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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


(House Television via AP)

GOP seeks to convince vaccine skeptics within its own ranks
WASHINGTON (AP) — When a group of Republican doctors in Congress released a video selling the safety of the coronavirus vaccine, their message wasn’t explicitly aimed at their conservative constituents, but nonetheless had a clear political bent.

Bid to censure Romney for Trump impeachment votes fails - AP

Elections overhaul, social media crackdown passed - USA Today

How the Gaetz probe grew from sex trafficking to medical pot - AP

Texas special election: Republican Susan Wright advances to runoff in race for U.S. House seat, NBC News projects

Progress noted at diplomats’ talks on Iran nuclear deal - AP

GOP frustration with Liz Cheney 'at a boiling point' - The Hill

White House, lawmakers mark start of AAPI heritage month, as US sees rise in Asian hate crimes - FOX

Republican state lawmakers look to empower partisan poll watchers, setting off alarms... - CNN

Latino Republican support for Trump is still going strong in Florida - NBC

Jim Acosta calls Fox News 'a bulls--- factory' on live TV - W.E.

Charged in Jan. 6 riot? Yes, but prison may be another story - AP

Biden made 'big blunder,' North Korea says - ABC

White House expands behind-the-scenes lobbying as Biden makes public push for $4 trillion proposals - CNN

Biden immigration moves under scrutiny from left and right - The Hill

Dem Rep. Jim Clyburn defends siding with Tim Scott on 'not a racist country' comments - FOX

Experts call for federal monitors of Arizona election audit, citing violations of voting laws - USA Today

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is No Longer the Governor of California. Right? - NY Times

What the “Infrastructure” Fight Is Really About - Politico

Investigators seek evidence linking Rudy Giuliani to efforts to oust U.S. envoy to Ukraine - NBC

Final phase of ending America's war in Afghanistan begins - CBS

'The honeymoon is over': Biden faces tougher tasks ahead as progressives demand more - CNN

Police responding after seven people shot in Green Bay: Report - W.E.

Scoop: GOP leaders threaten Cheney ouster - Axios

Court watchers buzz about Breyer's possible retirement - The Hill

Biden Wants To Go Tough On Wall Street. The Response? The Best Rally Since FDR - NPR

State lawmaker faces charges for allegedly allowing protesters into Oregon Capitol - ABC

Elizabeth Warren says pressure of running against 'shadows of Martha and Hillary' cost her presidential bid - FOX

Biden keeps masking despite updated guidance - The Hill

North Korea threatens U.S. and accuses Biden of "big blunder" over foreign policy - Axios

Biden's immigration plan, George Floyd policing act and more linger after 100 days - USA Today

UV lights, cars with Trump bumper stickers and a lack of transparency illustrate ongoing GOP-driven ballot review in Arizona - CNN

Black Freedmen struggle for recognition as tribal citizens - AP

De Blasio: ‘Everyone’s just admitting they covered up’ in Cuomo administration - W.E.

Government pandemic watchdog warns of 'reduced oversight' for pandemic relief programs - CNN

Caitlyn Jenner opposes boys who are trans playing sports on girls' teams in school, says it is unfair - FOX

New York Times, WaPo, NBC retract reports about Giuliani's contact with FBI - The Hill

North Korea accuses Joe Biden of pursuing hostile policy over its nuclear programme - BBC

May Day protests: Turkey arrests hundreds as rallies sweep globe - BBC

Again at home in Delaware, Biden's weekends are mostly a mystery - W.E.

Navy SEALs killed bin Laden 10 years ago today; Biden was against the mission - FOX

SpaceX capsule departs station with 4 astronauts, heads home - AP

Sen. Mitt Romney booed at Utah GOP convention - NBC

Beam her up: Harris to chair the National Space Council - Politico

Crowded field of Republicans and Democrats compete for Texas House seat - CNN

Protesters Gather Across The World For May Day - NPR

Biden to take public relations blitz to Louisiana - The Hill

Andrew Cuomo alienates Democrats as scandals continue to unfold W.E.

FBI prepared briefing for Giuliani warning he was target of Russia, says source - NBC

3 Colorado Officers Involved In Forceful Arrest Of Woman With Dementia Resign - NPR

Manchin deals DC statehood -- and Dems -- another blow - FOX

Washington keeps close eye as Apple antitrust fight goes to court - The Hill

Fed's big bet: More jobs but only mild inflation - ABC

Israel crush: Israel mourns as festival crush victims identified - BBC

New data shows continued surge in anti-Asian hate crime reports in some major cities - CBS

Harris to lead National Space Council amid criticism over lack of border visit - FOX

How 26 People In The Census Count Helped Minnesota Beat New York For A House Seat - NPR

Mars helicopter aces 4th flight, gets extra month of flying - ABC

Zillow blasts back at real estate startup’s antitrust suit - Politico

"I want to choose flight": Families look to leave states banning health care for trans kids - Axios

Biden administration discloses Trump rules for strikes outside war zones - The Hill

The facts around leaked audio about John Kerry- CNN

Search for Pelosi's laptop leads feds to Alaska -- and wrong home, woman claims - FOX

Man arrested after 2 found dead in vehicle partially submerged in river: Sheriff - ABC

Warren book reflects on losing 2020 bid: 'Painful' - The Hill

Pope Francis Issues Orders Aimed At Cracking Down On Vatican Corruption - NPR

Spain's far-right Vox eye share of power in Madrid - BBC

Multiple people shot at casino hotel in Wisconsin - NBC

Colorado woman killed in apparent bear attack - CBS

Secret Service agent dies training at Bush compound in Maine - FOX

'I Got Obama'd' - Politico

Texas deputy fired for punching teen outside convenience store - The Hill

She called out health care misinfo on TikTok. Then, the trolls found her - NBC

Medina Spirit Wins Kentucky Derby; Bob Baffert Does It Again - NPR

Coronavirus News and Updates:

The risks unvaccinated Americans are weighing - ABC

A new vaccination approach: Reaching those who weren't planning to get the shot - NBC

COVID 'Doesn't Discriminate By Age': Serious Cases On The Rise In Younger Adults - NPR

Nearly 40% of adults in the U.S. have been vaccinated (video) - CBS

Return to pre-pandemic life seems close, but Covid-19 confusion remains for many Americans - CNN

Hospitalizations rise 135% in Kansas City facility - ABC

Who's actually getting Covid vaccinations? States report a mixed bag of data - NBC

States keep up with lawsuits against China for 'malicious' role in COVID-19 pandemic - FOX

Pandemic inspector general blasts DOJ memo, urges Congress to clarify mandate - The Hill

Analysis: The data shows Americans are going out at highest levels in a year - CNN

As vaccine demand slips, officials look for new ways to reach more people - ABC

India Is Counting Thousands Of Daily COVID Deaths. How Many Is It Missing? - NPR

Indian scientists' warnings about coronavirus went ignored amid surge: report - The Hill

India coronavirus: Over-18s vaccination drive hit by shortages - BBC

The world is in the midst of its worst Covid crisis so far. It didn't have to be this way - CNN

Nepalese hospitals run out of beds as India coronavirus outbreaks spills across border - The Hill

India launches effort to inoculate all adults against COVID - AP

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Andrus Whitewing


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