Today's Top Political and Coronavirus News Compilation - Friday, September 11, 2020 (1 Viewer)

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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

'America will always rise up': Trump and Biden pay respects to 9/11 victims in memorial visits
Trump, Biden take break from campaign to commemorate 9/11 anniversary
Top aide to US Attorney John Durham resigns from DOJ amid probe into Russia investigation
Susan Collins: Trump 'should have been straightforward with the American people'
Trump defends downplaying virus by invoking Churchill but gets the history wrong
DHS rejects House Democrats' call for Wolf to testify
Bidens bring beer and baked goods on visit to Shanksville fire company
National Guard’s mission ahead of 2020 election: preventing cyberattacks
McEnany calls out White House press corps for lack of interest in Mueller team wiping phones
Oregon's wildfires force mass evacuations as shifting weather offers glimmer of hope
Ex-felons in Florida can't vote until they pay off fines, appeals court rules
‘There was no fighting this fire,’ California survivor says
9 Demonstrators Confronted By Gun-Waving St. Louis Couple Get Trespassing Citations
Republicans demand answers on Mueller team wiping phones, suggest 'anticipatory obstruction of justice'
Oregon wildfires: Dozens of people missing in deadly blazes
Schiff asks to interview DHS officials over whistleblower complaint
I srael, Bahrain to normalize diplomatic relations, Trump announces
Trump pays tribute to 9/11 at the site of United Flight 93 crash
Court-appointed adviser blasts 'corrupt' DOJ move to drop Flynn case
Amid ashes, California governor fires away on climate change
New York Times reporter removed from Trump rally after showing people without masks
Trump predicts victory in election battleground Michigan as thousands defy coronavirus safety rules
Trump twists history of Churchill and FDR to cover up pandemic denialism
Trump tries to deflect blame but stands by comments made in Woodward interview
A lot of pounding the table -- but no movement on a new round of coronavirus relief
Biden says he's eager to debate Trump: 'I know how to handle bullies'
Trump tells Michigan rally: "This is not a crowd of a person who comes in second place"
‘Evacuate now:’ Wildfires grow in Oregon as 500K flee
Trump seeks to shift scrutiny amid Woodward fallout
Fact check: Trump lies that he didn't lie about the coronavirus
Pelosi on wildfires in California and West: ‘Mother Earth is angry’
Democrats build big edge in early voting
Harry Reid predicts Democrats will flip the Senate
Trump warns in Michigan that 'globalist sellout' Biden will send American jobs overseas
Republicans back Trump despite reports he called soldiers 'suckers' and 'losers,' poll shows
Trump again suggests Biden used drugs to enhance performance in primary debates
US remembers 9/11 as pandemic changes tribute traditions
Aid deadlock and winter: Dual crises could shutter thousands of bars, restaurants for good
Warren: I feel 'deep down fury' that Trump downplayed pandemic
'I didn't lie': A subdued but defensive Trump denies he misled despite tape
DOJ records show members of Mueller’s team ‘wiped’ phones during Trump probe
What did Trump know and when did he know it? Inside his Feb. 7 admission
Melania Trump has a transactional marriage, says former aide (video)
Court blocks Trump order to exclude undocumented immigrants from census count
DHS spokeswoman pushed NBC News to retract accurate story about terrorists at the border
Microsoft warns of 'unsuccessful attacks'
Trump says he didn't lie about the coronavirus
Three times Trump told Woodward one thing and the public something else
Trump says Michigan's Whitmer 'doesn't have a clue' after she calls him 'biggest threat' to US
Trump, struggling to define Biden, steps up Harris attacks
U.S. appeals court rejects bid to expand voting by mail in Texas
Trump says he didn't want 'panic,' but stoking fear has been his trademark: ANALYSIS
Google and Twitter vow to block voting misinformation
Graham hints at release of more bombshell information related to Russia probe: 'Stay tuned'
Amid Flood Of News, Voters Appear Locked In On Their Presidential Choices
Trump says he didn't share classified information following Woodward book
Trump campaign grills election officials about veracity of mail-in voting
A majority of Americans see Biden as more empathetic to those with COVID-19 than Trump, survey finds
2 Black Senate hopefuls look to make history in the South — and fix health care while they're at it
Charges, sanctions revive specter of Russian interference
Biden hopes he doesn’t get ‘baited’ into ‘brawl’ with Trump during the debates
Barr casts doubt on mail-in voting: 'There are going to be ballots floating around'
Treasury Department says Ukrainian linked to Rudy Giuliani is 'Russian agent'
Scores of wildfires scorch U.S. West Coast, killing at least nine
How Fox News covered the Woodward recordings of Trump (video)
Democratic groups push AGs to file Google antitrust suit
Trump revels in packed Michigan crowd amid book fallout
Veteran House incumbents cling to seats as districts evolve
Fact check: White House didn't fire pandemic response unit when it was disbanded in 2018 - USA Today
4 Houston cops fired for shooting man 21 times
Climate change largely missing from campaign as fires rage
Bret Baier challenges Trump 2020 official over explanation of Trump coronavirus comments to Woodward
The World Lost Two-Thirds Of Its Wildlife In 50 Years. Humans Are to Blame
Trump says he sought to avoid 'panic' over COVID-19, but fearmongering is central to his campaign
China, India agree to disengage troops on contested border
NJ governor designates Juneteenth as state holiday
Dems block Senate GOP COVID-19 relief proposal
Trump blasts Biden for calling NAFTA ‘a mistake’ after he voted for it: ‘He doesn’t know what’s going on’
Why Firefighting Alone Won't Stop Western Mega-Fires
EU ramps up no-deal preparations as it weighs UK's Brexit ultimatum
Russia says it has timeline of Navalny movements, wants to send investigators to Germany
Trump, Biden to visit Pennsylvania memorial to 9/11 on anniversary of terrorist attack
Exclusive: Microsoft believes Russians that hacked Clinton targeted Biden campaign firm - sources
Connecticut Police Chief Faces Charges That He Rigged His Own Hiring

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Fauci disagrees with Trump on coronavirus, cites disturbing U.S. statistics
Fauci: Trump downplaying COVID-19 threat 'not a good thing,' no 'normality' until 2021
Why Are So Many Americans Hesitant To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine?
COVID beds fill up as virus pressure builds in Marseille
South Korea sees uptick in COVID-19 cases as new cluster infections continue
COVID-19 has claimed 900,000 lives worldwide
Peru’s Indigenous turn to ancestral remedies to fight virus
Coronavirus news: US daily death toll shoots back up over 1,000
57 People Face Federal Charges Of Defrauding Coronavirus Relief Program
UK recovery continues but risks loom, notably over Brexit
Watch the entire CNN coronavirus town hall
The Latest: Czech Republic coronavirus cases spike again
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