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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


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Sen. Lindsey Graham says the GOP can't move forward without Trump
“I would just say to my Republican colleagues: 'Can we move forward without President Trump?' The answer is no,” Graham said in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity.

Weak jobs report could spur, slow Biden’s huge money package - AP

Weak jobs report shows the need for massive jobs and families bills, Biden says - CNBC

Texas GOP’s voting restriction bill passes House - AP

Virginia GOP's Choices for Governor: 'Trumpy, Trumpier, Trumpiest' - NY Times

Threats against members of Congress have more than doubled this year - Capitol Police - CNBC

Five takeaways on a surprisingly poor jobs report - The Hill

U.S. President Biden says he is confident he can meet Russia's Putin soon - Reuters

Ohio GOP calls on Rep. Anthony Gonzalez to resign for impeaching ex-President Trump - USA Today

FEC Drops Case Reviewing Trump Hush-Money Payments to Women - NY Times

Republicans continue their nationwide campaign to restrict voting - CNN

Cruz lauds Texas elections bill progress despite pressure from ‘woke corporations’ - FOX

Biden defends unemployment extension while Republicans blame it for poor jobs numbers - Yahoo

Biden seizes on disappointing job numbers to make the case for his $4 trillion in spending plans - NBC

Jen Psaki reveals her plan to depart Biden’s White House - USA Today

States declining federal unemployment funds 'a huge mistake,' economists say - ABC

Chamber will lobby to scrap enhanced unemployment after jobs disappointment - Politico

Bad jobs report amplifies GOP cries to end $300 benefits boost - The Hill

Atlanta Mayor Bottoms says it's time to 'pass the baton' as she announces she won't seek reelection - FOX

U.S. hiring takes big step back as businesses scramble for workers, raw materials - Reuters

Huge Chinese rocket is hurtling toward Earth — but no one knows where - NBC

White House tells Biden to not take questions - USA Today

Fact check: Here's what Florida's new elections law actually does - CNN

US job growth slows sharply in sign of hiring struggles - AP

Liz Cheney, likely to lose House GOP leadership job, also facing serious challenge back in Wyoming - FOX

Stefanik's sudden springboard to leadership riles some conservatives - Wash. Examiner

Harris and Mexican president discuss migration issues ahead of her trip to Mexico next month - CNN

Judge limits footage that family can see of police shooting Andrew Brown Jr. - ABC

Arizona secretary of state assigned protection following death threats amid election audit - CNN

Norwegian Cruise Lines may flee Florida over state ban on "vaccine passport" - CBS

DOJ proposes crackdown on 'ghost guns' following Biden pledge - The Hill

U.S. Treasury releases $21.6 billion rental assistance, aims to aid renters directly - Reuters

Chamber of Commerce blames weak jobs report on enhanced unemployment benefit - CNBC

Over 2,100 children crossed border alone after being expelled with families to Mexico - CBS

Florida voting law signed by DeSantis stops Mark Zuckerberg, others from bankrolling election administration - FOX

Biden administration releases first batch of White House visitor logs - Politico

Biden Cabinet members discouraged from delivering in-person commencement addresses - FOX

Poll: Americans consider Fox News, NYT, CNN, MSNBC 'mainstream media' - The Hill

Biden urges passage of economic proposals in wake of dismal jobs report - CNN

GOP seeks unity, even if that means embracing election lie - AP

More than 170 Palestinians hurt in Jerusalem clashes - Aljazeera

China and Russia ambush Blinken at UN Security Council - Wash. Examiner

U.S., Russia, China poke each other at U.N. Security Council - Reuters

Texas voting bill moves forward: Republicans tout election 'integrity'; Democrats call it 'Jim Crow dressed up' - USA Today

US drops Trump plan for more biometric data on immigrants - AP

Stefanik privately pledges to serve only through 2022 in House GOP leadership - Politico

Chauvin indicted on federal charges in George Floyd killing, arrest of teenager - CNBC

Stacey Abrams on why she won't quit working: 'The world isn't fair yet' - The Hill

Biden Labor Secretary: Closed schools 'keeping people from getting back in the workforce' - FOX

4 ex-cops indicted on US civil rights charges in Floyd death - AP

Cruise line threatens to sail elsewhere if FL won't allow mandatory vaccines - Wash. Examiner

Cuomo communications director resigns, joins others who have jumped ship amid scandals - FOX

Texas Democrat revives trans athlete bill in retaliation against his party - NBC

Progressives want to go bigger than Biden on free school meals - Politico

Arizona, Montana file motion to halt DHS guidance that limits ICE, as deportations fall - FOX

Dems look to make social media liable for unfair moderation - Wash. Examiner

Amnesty International apologizes to Russia's Navalny, restores 'prisoner of conscience' status - Reuters

Internal study highlights struggle over control of America’s special ops forces - Politico

'The Worst I've Seen': Capitol Police Face Scrutiny For Lack Of Transparency - NPR

With ambassador picks, Biden faces donor vs. diversity test - AP

McSally's former deputy campaign manager pleads guilty to stealing campaign funds - Politico

NC city could be next to house unaccompanied migrant children - Wash. Examiner

California reports first ever yearly population decline - AP

Maryland court chief judge bans 'Thin Blue Line' symbol -Wash. Examiner

Virginia gubernatorial hopefuls key on ‘election integrity’ in major post-Trump contest - Politico

NASA’s new chief big on climate, hedges on 2024 moon landing - AP

Judge sets trial date for Ahmaud Arbery murder case - Wash. Examiner

In historic move, South Africa to end 'canned hunting' of captive lions - The Hill

Voters flock to PM Johnson's party as Labour loses bastion - Reuters

Brazil’s Amazon deforestation surged in April after pledges - AP

Labor secretary: Pandemic is still weighing on jobs but confidence is coming back - CNBC

Palestinians, Israel police clash at Al-Aqsa mosque; 53 hurt - AP

Glock wins (and Biden loses) in major liability suit - Wash. Examiner

Sheriff: Girl shoots 3 at Idaho school; teacher disarms her - AP

The strange saga of the IRS' plague of broken printers - Politico

Israel braces for weekend violence after spate of shootings and eviction protests - NBC

Detroit police chief preps Michigan governor campaign against Whitmer - Politico

EU leaders attend summit in person for 1st time this year - AP

Coronavirus News and Updates:

India’s disaster hangs over countries facing COVID-19 surges - AP

Pharma companies warn Biden patent waiver would hurt COVID vaccine production - Wash. Examiner

GOP lawmaker charged in Oregon Capitol protest has COVID - AP

Democrats are blowing it with their COVID messaging - BI

Coronavirus FAQ: Am I Legally (And Ethically) Bound To Say If I Got A COVID Vaccine? - NPR

Biden changes Defense Production Act, ensuring funds go to direct Covid-19 response - NBC

WHO panel OKs emergency use of China’s Sinopharm vaccine - AP

CDC official who issued early warnings about the threat of Covid will resign - CNBC

NYC still storing COVID-19 victims in refrigerated trucks - ABC

Biden move to share vaccine designed to spread US influence - AP

Biden says wearing masks inside 'still good policy,' even when vaccinated - FOX

Covid-19 outbreak at US diplomatic mission in India worsens as State Department allows some employees to depart - CNN

De Blasio proposes COVID vaccines for tourists at popular attractions - Wash. Examiner

COVID restrictions return to Sydney as mystery case investigated - Aljazeera

Three times higher than reported: Mexico’s Covid death toll estimated at 600,000 - NBC

Looking For A Bed For Daddy Lolo: Inside The Philippines' COVID Crisis - NPR

Gandhi warns 'explosive' COVID wave threatens India and the world - Reuters

Packed trains, drinking: Japanese impatient over virus steps - AP

Doctors in Nepal warn of major crisis as virus cases surge - AP

Andrus Whitewing

Andrus Whitewing


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