Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Saturday, October 31, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

Biden, Obama make a final appeal to Michigan’s Black voters
Here's what happened when NBC News tried to investigate the alleged Hunter Biden emails
Trump may continue to campaign after Election Day if results are not finalized: report
Election 2020 updates: Trump ends long day rushing through final rally
Trump baselessly claims doctors are inflating coronavirus death counts for money as cases again hit record levels
‘There Are No Boundaries’: Experts Imagine Trump’s Post-Presidential Life if He Loses
Iran spreading election propaganda and targeting U.S. state voter rolls, officials say
Facebook manually limited New York Post Hunter Biden story: Report
Who is voting? Who is winning? Early vote only offers clues
Biden blasts Trump for saying doctors are using Covid to boost payments
Older women voters want to send a message to Trump in November
Trump's split with health advisers on virus fuels speculation of shake-up
Analysis: Where the swing states stand in Trump-Biden battle
Live updates: Minnesota Gov. thanks Trump for ‘finally following public health guidance'
If 2020 is like 2000, Trump believes he's got the votes
Supreme Court allows Pennsylvania, North Carolina ballots counted after Election Day: What to know
Trump faces an existential risk: Slipping Catholic support
Iranian hackers who posed as the Proud Boys accessed voter data in one state, feds say
Election 2020 live updates: Trump, Biden compete in Midwest battlegrounds
Republicans prepare for post-Election Day legal fights
Trump and Biden hit the Midwest as Texas shatters early voter turnout records
Stephen Miller: Trump to further crackdown on illegal immigration if he wins
Trump wall: How much has he actually built?
SBA presses big businesses to justify aid, sparking uproar
Georgia Republican congressman tests positive for Covid-19
Massive Florida mail pile-up believed to include ballots
In election's waning days, Trump campaigns against those fighting coronavirus
Race for Texas intensifies amid surging turnout, COVID cases
Donald Trump Jr. says recent COVID-19 deaths are 'almost nothing.' More than 20K people died this month.
Florida judge resigns from vote-counting board after at least a dozen Trump donations discovered
Biden leads Trump by 8 points nationally: poll
Republicans on the run in Georgia with two Senate seats within Democratic reach
In Miami, coalition of Latino evangelical leaders endorses Biden
Key Operation Warp Speed Adviser's Contract Emerges After Months Of Questions
Fraudster attempts to register dead Americans as Dem voters in Florida
Kudlow: Wall Street will regret backing Biden
How mail-in ballot challenges and long lines impact minority voters
Judge considers prompting USPS to take more steps to deliver ballots on time
Trump derides doctors as COVID surges, Biden says Trump 'giving up' on virus
Republicans aim to flip Florida House seat with support from Cuban Americans
Twitter backs down and unlocks New York Post account after two-week standoff over Hunter Biden posts
Interior official called Black Lives Matter 'racist,' defended alleged Kenosha shooter | Trump signs bipartisan bill funding conservation grants
Scott Walker claims Trump has 'fighting chance' in Wisconsin, touts Favre endorsement of president
As Trump faces uncertain future, so do his signature rallies
Texas breaks turnout records as more than 9 million cast ballots before Election Day
US election 2020: Trump is in the fight of his political life
'Politically correct': Trump pokes Fox News Host Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask
Texas unlikely to turn blue in 2020 election, Rep. Thornberry tells Fox News
New Orleans cop shot in the face after two officers "ambushed"
Trump’s $200 drug cards for seniors remain in limbo
Election updates: USPS ordered to ensure ballot delivery on time; Pennsylvania vote count could face delays
Minnesota opts against asking Supreme Court to block mail-in ballots ruling
Dozens of migrant children currently detained for more than two years: Report
GOP disputes removal of 4 New Mexico election challengers
A Democrat-turned-Republican and a Kennedy are going head-to-head in a New Jersey House race
What's the Line Between Legal Poll Watching and Illegal Intimidation? - NY Times
Ore. may be 1st state to decriminalize hard drugs
Use of slurs not ‘isolated’ at Louisiana State Police
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti slammed for promoting $20 discount on parking tickets as financial relief during COVID
Ivanka Trump raises $13 million in a week for father's campaign
The Fed could face more pressure to act: ‘They don’t have the luxury of time anymore’
2020 Daily Trail Markers: COVID-19 considered a top issue in GOP ads in just 2 battleground states
Barr tells friends he'd like to stay on as AG in a second Trump term: Report
L.A. county has the largest U.S. jail system. A ballot initiative could change that.
Fact check: Will private insurance be required to cover a Covid vaccine if Obamacare is overturned?
Pa. elections chief urges counties to begin counting mail-in ballots early Tuesday morning
Factbox: Key legal battles over voting rules as U.S. election looms
Kyle Rittenhouse Is Extradited To Face Homicide Charges In Wisconsin
Trump reveals plan to sell F-35 fighter jets to UAE — but hurdles remain
Voting, virus, race are hot topics in state high court races
Family of Betsy DeVos among Michigan’s biggest political donors
Pentagon Offers Little Rationale for Trucking Firm Bailout
Another Hunter Biden laptop taken into custody during DEA raid: Report
Trump counting on final get-out-the-vote push to fuel narrow path to victory
Comparing the Biden and Trump tax plans: Will you pay more?
In a first, ICE agents are poised to respond to potential Election Day unrest
Fierce Georgia Senate races have parties holding their breath til January
Will Trump be a one-term president? Here's the list of the Commanders-in-Chief denied a second term
Philippines orders evacuation as world's strongest 2020 typhoon approaches
Trump's Ban On TikTok Suffers Another Legal Setback
Michigan bars, restaurants will require diners' names, phone numbers starting Monday
Democrats uneasy about higher Republican turnout in important Florida county
Some of the year’s best performing tech stocks got pushed down this week

Coronavirus News and Updates:

State leaders facing 2nd wave resist steps to curb virus
Birx warns of "broad surge" across the country
Coronavirus updates: US sets new daily case record for 2nd straight day
Covid antibodies diminish over time, but that's not the whole story, experts say
U.S. reports world record of more than 100,000 COVID-19 cases in single day
18-year-old freshman at University of Dayton apparently dies from Covid-19
Track cases across the globe
U.S. nursing homes still face COVID-19 test delays; you can wash Halloween candy
Co-infection reported in California: Flu and Covid
U.S. signs up pharmacy chains as COVID-19 vaccination centres: WSJ
During the 1918 flu pandemic, masks were controversial for "many of the same reasons they are today"
Europeans urge wider curbs as COVID sweeps continent, batters U.S
MAP: Breaking down which states require — or don't require — face masks in public
Organised 'overkill': China shows off rapid lockdown system after latest outbreak
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