Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Saturday, October 3, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

Donald Trump tells America: "I'm starting to feel good" (video)
After mixed messages from White House, Trump says 'real test' ahead in his COVID fight
President Trump completes second dose of the Remdesivir drug; doc reports 'substantial progress'
Former New Jersey governor Christie checks into hospital after testing positive for coronavirus
GOP seeks to call off Senate work, but not Barrett hearings
Texas AG top aides accuse him of bribery, abuse of office
White House chief of staff Mark Meadows confirms Trump’s condition deteriorated on Friday
Biden looks to seal election after Trump's week from hell
Advisers made last-minute push to get reluctant Trump to Walter Reed
Trump says he's feeling better, next few days will be 'real test'
Pence ordered borders closed after CDC experts refused
Why Trump’s testing strategy failed him
Trump's doctor walks backs comments on timing of President's Covid-19 diagnosis and treatment
Trump campaign launches 'Operation MAGA' while president recovers from COVID-19
How Friday was an inflection point for the country and fight against coronavirus
Virus spreads on panel handling Supreme Court nomination
The virus slams into a broken Washington
White House sows confusion about Trump's condition as source tells reporters next 48 hours will be critical
'The squad' responds to Twitter warning for posts threatening bodily harm
Who Is Sean Conley? White House Physician To President Trump
Trump's doctors paint a rosy -- but vague -- picture of his health during Covid-19 treatment
Growing number of top Republicans diagnosed with coronavirus
Eric Trump on his father's battle with the coronavirus (video)
Biden will get tested more frequently and continue in-person campaigning
White House physician team give updates on President Trump's condition: ABC News Live
Joe Biden says it's 'appalling' not to wear a mask on public transit
Trump's physician says president is fever-free and not on oxygen
Political world reels after Trump COVID diagnosis, raising questions on debates, Barrett confirmation
White House doctor says Trump doing ‘very well’ at hospital
Senate GOP's third positive Covid-19 case threatens quick Barrett confirmation
White House raises new questions about Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis
Attorney General Barr tests negative this morning
Surge in new GOP voters puts pressure on Fla. Dems
More than 1K alumni from Amy Coney Barrett's ungrad college sign letter of concern
Trump not yet on clear path to recovery, source says
Mike Pence to hold in-person campaign event in Arizona as President Trump recovers from COVID-19
Ron Johnson Joins List Of GOP Senators Testing Positive For Coronavirus
Vice President Pence not transferred power, remains at his residence
Trump taking Regeneron, Remdesivir therapy for coronavirus diagnosis: ex-WH doctor explains
Trump's illness sparks new urgency for COVID-19 deal
Inside one celebration that helped spread the virus across the US government
Missouri governor mirrors Trump: Covid-positive after months of virus criticism
What we know, and what we don’t, about Trump’s coronavirus
Chris Christie tests positive for coronavirus
East Asia allies likely to bide time as U.S. election looms over Pompeo trip
Eric Trump set to speak with N.Y. investigators Monday about family business
Judge prohibits ICE from deporting man detained on church grounds
Gamma gaining strength as it heads toward Mexico
Sexts and coronavirus: Must-win Senate race upended down the stretch
Dem 'Squad' accuses Twitter of shielding Trump from hate-tweets after dismissing attacks on them
Germany says it expects EU to impose sanctions against Russia over Navalny case
Latest Senate and House ratings are good news for Democrats
Sen. Graham, Harrison to face off in first debate in close S. Carolina race
No course correction for state Republicans after Trump test
Michigan Supreme Court strikes down Whitmer's coronavirus emergency orders
AP FACT CHECK: Distortions from a week of wild disruption
'Racist voter suppression': Are Texas laws keeping Latinos from the ballot box?
Trump begins Remdesivir therapy while spending the night in the hospital
Trump, other insiders test positive for COVID: A running list of those close to the White House being tested and their results
What happens to the presidential election if a candidate dies
Schumer call for Supreme Court nominee to self-isolate could delay confirmation vote
Trump's campaign manager tests positive for Covid-19
'Anyone can get it,' Trump supporters shocked at diagnosis, unwavering in support
Trump transferred to Walter Reed 'out of an abundance of caution,' after testing positive for coronavirus
'Hopefully it's a wake-up call': Voters react to Trump's Covid-19 diagnosis
Pelosi says airline aid deal is near, asks for halt to job cuts
Trump to Woodward in April: I'm 'just not' worried about contracting COVID-19
Trump administration to launch antitrust suit against Google as soon as next week
Trump's Covid contact: Who he met and who's tested positive
Cavalier White House approach to COVID catches up to Trump
2 Republican senators test positive for COVID-19
Rose Garden announcement of Supreme Court nominee potential 'super spreader' event, with Trump plus six others getting COVID
‘God-tier genetics’: A stunned MAGA world offers blame, adulation after Trump’s diagnosis
Three White House reporters test positive for COVID-19
An 'exhausted' Trump's long path to coronavirus
N.C. Democratic Senate candidate admits to intimate texts with woman
Enough Already: Women Are Quitting The Workforce At 4 Times The Rate Of Men
Dr. Marc Siegel: Trump coronavirus treatment likely 'precautionary', may continue for 'several days'
The Memo: Trump grapples with credibility gap in crisis
An abundance of risk, not caution, before Trump’s diagnosis
Voting rights groups, voters file suit over Texas governor's drop box limit
Trump's Positive Coronavirus Test Upends Campaign in Final Stretch - New York Times
Trump to spend days at Walter Reed medical facility after COVID-19 diagnosis
Shell-shocked Trump campaign seeks a way forward
Facebook, Twitter And TikTok Say Wishing Trump's Death From COVID-19 Is Not Allowed
Trump’s virus hospitalization rocks final stage of campaign
Trump children call their father a 'warrior' amid COVID-19 diagnosis
House leaves for October recess without reaching deal with White House on coronavirus bill
Obama, Clintons, other US leaders react to Trump COVID-19 diagnosis
Schumer calls Supreme Court hearing 'irresponsible and dangerous' after senators test positive for coronavirus
Here are the Cabinet members and others around Trump who have been tested
Trump plans to name conservative activist Tom Fitton to court oversight agency
Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway tests positive for COVID-19
Better weather won’t keep California from grim fire landmark
Top House lawmakers launch investigation into Pentagon redirecting COVID-19 funds
Breonna Taylor grand jury recordings paint chaotic, confusing scene
Economy is cooling as U.S. election nears
There will be more space between Pence and Harris at next week's debate
Bret Baier: COVID-19 has 'changed the dynamic' of presidential race, Supreme Court battle
At 7.9%, U.S. jobless rate spells trouble for Trump
7 at SCOTUS event test positive for COVID-19
Biden calls Trump's positive test a 'bracing reminder' of seriousness of coronavirus pandemic
New Jersey governor to introduce bill codifying the Roe v. Wade
After Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, Biden says masks not about being a 'tough guy'
Aboard Air Force One just before Trump tested positive: Reporter's Notebook
Trump's illness raises national security concerns as Pentagon looks to reassure public
Mexico sees U.S. election behind migrant caravan, seeks to avoid Trump spat
Breonna Taylor grand jury recordings released and filed
PM and EU chief to discuss post-Brexit trade deal
Census Bureau to hold count through end of October
Barack Obama wishes Trump a 'speedy recovery'

Coronavirus News and Updates:

U.S. CDC reports 816 coronavirus deaths
Florida forges ahead in lifting curbs amid virus
Coronavirus updates: CDC forecasts up to 232K US deaths by Oct. 24
Number of Covid cases grows among people who attended White House ceremony
Where is China’s accountability in the coronavirus crisis?
Children will not likely see a coronavirus vaccine until late 2021: Experts
Why A Negative Coronavirus Test Doesn't Necessarily Mean You're In The Clear
What is contact tracing, and how does it work with COVID-19?
The faces of India's coronavirus pandemic as deaths hit 100,000
Warp Speed's focus on vaccines may have shortchanged antibody treatments
Partial lockdown imposed on defiant Madrid
Police increase patrolling in Australia's COVID-19 hotspot
Trump's Test Highlights Importance Of Masks. Here's How To Make Safer DIY Coverings
Judge rebuffs bid to ease pandemic-limits at private schools
'Aerosol' vs. 'airborne' vs. 'droplets' amid COVID-19: What you need to know
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