Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Monday, November 2, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

'Non-scalable' fencing erected around White House in anticipation of protests
Polls show Biden with edge over Trump in key states
Fearing election unrest, US businesses are getting ready
Trump promises court fight over Pennsylvania absentee votes
Inside Democrats' efforts to fight election security threats
Barrett speaks in first Supreme Court oral arguments since joining court
Final NBC/Marist state polls show close races in Pennsylvania and Arizona
Fact check: Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. spread false information in run up to election
In Senate races, Democrat leads Republican in Arizona, North Carolina a dead heat: Reuters/Ipsos
In 2020 finale, Trump talks vote fraud, Biden's on offense
Ex-RNC officials won't back Trump
Trump ‘army’ of poll watchers led by veteran of fraud claims
Both Candidates Agree: Trump's Crowds Are Bigger, and They're OK With That - NY Times
Rand Paul: Trump's election performance likely to determine who holds Senate
Frantic final push for Trump and Biden on last day of 2020 campaign
More Than Politics On The Line For Voters With Preexisting Conditions
Fact check: Viral photo of Biden on a plane without a mask is from before the pandemic
Cities across U.S. bracing for possible Election Day violence and unrest
Trump creates 1776 Commission to promote 'patriotic education'
Legal armies ready if election heads to court
Election live updates: Biden campaign says 'no scenario' for Trump to win race on election night
In setback to Republicans, judge rules ballot-counting measures in Nevada legal
Pennsylvania AG hit for predicting Trump will lose election before votes even counted
‘Raw exposed nerves’: Anxious nation awaits Election Day
Pelosi: 'We're Ready' If A Disputed Election Goes To Congress
When do polls close in each state?
Nervous Democrats don't see 2016 nightmare repeating itself
Vandals target home and offices of politicians and party headquarters in Texas and Pennsylvania with similar messages
Obama invokes John Lewis, MLK in appeal to disillusioned voters in Atlanta
Polls show Biden leading Trump on election eve, but race tightening in key battlegrounds
Snowden and wife seek Russian-US dual nationality
Biden brings 'anti-fracking activist' Lady Gaga to PA rally, draws Trump campaign criticism
Wisconsin manufacturing workers divided on Trump despite broken promises
In final pre-election push, Biden and Trump also gird for court battle
They Can't Vote. But Millions Of Migrants Watch For Election Results
Poll: Biden has narrow leads in Florida, Ohio
Omarosa backs Biden, predicts Trump will lose
Supreme Court rules in favor of Black Lives Matter organizer
Judge rules California's Newsom overstepped his authority with election order
The Latest: Philly mayor says US needs ‘sane president’
Election Day turns into judgment day for social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are on high alert
Election 2020 live updates: Judge rejects GOP effort to throw out 127K Texas votes
Kamala Harris vows to get rid of Trump’s tax cuts if elected
Win or Lose, Trump and Biden's Parties Will Plunge Into Uncertainty - NY Times
Poll: Biden leads in Pennsylvania, tied with Trump in Arizona
More than 96 million Americans have voted with one day to go until Election Day
After blocking its release, U.S. judge lets Trump policing panel publish report
Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen declares ‘worst’ president in US history – and it may surprise you
Van Drew-Kennedy race in NJ goes down to the wire
Biden backers make final plea for delivery of mail ballots
'You are no longer my mother': How the election is dividing American families
Biden team moves to shut down Trump’s election-night claims
Campaign draws to a close with US facing a crossroads
Unprecedented early voting gives Democrats hope, while Republicans count on Election Day
Will your ballot be safe? Computer experts sound warnings on America's voting machines
Four GOP Campaign Chiefs Make Their Final Election Predictions. They’re as Divided as the Country.
In key battlegrounds, voters of color see ballots marked for rejection at higher rates
Trump threatens to fire Fauci in rift with disease expert
On The Trail: Making sense of Super Poll Sunday
Biden leads, Trump needs Election Day surge to win — CBS News Battleground Tracker
Judge mandates USPS take 'extraordinary measures' as ballot processing drops in key states
Biden's lead widens in Rust Belt: Poll
Trump says votes should be counted by Election Day at Georgia rally
Trump Speaks Fondly Of Supporters Surrounding Biden Bus In Texas
Dishonesty Has Defined the Trump Presidency. The Consequences Could Be Lasting - NY Times
Trump says he's sending in his lawyers as soon as the election ends to review swing state votes
Live election updates: Donald Trump hints at firing Dr. Anthony Fauci; Joe Biden, Kamala Harris court Black voters...
Trump denies he will prematurely declare victory, signals election legal challenges
On last day, Trump and Biden scour battleground states for votes
How Stacey Abrams convinced Biden to take Georgia — and her — seriously
Trump crowd chants "fire Fauci" at late-night rally while Biden campaigns in Pennsylvania
Trump And Biden Make 11th Hour Election Appeals Across Key States
Their First Try Backfired, but Giuliani and Allies Keep Aiming at Biden - NY Times
Biden leads Trump in survey of Texas voters from left-leaning pollster
Trump and Biden race to shore up votes in final hours before Election Day
‘If Pennsylvania goes, so will go the country’
Louisville protesters block in 'Trump Train' ahead of rally
Trump decries FBI probe of supporters surrounding Biden bus
Live Updates: Trump, Biden ramp up personal attacks on campaign trail as Election Day draws near
Trump and family go it alone on campaign trail, for better or worse
Trump's election night party will be held at the White House, official says
Arizona in play for both Biden and Trump
A nation in crisis faces a critical moment in history this election
Trump rebukes FBI for investigating supporters accused of harassing Biden bus
As Biden sees several paths to win, Democrats face 'crippling fear' of 2016 redux
Inside the machine to turn out Arizona Latinos — and flip the state blue
Clyburn says 'voter suppression' is only way Biden can lose, claims to have had 'complaints all day'
Biden looks to restore, expand Obama administration policies
FACT CHECK: Trump Falsely Claims That Votes Shouldn't Be Counted After Election Day
Election 2020 live updates: Trump, Biden push toward Nov. 3
Philadelphia mayor warns residents it may take days to count mail-in ballots
Trump winning farm vote despite pinch of trade policies, pandemic
Will Ohio's 18 electoral votes swing red or blue?
Being a Black Republican in the Trump era
Analysis: This one poll is giving Trump backers hope and Democrats anxiety
With Biden bets and Trump hedges, investors prepare for U.S. Election Day
US Election 2020: Biden and Trump hit swing states
Expect a lot more of the same if Trump wins a second term
Conway makes case for Trump reelection: 'The antidote to uncertainty is not more uncertainty'
Pandemic protests test Putin's influence in ex-Soviet space
Biden begins two-day campaign sprint in battleground Pennsylvania
Federal authorities expected to erect 'non-scalable' fence around White House
Louisiana officials feud over generators for polling places
Graham and Harrison wrap up expensive race with bus tours
Members of Michigan militia charged with plot to kidnap Whitmer spotted at anti-lockdown rallies: WaPo
Michigan Gov. Whitmer tightens coronavirus restrictions, follows Democratic lead on lockdowns
Democratic operatives concerned about Latino voter outreach days before election
Video altered to make it look like Biden greeted wrong state
Accused mosque bomb mastermind faces trial
Biden responds to report Trump plans to declare premature victory: He's 'not going to steal this election'
Trump admin funds plasma company based in owner’s condo
Hong Kong lawmakers arrested over disruption of legislature
Biden's gaffes continue as Election Day draws near
Trump stages five rallies in five states in pre-election sprint
Suspect in medieval costume wielding samurai sword kills 2, injures 5
Police fire warning shots as thousands protest in Belarus
GOP control of Senate in jeopardy, could hinge on Georgia in January runoff
NBC News Decision Desk: How we call races on election night 2020

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Europe tightens restrictions as virus hospitalizations rise
Coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations are surging in every key swing state
Covid-19 cases, deaths rising at rapid rate across U.S. ahead of Election Day
Can Trump 'Fire Fauci'? Not easily, but he could make it messy
As U.S. COVID-19 cases break records, weekly deaths rise 3%
Overnight stay-at-home advisory issued in Massachusetts amid rise in COVID-19 cases
The pandemic surge in charts
Nursing homes face new COVID-19 threat after improvements: 'Our system is collapsing'
5 things states must do to curb the spread of COVID-19: ANALYSIS
Brazilians protest mandatory COVID-19 immunization, Chinese vaccine
Pre-election virus spike creates concerns for polling places
Covid: White House accuses top scientist Fauci of 'playing politics'
Stockholm pauses home COVID-19 testing as system overwhelmed
Lack of readiness, questionable federal inspection helped fuel first U.S. COVID-19 outbreak
WHO director goes into self-quarantine after contact with person exposed to COVID-19
Japan opens airport coronavirus test lab for departing travellers
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