heading into 2022 - AP

    High court asked to review men-only draft registration law - AP

    Manchin breaks from Dems on S1 election bill: 'Wrong piece of legislation' to unite US - FOX

    Manchin’s opposition clouds future of Dems’ elections bill - AP

    GOP senator: Trump should focus on 2022 elections instead of relitigating 2020 - The Hill

    Buttigieg says there's "a lot of daylight" between Biden and GOP on infrastructure deal - CBS

    Kemp booed and Raffensperger censured at Georgia GOP convention - CNN

    Harris visits Latin America to tackle migration, corruption - AP

    Divisions remain on infrastructure as clock ticks on bipartisan deal - The Hill

    Trump advances dangerous disinformation campaign as more states move to restrict the vote - CNN

    Sec. Granholm backs ban on ransomware payments: 'You are encouraging the bad actors' - NBC

    ‘We like the job she’s doing’: Georgia GOP rallies around MTG - Politico

    Energy chief cites risk of cyberattacks crippling power grid - AP

    Facebook executive defends 2-year ban for Trump - ABC

    Condoleezza Rice says early dismissal of coronavirus lab leak theory was a "mistake" - CBS

    Police reform negotiations enter crucial stretch - The Hill

    POLITICO Playbook: Manchin’s Sunday surprise - Politico

    Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says no 'hardwire deadline' on infrastructure deal - AP

    Senate Republican: 'You really have to treat Russia like it's virtually a criminal enterprise' - The Hill

    Latest jobs report reveals post-Covid economy's long climb - NBC

    Manchin: ‘All the confidence in the world’ for bipartisan infrastructure deal - Politico

    Why Mike Pence’s speech was really important, and what it says about 2024 - FOX

    Trench warfare: On the eastern Ukraine front line as conflict with Russia rages - Wash. Examiner

    Graham: 'It's time for the Russians to pay a price' for cyberattacks - The Hill

    States rebound from bleak forecasts to pass record budgets - AP

    Democratic Report Raises 2022 Alarms on Messaging and Voter Outreach - NY Times

    Trump unloaded on Georgia’s GOP governor. But Brian Kemp is still standing - Politico

    DeSantis vows to go after GOP school board members who support critical race theory - Wash. Examiner

    'We'll consider other options': White House signals motion on infrastructure without GOP - USA Today

    Lewandowski says Trump has not spoken to him about being reinstated - The Hill

    Trump disputes that the US is a 50-50 nation, says he 'can't believe' that some states are blue - BI

    Warning of 'dire' consequences, progressive groups plan pressure campaigns on Senate Democrats to pass federal voting laws - CNN

    Guatemala's president says Kamala Harris "doesn't hold back" ahead of immigration talks - CBS

    Trump says it's 'too soon to tell' if he could pick Pence as 2024 running mate - Wash. Examiner

    Israeli police arrest prominent Palestinian activists - Aljazeera

    U.S. officials up pressure on firms, foreign adversaries over cyberattacks - Reuters

    Former Trump economic adviser to Biden: 'Stop taxing. Stop spending. Stop borrowing.' - The Hill

    Biden wants to fix the nation's teacher shortage. Educators say the problem is worsening - NBC

    Progressive PAC says Fox News refused to air its ad about how law enforcement were treated by rioters on January 6 - BI

    Kamala Harris and a High-Risk, High-Reward Presidential Resume - NY Times

    Fight over discovery erupts in 2020 election fraud lawsuit in Michigan's Antrim County - Wash. Examiner

    Progressive dam about to break - AXIOS

    Mattie Parker is next Fort Worth mayor in win for GOP - Politico

    Manchin tanks Democrats' hopes of going it alone on their sweeping agenda - CNN

    W.H. briefing room to return to full, pre-pandemic seating capacity - Politico

    Progressives relish return to in-person events - The Hill

    MS gov: 'Makes sense' for SCOTUS to review anti-abortion bill - Wash. Examiner

    Colombia to ‘modernise’ police after protest violence criticism - Aljazeera

    Here's everything Biden has done so far to address the $1.7 trillion student debt crisis - BI

    Trump adviser Lewandowski: he ‘lost the election’ and will not be reinstated - The Guardian

    Bitcoin: El Salvador plans to make cryptocurrency legal tender - BBC

    Trump allies wage legal war against farming equity - NBC

    Republicans celebrate mayoral win in majority-Hispanic McAllen, Texas - FOX

    Peru heads to the polls to elect president in polarised race - Aljazeera

    Trump's chief of staff pressed the Justice Department to investigate the bizarre conspiracy theory that people in Italy meddled in the 2020 election using military satellites - BI

    Some inmates saw the Calif. firefighter program as 'redemption.' Newsom is set to close it. - NBC

    On The Trail: Arizona is microcosm of battle for the GOP - The Hill

    3 dead, multiple injured in Miami-Dade shooting - ABC

    Al Jazeera journalist hospitalised after violent Israeli arrest - Aljazeera

    Jen Psaki: I can't let the briefing room become 'a forum for propaganda' - CNN

    Trey Gowdy sets goal of avoiding ideological echo chamber with Fox News show - The Hill

    Views from behind the badge: Rebuilding the public's trust in the police - CBS

    Corrections officer and two others dead after Miami-Dade shooting - Wash. Examiner

    Watch: Cannabis boom: Why Oklahoma is a 'wild wild west' - BBC

    Trump touts record, blasts Dems in return to stage - The Hill

    Trump to GOP: Support candidates who ‘stand for our values’ - AP

    150 days after Capitol attack, more than 465 arrested: DOJ - ABC

    In Trump’s shadow, Ga’s. Kemp draws boos from GOP faithful - AP

    Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows pushed DOJ to investigate baseless election fraud claims - CNN

    Justice Dept. says it’ll no longer seize reporters’ records - AP

    Senators announce U.S. will donate 750,000 vaccine doses to Taiwan - CBS

    Trump declines to commit to running with Pence in 2024 - FOX

    Lincoln Project co-founder: Trump's words 'will surely kill again' - The Hill

    Trump advances dangerous disinformation campaign as more states move to restrict the vote - CNN

    There's one campaign promise Joe Biden isn't on track to keep. And the left is OK with it. - NBC

    Trump Returns To Campaign Trail With Election Lies And Dark Warnings - NPR

    Watch: Trump speaks at NC GOP state convention - The Hill

    Republicans want to change state election laws. Here’s how they’re doing it. - Politico

    Trump returns to stage with speech at North Carolina GOP convention - ABC

    California Assault Weapons Ban 'Disrespects' Freedom, Federal Judge Writes - NPR

    Trump slams Facebook, calls for 'reparations' from China in NC GOP speech - Wash. Examiner

    Biden calls systemic racism one of ‘the great crises of our time’ - FOX

    MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's lawyer leaves law firm a day after filing lawsuit - The Hill

    San Francisco using street crisis response teams - CBS

    Cyberattack on food supply followed years of warnings - Politico

    Trump dwells on 2020 during North Carolina event aimed at helping Republicans in 2022 - CNN

    Rand Paul says his family has received death threats over clashes with Fauci - Wash. Examiner

    Overseas Bank Helped Recover IRS Stimulus Checks To Non-Americans. It Didn't Go Well - NPR

    Lara Trump on Senate bid: 'No for now, not no forever' - The Hill

    Biden turns to Obama to help boost health care enrollment - AP

    Trump reemerges on the trail and plays the hits of yore - Politico

    Iran loses voting rights at UN after failing to pay dues - FOX

    Trump: House run to become speaker and impeach Biden is 'very interesting' - Wash. Examiner

    Trump looms large over fractured Arizona GOP - The Hill

    G7 tax deal doesn't go far enough, campaigners say - BBC

    The Ship Sinking Off Sri Lanka Looks Like A Lasting Environmental Disaster - NPR

    Democratic candidates vie to outperform McAuliffe in Virginia's gubernatorial primary - ABC

    Bush nonprofit agreed to take $5 million from Chinese Communist Party-connected group: report - FOX

    Federal Unemployment Aid Is Now a Political Lightning Rod - NY Times

    Trump endorses Ted Budd in North Carolina Senate GOP primary - CNN

    Black women look to build upon gains in coming elections - The Hill

    FBI abandons demand for info on readers of story on agent shooting - Politico

    ‘Unfathomable’: Activists renew call to end US aid to Israel - Aljazeera

    Trump demands 100% tariffs on Chinese goods, debt cancellation, and $10T in reparations for COVID-19 - FOX

    Global war on ransomware? Hurdles hinder the US response - AP

    UN ‘outraged’ as death toll in Burkina Faso attack rises to 132 - Aljazeera

    The G-7 Nations Agree To Make Big Tech Companies Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes - NPR

    AOC endorses progressive Maya Wiley in New York City mayoral contest - FOX

    US helps Ukraine fend off Russia after most of fleet was captured with Crimea - Wash. Examiner

    Biden faces challenge with Democrats on infrastructure package - The Hill

    How Everything Became ‘Cancel Culture’ - Politico

    Hunter Biden played armchair therapist to stripper in 14-minute recording on laptop - Wash. Examiner

    Nigeria's Twitter ban: Government orders prosecution of violators - BBC

    Watch: Flight crew, passengers subdue man who allegedly tried to storm cockpit - ABC

    Several killed as Myanmar forces fight villagers in delta region - Aljazeera

    Unforeseen consequences of family 'self-separation' at the border - CNN

    'I literally got chills': Fauci recalls reading 1st report about AIDS 40 years ago - ABC

    Stefanik pregnant with her first child - The Hill

    Israel releases Al Jazeera journalist after hours-long arrest - Aljazeera

    A Student Was Denied His Diploma For Wearing The Mexican Flag At Graduation - NPR

    Biden DOJ backtracks on subpoena for USA TODAY readers' IP addresses - FOX

    'Dire repercussions' for UNC if Nikole Hannah-Jones denied tenure, faculty warn - USA Today

    Burkina Faso attack: More than 130 killed in village raid - BBC

    Police: Sugar worker, 86, kills boss after firing - ABC

    Meghan and Harry welcome second child, Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana - AP

    Biden, Harris to break out of COVID-19 'bubble' with international trips - The Hill

    Ohio school district expected to pay $3M to family of 8-year-old who died by suicide - ABC

    Watch: UFO report does not confirm alien existence - FOX

    Police K-9 killed, 2 officers injured after suspect's ambush - ABC

    Italy is planning its own version of Alcatraz - CNN

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    Full FDA approval could drive vaccinations, but experts advise against waiting - ABC

    Gottlieb calls for "broader view" in assessment of coronavirus origin - CBS

    Lewandowski calls for commission to investigate COVID origins, suggests Clinton, Pompeo - FOX

    Why these 2 counties' COVID surges are among worst in the country - ABC

    A New Type Of COVID-19 Vaccine Could Debut Soon - NPR

    Why are calls growing to investigate the Wuhan lab leak theory? - Aljazeera

    We'll Probably Need Booster Shots for COVID-19. But When? And Which Ones? - NY Times

    Watch: ‘Shameful’ to use Fauci as political tool against Democrats: Rep. Himes - FOX

    The CDC's Covid-19 vaccination card, annotated - CNN

    Trump rips into Fauci during GOP convention speech: 'Wrong on almost every issue' - Wash. Examiner

    UK minister says Delta variant 40 percent more transmissible - Aljazeera

    Sen. Cruz argues Facebook was censoring COVID-19 content ‘on behalf of the government’ - FOX

    Another COVID side effect: Many kids head to summer school - AP

    'Hope and optimism': NYC doctors compare life now to city's brutal 1st wave - ABC

    What My Covid-19 Vaccine Saga Taught Me About the U.S. Health Care System - Politico

    Kristi Noem slams Dr. Fauci in speech to North Carolina’s GOP: ‘Fauci is wrong – a lot’ - FOX

    Senators say US donating vaccines to Taiwan amid China row - AP

    New England’s success against COVID-19 could be a model - AP

    Top House Republican Kevin McCarthy calls on Dr. Anthony Fauci to resign or be fired - FOX

    COVID knocks Rahm out of Memorial with 6-shot lead - AP

    The partisan divide in vaccinations is starker than you realize - Politico

    Perks boost effort to vaccinate 70% for COVID-19 - Wash. Examiner

    The slowing Covid-19 vaccination rate is worrying experts. Here's what some states are doing to change the trend - CNN

    Media continues to lionize Anthony Fauci, despite his damning emails - The Hill

    Father of 5 dies after 2 months in hospital battling COVID-19 - ABC

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