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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

    FBI names pipeline cyberattackers as company promises return
    Hit by a cyberattack, the operator of a major U.S. fuel pipeline said Monday it hopes to have services mostly restored by the end of the week as the FBI and administration officials identified the culprits as a gang of criminal hackers.

    McCarthy sets Wednesday vote on Liz Cheney leadership ouster - AP

    US restores transgender health protections denied by Trump - AP

    Kinzinger: Cheney 'is being run out for one thing: her consistency' - CNN

    Inside Arizona’s election audit, GOP fraud fantasies live on - AP

    Republican says 'embarrassing' Arizona recount 'makes us look like idiots' - The Hill

    In demoting Cheney, GOP holds on to Trump at risk of further alienating others - NBC

    Congressional negotiators make progress on policing overhaul compromise - CBS

    Top female GOP senator compares Cheney ousting to 'cancel culture' - The Hill

    McConnell poised for starring role in voting bill fight - AP

    Trump's sway still matters bigly for Biden agenda: The Note - ABC

    Kinzinger defends Liz Cheney, says McCarthy ignored warnings about Jan. 6 violence - FOX

    On-time delivery plunges at U.S. Postal Service, with 1 in 5 pieces of mail arriving late - CBS

    Manchin, Biden huddle amid talk of breaking up $4T package - The Hill

    Hamas launches new attack on Israel after Jerusalem clashes - AP

    GOP insists 'critical race theory' has no place in schools. What does that actually mean? - NBC

    McConnell ups acceptable price tag for infrastructure package - CBS

    Florida clears officials in treatment of Jeffrey Epstein - Politico

    White House defends ethics waivers for ex-union officials, says they are 'in the interest of governing' - FOX

    Capitol Police observed 200 Proud Boys well before the Capitol was breached, lawmaker says - CNN

    Romney: Removing Cheney from House leadership will cost GOP election votes - The Hill

    Top social media platforms ‘unsafe' for LGBTQ users, report finds - NBC

    Biden pushes back as Republican-led states end increased unemployment benefits - CBS

    Watchdog says Capitol Police deficient at monitoring threats - AP

    GOP weighs going bigger on infrastructure - Politico

    US fuel pipeline hackers 'didn't mean to create problems' - BBC

    Facebook content moderators say they receive little support, despite company promises - NBC

    Biden says no evidence Russian government was involved in pipeline hack - NBC

    The Memo: Outrage rises among liberals over Israel - The Hill

    Colonial pipeline hack claimed by Russian group DarkSide spurs emergency order from White House - NBC

    Deputy White House director said ICE 'doesn't have to exist,' told protesters to 'shut-it-down' - FOX

    Fact check: Biden makes false claim about former Federal Reserve leaders, revives misleading jobs claim- CNN

    Kabul attack spurs fears over fate of Afghan women as US exits - The Hill

    Trump super PAC to hold first fundraiser at Bedminster - Politico

    Hospitality employers need workers. Workers need jobs. So what's wrong? - USA Today

    Biden touts economic recovery steps as more American Rescue Plan funds become available - CBS

    Attorney alleges over 1K 'phantom ballots' found in Antrim - Wash. Examiner

    Rush to execute Arkansas man comes under scrutiny after DNA revelation - NBC

    Kinzinger plotted to oust McCarthy after Jan. 6 attack - The Hill

    Treasury to start paying out $350B in state and local aid - ABC

    Sen. Blackburn moves to cut off funds for terrorists targeting Israel - FOX

    'Ill-informed and cruel': Growing number of GOP-led states move to end Covid unemployment benefits - NBC

    GOP attorneys general charge ahead with tax-cut legal battle despite new Biden guidance - Wash. Examiner

    Critics urge Biden to step up as violence spreads in Israel - Politico

    5 takeaways from attack on Colonial Pipeline - The Hill

    Timeline: How Liz Cheney went from Republican scion to party pariah - CNN

    Biden prepared to take additional steps after Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack - CNBC

    Israel strikes Gaza, Hamas fires rockets after hundreds of Palestinians wounded in clashes - CBS

    Americans Will Lose Unemployment Benefits If They Turn Down Jobs, Biden Says - NPR

    US ship fires warning shots in encounter with Iranian boats - AP

    NTSB says driver moved to front seat in Tesla just before deadly crash - The Hill

    U.S. House panel to take up Postal Service reform measures - Reuters

    Russian spy unit suspected of directed-energy attacks on U.S. personnel - Politico

    Newsom proposes giving two of every three California residents $600 as recall campaign heats up - CNN

    DHS launches warning system to find domestic terror threats on social media - NBC

    Biden White House often demands chance to edit quotes: Report - Wash. Examiner

    Republicans, Democrats slam Hamas for rocket attacks on Israel - FOX

    Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy exit plan angers survivors of abuse - USA Today

    McConnell says infrastructure plan should cost up to $800 billion - CNBC

    Vatican warns US bishops over get-tough Communion proposals - AP

    Poll: More Americans say U.S. is on right track than any time since 2017 - Axios

    California drought emergency expanded to most of the state - The Hill

    Colonial Pipeline starts limited shipments after cyberattack - Politico

    'We May Not Have a Full Two Years': Democrats' Plans Hinge on Good Health - NY Times

    Israel accuses West of inflaming Jerusalem violence - Wash. Examiner

    Jerusalem crisis: Pleas for calm as violence escalates - BBC

    Colonial Pipeline says one fuel line operating under manual control after cyber attack - Reuters

    Attorneys general from over 40 states urge Facebook to cancel plans for Instagram for kids - CBS

    Ga. gov. set to repeal 1863 citizen's arrest law - ABC

    Trump to attend MAGA super PAC event at Bedminster golf club - Wash. Examiner

    Rep. Ilhan Omar accuses Israel of 'terrorism' amid clash with Hamas - FOX

    House Republicans are preparing to oust Liz Cheney from leadership this week. Here's what to watch - CNN

    Romanian leader tells Biden more NATO troops needed in east - AP

    Caitlyn Jenner says election was not 'stolen,' calls Biden 'our president' - The Hill

    Facebook’s ‘Oversight Board’ Declines to Bail Out Zuckerberg on Trump Ban - National Review

    U.S. Gulf Coast refiners pare output as pipeline outage continues - Reuters

    Passing paid leave without GOP could leave out most vulnerable - Politico

    US trashes unwanted gear in Afghanistan to be sold as scrap - ABC

    Thousands of Afghans who helped U.S. want to evacuate before the Taliban finds them - NBC

    EXPLAINER: What's behind the clashes in Jerusalem? - ABC

    Yang's bid to recruit female rival as deputy mayor decried as 'sexist' - Wash. Examiner

    Biden policies have benefited Latinos but there's still a hefty to-do list, group says - NBC

    Biden approval rating: Thumbs up overall, but thumbs down on immigration: poll - FOX

    Biden taps former AFL-CIO official for key USMCA enforcement role - Politico

    Caitlyn Jenner on Biden: 'He is our President. I respect that' - CNN

    Democrats' quarrels in divided U.S. Congress complicate Biden agenda - Reuters

    States push jobless from virus recession to return to work - AP

    Sanders: Push to repeal SALT deduction cap sends 'terrible message' - Wash. Examiner

    California scores staggering $75B budget surplus - The Hill

    20 Reported Killed In Israeli Airstrikes On Gaza After Hamas Fires Rockets - NPR

    Amid outcry, NBC says it will not air Golden Globes in 2022 - AP

    White House chief of staff says he 'wouldn't want to estimate or underestimate' Trump if he decides to run in 2024 - CNN

    Cuomo tells Fox News vaccine czar did 'phenomenal job' despite controversial alleged phone calls - FOX

    How cannabis is changing the California desert - NBC

    MAGA Attorneys General Are Winning a GOP Civil War - DB

    White House backs global anti-online extremism effort - Politico

    What we know about the Colonial Pipeline ransomware cyberattack - ABC

    Retired Army colonel announces run against Liz Cheney - AP

    Autopilot likely not on in Texas Tesla crash: NTSB - ABC

    New Biden DOJ staffer deleted over 39K tweets, including Russia collusion accusations - FOX

    Rubber hits the road for GOP leadership fight - Politico

    There Have Been, On Average, 10 Mass Shootings In The U.S. Each Week This Year - NPR

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    Pfizer COVID-19 shot expanded to US children as young as 12 - AP

    ‘Where is the plan?’: Biden pressed on global vaccine strategy - Washington Post

    AP-NORC poll: Biden approval buoyed by his pandemic response - AP

    New U.S. COVID weekly cases fall to lowest since September - Reuters

    Vaccine maker BioNTech says no need to waive patents - ABC

    DC aims for full reopening, with masks, by June 11 - AP

    Tracking coronavirus case surges in the United States - NBC

    Biden to talk with six governors about ways to get more people vaccinated against COVID-19 - USA Today

    Michigan to end remote work after reaching 55 percent vaccination rate - The Hill

    Dracula's castle proves an ideal setting for COVID-19 jabs - ABC

    Indian diaspora helping amid Covid crisis says government not doing enough - NBC

    Biden urges employers to boost wages, get people vaccinated - Reuters

    China To Set Up 'Line Of Separation' On Mount Everest, Citing COVID Outbreak - NPR

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