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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., walks to the chamber for final votes before the Memorial Day recess, at the Capitol in Washington (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

GOP blocks Capitol riot probe, displaying loyalty to Trump
Senate Republicans on Friday blocked creation of a bipartisan panel to investigate the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, displaying continuing party loyalty to former President Donald Trump and firm determination to shift the political focus away from the violent insurrection by his GOP supporters.

Biden unveils $6T 2022 budget that includes costly pandemic recovery, jobs plans - ABC

Biden budget highlights: Lots of spending, taxing the rich - AP

Senate meltdown reveals deepening partisan divide - The Hill

Pressure for Senate rules change after GOP blocks 1/6 probe - AP

Sicknick's mother and girlfriend say they were disappointed by GOP senators - CNN

Biden’s $6T budget: Social spending, taxes on business - AP

Trump, midterms fuel GOP's effort to quash Jan. 6 commission - The Hill

Idaho Gov. repeals ban on mask mandates, accuses Lt. Gov. of 'abuse of power' - FOX

CEO pay rises to $12.7M even as pandemic ravages economy - AP

Polls find most Republicans say 2020 election was stolen and roughly 1/4th embrace QAnon conspiracies - CNN

Senate to take up sweeping voting rights bill in June - CBS

House reintroduces bill to decriminalize cannabis, create social equity programs - NBC

AZ Senate considering another audit of Maricopa County 2020 election: Report - Wash. Examiner

After Washington, D.C., sues Amazon, other states reportedly consider antitrust actions - CBS

Trump fires back at Paul Ryan: 'Curse to the Republican Party' - The Hill

The 6 Senate Republicans who voted for the January 6 commission - CNN

Biden budget excludes decades-old provision barring taxpayer funding of abortions - FOX

‘Pretty damn scary’: Failure of Jan. 6 commission exposes Senate wounds - Politico

George P. Bush sets sites on Trump ally in planned run for TX AG - Wash. Examiner

Republicans block 9/11-style congressional probe of Capitol riot - BBC

Judge grants federal prosecutor's request for a 'special master' to review materials seized during Giuliani raid - CNN

Republicans block independent commission to investigate attack on U.S. Capitol - NBC

What Microsoft Officials Know About Russia's Phishing Hack Targeting USAID - NPR

Putin backs up Belarus's Lukashenko amid international pressure - The Hill

Eyeing calendar, Biden to end GOP infrastructure talks soon - AP

Senate Dems to test filibuster with election reform, equal pay - Wash. Examiner

Dems push for House select committee after Senate Republicans derail bipartisan probe into January 6 attack - CNN

Rand Paul brings colorful props to Senate floor to call out wasteful research: 'Lizards on a Treadmill' - FOX

A time for abusing: Trump nukes Paul Ryan’s Reaganesque vision for GOP - Politico

Senate R&D bill to counter China shelved by GOP opposition - AP

White House Slaps Sanctions On Belarus Following Brazen Arrest Of Opposition Figure - NPR

Biden marks vaccine progress, thanks troops ahead of holiday - AP

Fourteen states have enacted 22 new laws making it harder to vote - CNN

Cordray scraps Trump-era policy hindering state investigations of student loan companies - Politico

GOP Sen. Tuberville says he'd rather be fishing or golfing before vote on Jan. 6 riot commission - FOX

U.S. to accelerate court cases of some migrant families facing deportation - CBS

Schumer and Collins appear to have heated exchange before Jan. 6 vote - The Hill

Highest debt since WWII, looming fight on taxes: Takeaways from Joe Biden's budget - USA Today

DOJ releases financial activity report on Durham investigation - Wash. Examiner

Biden sees a post-pandemic economic boom, but a small and short one - BI

11 detention center workers fired for inmate death - ABC

MyPillow CEO flew Kristi Noem to GOP governors conference on his private jet - Politico

'Despicable, unconscionable, un-American': Biden denounces recent rise in antisemitic attacks - NBC

WNBA's first trans player signs with new team - The Hill

Sheriff: Rail yard shooter stockpiled guns, ammo at his home - AP

‘I Love You Always’: Remembering the 9 Victims of the VTA Shooting - KQED

NY, NJ rail project gets key federal approval - The Hill

Republican Election Chief In Arizona Blasts Madness Of Vote Recount - HP

Biden transition team official's consulting firm advised contractor that handed millions to house migrants - Wash. Examiner

Postal Service looks to raise first-class stamp to 58 cents - AP

Guilty verdict in Mollie Tibbetts murder trial - ABC

Biden's budget blowout predicts years of Obama-level tepid growth - Politico

'1619 Project' creator Hannah-Jones weighs discrimination suit over tenure denial - The Hill

Biden visits troops to offer Memorial Day thanks: 'You are the spine of America' - FOX

Biden budget drops Hyde Amendment to allow public funding of abortion - Reuters

Conservative agenda dominates Texas, despite Democratic hopes of turning the state blue - CNN

NASA releases stunning new pic of Milky Way’s ‘downtown’ - AP

'Not one of these woke DAs': Orange County district attorney issues warning to suspects who fatally shot 6-year-old - Wash. Examiner

1 in 10 defendants from US Capitol insurrection have military ties - CNN

Biden: China thinks it will 'own America' by 2035 - FOX

Biden’s budget goes big on spending in bid to lift middle class - Politico

Biden aims to speed review for families seeking asylum in US - The Hill

"Three-martini lunch" tax break should be repealed, lawmakers say - CBS

Breyer ‘basically optimistic’ about US despite polarization - AP

NASA chief says budget keeps Artemis moon program on track - CBS

Biden to GOP: ‘Don’t get in the way’ of infrastructure plan - AP

GOP poised to block bipartisan probe of Jan. 6 insurrection - AP

GOP Senator appears to cast doubt that officer's death was related to January 6 attack - CBS

Judge says Trump's false election claims still pose threat months later - The Hill

Horror, heroism mark deadly shooting at California rail yard - AP

McConnell doubles down to pressure Republicans, asking for 'a personal favor' to block January 6 commission - CNN

Ex-Speaker Ryan to GOP: Reject Trump, ‘2nd-rate imitations’ - AP

Paul Ryan slams Trump in speech about future of Republican Party - CBS

US tells Russia it won’t rejoin Open Skies arms control pact - AP

The power of Trump drowns out Ryan's Reaganite call for change - CNN

Workers describe sprawling tent city, 'deeply alarming' conditions for kids at Fort Bliss Shelter - USA Today

Manhattan DA could pursue racketeering charge in Trump Org probe, experts say - Politico

Russian SolarWinds hackers have launched new campaign, Microsoft says - CBS

Ron Johnson holds up Senate's holiday weekend exit - The Hill

Senate eyes R&D bill to counter China, bolster manufacturing - AP

Former Palm Beach County GOP leader charged in Capitol riot - USA Today

Senate advances bipartisan bill to counter China - FOX

Senate tests willingness to preserve filibuster with China, Jan. 6 commission votes - NBC

Rep. Matt Gaetz eyes presidential run in 2024 - Yahoo

AZ House votes down measure to require ID for mail-in ballots - Wash. Examiner

Murkowski voices frustration with GOP over Jan. 6 commission: 'Something bad happened' - The Hill

Timing for key vote on January 6 commission unclear... CNN

The Hidden History of How Washington Embraced UFOs - Politico

Patrisse Cullors: Black Lives Matter co-founder resigns - BBC

Poll: 73% of Republicans blame 'left-wing protesters' for Jan. 6 attack. Just 23% blame Trump - Yahoo

President Biden's budget proposal expected to increase the federal debt - USA Today

Extraordinary explanations for UFOs look increasingly plausible - The Hill

Tech trade groups sue Florida over social media law - NBC

Gig workers to lose all unemployment benefits in 20 GOP states - CBS

Team Trump sees a political upside to his mounting legal troubles - Politico

Trey Gowdy: Trump officials 'don't have a clue' about Durham's progress - Wash. Examiner

U.S. Senate argues over Capitol riot probe in marathon session - Reuters

AP FACT CHECK: Biden is off on his vaccine claims - AP

Biden declares his 'economic plan is working,' pushes infrastructure plan as the next step - USA Today

McConnell: Republicans 'open to spending more' on infrastructure - The Hill

Social spending, business tax hike drive $6T Biden budget - AP

Biden administration moving to double tariffs on Canadian lumber - Wash. Examiner

Biden budget won't clear up Congress' infrastructure limbo - Politico

Paul Ryan: Voters won't be impressed by 'yes-men and flatterers flocking to Mar-a-Lago' - The Hill

Trudeau's own MPs demand plan for Canada-U.S. border - Politico

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell kicked out of Republican governors meeting - USA Today

Paul Ryan says ‘staying faithful’ to ‘conservative principles’ ticket to GOP resurgence - FOX

Deposition of Trump Org CFO looms in DC lawsuit accusing Trump Inauguration committee of abusing funds - CNN

Ex-White House counsel Don McGahn to testify before House Judiciary Committee on June 4 - CBS

California warned to steel itself for another summer of blackouts - NBC

San Jose shooting updates: Survivor recounts harrowing massacre - ABC

Thousands of churches closed for good during year before COVID-19 - Wash. Examiner

Is Gerrymandering About to Become More Difficult? - Politico

EXPLAINER: What’s the Senate filibuster and why change it? - AP

Christine Wormuth confirmed as first woman secretary of the Army - USA Today

Federal prosecutors probing if Ukraine meddled in 2020 election: NYT - The Hill

Manchin slams McConnell, GOP for opposing Capitol riot commission - NBC

Andrew Yang calls New York Daily News cartoon a "racialized caricature" - Axios

Sen. Kennedy: Biden nominees like ATF's Chipman 'have contempt for America and Americans' - FOX

Former DHS secretaries tell Senate to 'put politics aside' and support January 6 commission - CNN

Universities fight scrutiny of foreign funding in Senate China bill - Politico

Biden goes on offensive against economic critics, argues rising wages show his agenda is working - CNBC

San Jose shooting victims: What we know about the 9 killed - ABC

Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai jailed again for pro-democracy protest - BBC

Biden budget expands government's role in economy - The Hill

GOP counters Biden's infrastructure plan with $928 billion offer as President's adviser slams opposition - CNN

Handguns, crowbars, Tasers and tomahawk axes: Dozens of Capitol rioters wielded "deadly or dangerous" weapons, prosecutors say - CBS

Microsoft: SolarWinds hackers target 150 orgs with phishing - AP

Texas bans reality shows from working with cops - ABC

You Can Still Count The Number Of Black CEOs On One Hand- NPR

Biden's list shaming GOP lawmakers draws laughter from the crowd - CNN

San Jose shooting victim credited with saving colleagues' lives - CBS

Caitlyn Jenner vows to 'cancel cancel culture' if elected as California governor - The Hill

New York Times: Prosecutors investigating whether Ukrainians used Rudy Giuliani to promote misleading election claims - CNN

Summer travel forecast calls for longer waits, fewer choices - AP

Biden’s budget proposal calls for more than $36 billion to fight climate change - CNBC

Cops who kill often catch a break at sentencing time - AB

Five arrested in connection with shooting of UK Black Lives Matter activist - The Hill

Ocean explorer discovers 5 sunken WWII subs, giving closure to hundreds of families - NBC

Survivor: California shooter was ‘outsider’ in workplace - AP

Jennifer Weisselberg, former daughter-in-law of Trump Org CFO, faces eviction - CBS

Majority of Americans say Jan. 6 riots were an 'attack on democracy': poll - The Hill

Here’s the firepower the Pentagon is asking for in its $715 billion budget - CNBC

Sen. Rick Scott seeking to block DHS nominees until Biden visits southern border - FOX

San Jose's Mayor Says Gunman Set Fire To His Own Home Before Killing 9 People - NPR

What to know about Biden's first budget - CBS

Jury gets case after hearing contrasting claims of how Mollie Tibbetts was killed - ABC

Biden budget includes his big-ticket spending plans, would boost health, education funding - CNBC

3 officers face arraignment in Black man’s restraint death - AP

Trump appointee on West Point Board spreads conspiracy that Biden is replacing White people of European ancestry - CNN

Germany officially recognises colonial-era Namibia genocide - BBC

‘Our season’: Eritrean troops kill, rape, loot in Tigray - AP

Layoffs fall to another pandemic low, with under 500,000 unemployment - CBS

Bill Cosby denied parole as board says former actor needs to meet more requirements - CNN

Lori Vallow Daybell ruled unfit to stand trial - ABC

Husband-and-wife military doctors gunned down in front yard - ABC

Plague of ravenous, destructive mice tormenting Australians - AP

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Distribution of Eli Lilly COVID-19 therapy paused in 8 states over variant concerns - ABC

If COVID-19 vaccines are free, why are some people getting bills? - ABC

Senate passes resolution urging probe into COVID-19 origins - The Hill

Homeland Security head says agency taking a 'close look' at vaccine passports for international travel - NBC

Memorial Day weekend marks 1st holiday with less COVID-19 stress - ABC

FDA updates EUA Covid shot guidance - Politico

As infections surge worldwide, White House yet to export a single vaccine dose - NBC

McConaughey: Face masks a 'short-term inconvenience for long-term freedom' - The Hill

Why COVID-19 testing in schools will be key this fall - ABC

'We're getting our lives back': Biden celebrates progress made in fight against Covid pandemic - NBC

What to know if your employer requires vaccinations: federal legal protections - ABC

CDC now says summer camps can skip the masks if everyone fully vaccinated - ABC

New Orleans dropping all COVID-19 restrictions on bars and restaurants - ABC

California giving $116 million to people who get virus shots - AP

China's stonewalling pushed Biden to reveal latest intelligence probe of Covid origins - NBC

Idaho lieutenant gov. bans masks while gov. away - ABC

House bills targeting China would launch coronavirus 'origins' probe, allow victims' families to sue Beijing - FOX

Biden blasts Republicans for touting Covid relief funds they voted against - CNN

‘China has something to hide’: Beijing stumbles on lab leak probe - Wash. Examiner

White House vaccine diplomacy push hits hurdles - NBC

New York Times: Intelligence officials said to have untapped evidence on Covid-19 origins - CNN

One way that Covid’s origin doesn’t matter - Politico

Freedom Caucus asks CDC if Pelosi consulted its scientists on continued House mask mandate - FOX

Intelligence told White House they have unexamined evidence on coronavirus origins: report - The Hill

Intelligence community 'does not know' how Covid-19 originated and repeats two working theories - CNN

Vaccine incentive offers $1.5 million each for 10 people in this state - ABC

Europe hopes to lure American tourists this summer - NBC

Freedom Caucus asks CDC if Pelosi consulted its scientists on continued House mask mandate - FOX

As COVID-19 ebbs, Americans care what they look like again - CBS

As world grows desperate, US sits on tens of millions of unused COVID vaccine - ABC

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