Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Monday, August 31, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

Biden hits back on Trump's attacks: 'Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?'
Joe Biden condemns violence, says Trump is causing division (Video)
Melania's ex-friend: Trump family tainted by 'deceit, deception'
Twitter flags video shared by top House Republican that manipulates the words of a disabled activist
Biden unleashes attacks, blames Trump for protest violence
Appeals court rejects Flynn effort to dismiss case
House mounts last-ditch bid for Trump's financial record
Mnuchin says McConnell may introduce new coronavirus bill next week
Trump appears to back claim suspected teen gunman acted in self-defense, rips 'left-wing political violence'
Trump defends accused Kenosha gunman, declines to condemn violence from his supporters
Federal appeals court denies Flynn's bid to order judge to dismiss case
Former Melania Trump friend says she is working with multiple prosecutors on inauguration financing
Trump defends supporters accused in deadly clashes
Amid images of violence, Trump sees an opportunity
Steve Bannon's co-defendants plead not guilty

Biden says Trump ‘fomented’ violence, but Dems have their own history of urging confrontation
Biden: Trump 'Can't Stop The Violence Because For Years He Has Fomented It'
Out of the 'basement,' Biden pummels Trump
Trump demands 'patriotic education' in U.S. schools
Biden condemns rioting, blasts Trump's response in fiery post-convention speech
Liberty announces investigation into Falwell’s tenure
Steve Bannon's trial date set for May 2021
President Trump says federal intervention would stop violence in Democrat-run cities (Video)
Barr’s removal of career national security official, weeks before election, raises concerns
Trump's lawyers say court wrongly sided with Manhattan DA over financial records
Trump says shooting suspect Kyle Rittenhouse "was in very big trouble"
GOP lawmaker argues left is 'funding, in a huge way,' protests and riots across US
Trump pushes to keep tax returns from NY prosecutor, eyes possible Supreme Court appeal
All 4 officers charged in George Floyd’s death
Ex-adviser to first lady: Working for Trumps was a ‘mistake’
National LGBT Chamber of Commerce endorses Biden
Oregon state police called to Portland amid escalating tensions
A GOP election dilemma: Twitter Trump keeps boxing out humanized Trump
Progressives demand Portland’s mayor, police chief resign after fatal shooting
Trump says he won't meet with Jacob Blake's family because they wanted to involve lawyers
WH claims Trump trip to Kenosha 'unifying,' says he will tour damaged businesses
Appeals court rules it can't enforce congressional subpoena of former White House counsel
Democrats warn Trump’s visit to Kenosha ‘fanning the flames’
AP FACT CHECK: Trump tweets distort truth on National Guard
Emerson poll finds Trump-Biden race tightening post-conventions
Biden: 'I am not banning fracking'
What is the difference between absentee voting and universal vote-by-mail?
Ex-felons are facing new hurdles when registering to vote in Florida: inaccurate records
White House says Trump 'does not want to invoke Insurrection Act' after he raised idea
Biden condemns violence in American cities, says Trump adds 'fuel to every fire'

U.S. agrees to pay South Carolina $600 million and dispose of plutonium
House to subpoena postmaster general over mail delays
Officials Identify Slain Portland Trump Supporter, President Threatens Intervention
Navy crew jumped from plane before it crashed
Texas AG Ken Paxton warns county to halt mail-in ballots or face legal action
Americans divided over armed civilians who flock to protests
Portland protests: All you need to know about Trump's crackdown
Trump calls him 'a fool'; Portland mayor says support us or stay out of the way
Trump seizes on protests as Dems blame him for tensions
Trump-Biden race tightens as both sides expect close race
Hundreds of protesters gather against new flu vaccine mandate in Massachusetts
Portland mayor urges restraint, renunciation of violence after fatal shooting
Bad blood between Pelosi, Meadows complicates coronavirus talks
Republicans call on DOJ to investigate who is funding violent riots
Supreme Court's ruling for abortion rights boosts opponents
Portland Police declare gathering near city building as 'unlawful'
Do not open until Election Day: State laws will delay counting mail-in votes in Trump-Biden race
It's crunch time for voting litigation
Pelosi, Biden slam Scalise for doctored video that altered activist's words
Battleground states want to be able to process mail ballots before Election Day
Kenoshians face 'wake-up call'
Wisconsin's Gov. Tony Evers tells Trump not to visit Kenosha
Falling Covid-19 cases create opportunity and peril for Trump
The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2020
Some In GOP Fear Trump's Push Against Mail-In Voting Could Harm The Party's Chances
Uncertainty dominates presidential campaign’s final stretch
Los Angeles police respond to reported shooting near pro-Trump rally
Trump tries to dance around a devastating backdrop
Joe Biden blames Trump for violence in Democrat-run cities
Forty percent of Americans back Trump executive order on TikTok: Reuters/Ipsos poll
A Kennedy is on the ballot in Massachusetts. Here's why he's not guaranteed a victory
McGahn argued Kushner's security clearance should be downgraded: book
U.S. warship transits Taiwan Strait for second time in two weeks
Biden forced to play on Trump's turf as campaign turns to racial strife
Trump's still in trouble in first post-convention polling
Ken Buck doubles down on Rand Paul's call for investigation into funding of violent protests
Take It From Eastern Europe: Now Is Not the Time to Go Soft on Russia
Anger after attempt to storm parliament
Wis. Governor Calls Session On Police Reform; Republicans Refuse To Show
Proposed rules to protect bulk power grid from foreign targeting raise concerns
When Trump talks law and order, some Wisconsin voters listen
Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers asks Donald Trump to 'reconsider' planned visit to Kenosha after Jacob Blake shooting
Black Americans Worry Postal Changes Could Disrupt History Of Secure Jobs
House bill would block rioters from coronavirus unemployment benefits
Trump administration unleashes a new effort to undermine election integrity
Belarus protest: Mass rally keeps pressure on Lukashenko
India says foils new Chinese attempt to alter status quo at disputed border
Global stocks mixed after Wall Street advances
Emmanuel Macron’s big Beirut challenge
Donald Trump Jr. calls DNC an 'embarrassment,' praises 'pro-America' GOP convention, talks about his new book
Axios: Trump offered FBI director job to John Kelly if he pledged loyalty
The use of "less-lethal" force by law enforcement
Americans love Social Security but fear 'socialism.' Trump is exploiting that
Pro-Trump caravan and protesters clashed before shooting death in Portland's streets
Massachusetts Senate Primary Pits Long-Serving Progressive Against A Kennedy
How the GOP Stretched Hard to Defend Trump on Race and Gender - New York Times

Coronavirus News and Updates:

CDC has not reduced the death count related to COVID-19
Trump knocks Fauci: 'I inherited him'
Coronavirus latest: 94% of COVID deaths in US had underlying conditions, CDC says
Task force reports show dire reality despite Trump's positive messaging
Soon: Anyone who wants a test, can get a test
WHO: We can't 'just pretend the pandemic is over'
Still ill with coronavirus six months later
A Zoom Thanksgiving? Summer could give way to a bleaker fall
Scientists see downsides to vaccines from Russia, China
What are the risks of getting COVID-19 and the flu at the same time?
Birx says she's hopeful about coronavirus vaccine but urges people to 'do the right thing today'
No cramming as new COVID rules take hold in South Korean capital
Battle over COVID-19 school openings goes to the courts
Amid COVID, nursing home residents face new challenge: Voting

Locked out by COVID, refugees' lives on hold
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