Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Saturday, September 19, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

AP source: Envelope addressed to White House contained ricin
Here's what Mitch McConnell said about not filing a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year
Trump calls on Senate Republicans to act 'without delay' on SCOTUS pick
Sources: Trump Considers Barrett, Lagoa, Thapar For Supreme Court Spot
The 6 Republican senators who will decide the Supreme Court fight

Amy Coney Barrett front-runner on Trump's list of justice nominees: Sources
'Use My Words Against Me': Lindsey Graham's Shifting Position On Court Vacancies
What Senate Republicans have said about election-year Supreme Court vacancies
Who is Judge Amy Coney Barrett, potential SCOTUS contender?
White House wants to announce Trump's Supreme Court pick before first debate, source says
Susan Collins announces her opposition to voting on a Supreme Court nominee before election
Nadler proposes Senate expand number of SCOTUS justices if Dems win election
Ginsburg’s death leaves Obamacare in greater danger than ever
Who might succeed Justice Ginsburg? Trump's short list begins with these five women (and one man)
Death of U.S. Supreme Court's Ginsburg raises stakes in battle for Senate control
New York Gov. Cuomo says Ginsburg statue to be erected in Brooklyn
A Mark Kelly win in Ariz. Senate race could spoil McConnell's plans to replace Ginsburg
Dem donors smash ActBlue's daily record after Ginsburg's death
Is 8 enough? Court vacancy could roil possible election case
GOP sees Supreme Court fight as a boost to vulnerable senators as McConnell presses for vote
Poll: Climate Becomes Top Priority For Democrats; Trump Struggles On Race, COVID-19
Breaking down the Supreme Court nomination, confirmation process
Ginsburg Supreme Court vacancy could complicate possible contested election, some scholars say
Schumer: 'Nothing is off the table' if GOP moves forward with Ginsburg replacement
'It Only Takes 4': Durbin Hopes Some Republicans Break Ranks To Block A Trump Nominee
Lindsey Graham says he supports filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat ahead of the election
20 years of closed-door conversations with Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Mail-in ballot law in Pennsylvania has driven out nearly a quarter of state's top election officials
McConnell’s legacy: Wielding majority power to reshape court
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 'Inspiring, revolutionary, a fighter'
Ex-Clinton aide claims Trump's SCOTUS pick would be 'fundamentally illegitimate' if confirmed
Crowd protests charges against anti-racism leaders
Ginsburg’s death draws big surge of donations to Democrats
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's last wish: 'I will not be replaced until a new president is installed'
Ginsburg's death turns spotlight on Trump's list of potential successors
Calls grow for Biden to expand election map in final sprint
Ruth Bader Ginsburg death makes Supreme Court major 2020 campaign issue
Here's what happened when Senate Republicans refused to vote on Merrick Garland's Supreme Court nomination
'Titanic battle': U.S. Supreme Court seat upends 2020 presidential campaign
AP Explains: What happens with the Supreme Court vacancy?
Trump orders flags at half-staff to honor 'trailblazer' Ginsburg
How RBG's death could radicalize American politics
'She never failed': Biden, Trump and others remember RBG
Bill Clinton shares statement, photo after Ginsburg death
Notable names on Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees
Ginsburg's death throws a chaotic presidential year into greater turmoil
What Ginsburg's death could mean for 2020 and the Supreme Court: FiveThirtyEight
How Ginsburg’s death could reshape the presidential campaign
Ginsburg death ignites fierce U.S. Senate battle - and stirs Scalia's ghost
McConnell Pursues Scorched-Earth Tactics on Ground That is Already Scorched
Obama calls on Senate not to fill Ginsburg's vacancy until after election
Trump, caught off guard by news of Ginsburg's death, says he was 'saddened'
Trump to name nominee to replace RBG in days
Senators appear to change stances on confirming successor to Ginsburg vs. Scalia, but argue 2020 is different
US sending armored vehicles into Syria as Trump says 'we are out'
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death sparks political firestorm
Trump seeks to shore up military support in North Carolina campaign swing
McConnell vows quick vote on next justice; Biden says wait
Pelosi: Ginsburg successor must uphold commitment to 'equality, opportunity and justice for all'
Rep. Engel agrees to drop Pompeo subpoena now that he has Biden documents
What if there's a tie? How the Supreme Court works when there are only 8 justices
Ginsburg's death just blew up the 2020 campaign
AOC says Ginsburg's death should 'radicalize' Dems: 'I need you to be ready'
Biden would push for less US reliance on nukes for defense
U.S. says U.N. sanctions on Iran to be reimposed Saturday. What does that mean?
Progressive group to spend $10M in ad campaign on Supreme Court vacancy
With candles, flowers and signs, mourners honor Ginsburg on U.S. Supreme Court steps
Trump’s 'maximum pressure' peaks just before election
Trump, Biden absorb news of Ginsburg death on the fly
Politicians, celebrities react to death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Senate Republicans face tough decision on replacing Ginsburg
India arrests nine al Qaeda militants planning 'terrorist attacks'
Stopgap bill to prevent shutdown held up over farm funding
Brit Hume warns of 'brutal and divisive' confirmation battle over Ruth Bader Ginsburg replacement
The Point: RBG's death means Republican senators will face the ultimate test of their loyalty to Trump
Homes destroyed after winds push California fire into desert
Alaska ballots won't note candidates' party affiliation, only how they were nominated
‘The Most Important Woman Lawyer in the History of the Republic’
Fact check: Echoing Trump, Barr misleads on voter fraud to attack expanded vote-by-mail
Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1933-2020 (video)
Ginsburg's Death Is A Major Cultural Moment That's About To Upend Politics Again

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Democrats face quandary on vaccine support as election nears
Covid: PM considering new restrictions amid second coronavirus wave
Education Secretary DeVos warns about wave of private school closings: 'That's a crisis in the making'
UK reports highest daily COVID-19 cases in four months
Faces of some of the more than 195,000 lives lost in US to coronavirus
Trump's Covid-19 vaccine timeline is seriously wishful thinking. Here's why
Millions of children may miss pandemic food aid as states scramble to meet new Trump administration rules
Captain says he risked career with virus warning
India parliament session may be cut short as COVID-19 cases among lawmakers rise - sources
CDC director says face masks may offer more protection against COVID than a vaccine. Here's what other experts say.
'This isn't politics': Doctor who urged mask-wearing dies of Covid-19
Push to test COVID-19 vaccines in diverse groups
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