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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


Union: Dozens of U.S. Capitol Police have left since Jan. 6 attack - Politico

In Virginia, Trump’s election lies look like a GOP liability - AP

Republican rep. who voted to impeach Trump, warns of a GOP 'recipe for disaster' - NBC

AP-NORC poll: Police violence remains high concern in U.S. - AP

Biden claims progressives don't like him because he doesn't embrace 'a socialist agenda' - FOX

Trump and his allies seize on small NH. town's vote discrepancies to push lies about election outcome - CNN

White House proposes lower $1.7T infrastructure in GOP talks - AP

Democrats, GOP face crowded primaries as party leaders lose control - The Hill

Palestinians see victory in Gaza truce as Israel warns Hamas - AP

Border Patrol has released more than 60,000 migrants into US under Biden - FOX

Duckworth, veterans fire back at Cruz after 'emasculated military' comments - The Hill

Progressives insist that ending qualified immunity must be part of police reform legislation - CBS

New York AG has 2 lawyers working with DA on Trump probe - AP

Judge agrees to unseal Fulton absentee ballots - ABC

Indiana AG says critical race theory is 'exact opposite' of MLK's vision - FOX

Cutting unemployment benefits won't bring back workers - but will hurt millions of families... - NBC

Business leaders take their election law fights behind the scenes after attacks from Republicans - CNBC

Hour-by-hour: Biden’s behind-the-scenes push for cease-fire - AP

Media mogul Barry Diller says cryptocurrencies are a ‘con’ - CNBC

Ex-daughter-in-law of Trump Organization CFO says he will flip on Trump - The Hill

Retired cop put in chokehold takes police case to high court - AP

Liz Cheney primary challenger Anthony Bouchard says he impregnated 14-year-old girl when he was 18 - FOX

Trump planning rallies in Ohio and Florida this summer - CNN

Wall Street and Main Street financial firms embraced bitcoin. Now it's crashing - CBS

Trump sued by civil rights group for calling COVID-19 'China virus' - The Hill

'Astonishing': FBI analyst charged with removing classified documents for over a decade - USA Today

Video: Shackled Black man ordered facedown in deadly arrest - AP

Sen. Portman slams Biden for waiving Russia pipeline sanctions: 'helps Russia,' hurts US allies - FOX

There's no bipartisanship in DC. It's oligarchy - CNN

Investigation of ousted Space Force Commander elevated to IG - FOX

Judge orders psychological exam for 'QAnon Shaman' - The Hill

7 nooses found at Amazon construction site - ABC

The Cuomo/Trump Playbook for Surviving a Scandal - Politico

'Squad' Dems may unravel police-reform deal in push to end qualified immunity: 'Weapon of structural racism' - FOX

Returning the ghost of Eric Holder to the Justice Department - The Hill

How Capitol rioters' attorneys are defending their clients - USA Today

Barr rails against 'militantly secularist' public schools in 1st speech since leaving Justice Department - FOX

AOC says Capitol attack has 'deeply affected lawmaking' - NBC

Senator discloses impregnating 14-year-old at 18 - ABC

Filibuster brawl amps up with GOP opposition to Jan. 6 panel - Politico

Biden shouts out wrong South Korean dignitary during ceremony - Wash. Examiner

Supreme Court enters a new era of personal accusation and finger-pointing - CNN

Minnesota AG’s office to prosecute case in Wright’s death - AP

'It’s risky and it's dangerous': Dems plead for more security cash as threats rise post Jan. 6 - Politico

Cost of Biden's COVID-19 rescue bill revised up to $2.1 trillion - The Hill

Pelosi ditches mask at White House while doubling down on House floor rules - FOX

Chief of staff for GOP lawmaker spoke to law enforcement after overhearing talk of storming FBI building on January 6 - CNN

Another CA recall: LA district attorney faces ire of voters - Wash. Examiner

'Dangerous and drastic surge': Antisemitic incidents, attacks on mosques reported amid Israel-Gaza fighting - NBC

Cooks, nurses guard inmates with US prisons down 6K officers - AP

Industries pressure Washington to act as chip crisis worsens - Politico

Kyle Rittenhouse appears in-person in court - ABC

Blinken confirms US no longer seeking to purchase Greenland - The Hill

1776 Commission to meet despite being abolished by Biden - Wash. Examiner

House Republicans send message to AOC, 'Hamas Caucus' with hallway posters - FOX

USDA begins debt relief process for black farmers - Politico

Progressives see 'historic' moment to shift US relations with Israel - The Hill

Biden to meet with South Korea's Moon as North Korea threats loom - NBC

QAnon is spreading among Evangelicals. These pastors are speaking out - CNN

Biden awards Medal of Honor to Korean War veteran - CBS

Biden’s bank shot to win GOP support for his infrastructure bill - Politico

FBI employee accused of storing classified documents at home - AP

Top Dems tepid on support for Israel amid Hamas attacks, pressure from far left - FOX

Boko Haram leader who kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls dies - The Hill

'Vulture' Fund Alden Global, Known For Slashing Newsrooms, Buys Tribune Papers - NPR

What we know about black fungus sweeping India - CNN

What Becerra’s senior team says about HHS’ priorities - Politico

Vast Antarctic iceberg could drift through ocean for years - ABC

In California, Nursing Home Owners Can Operate After They're Denied A License - NPR

Black millennials lag other groups in building wealth, Fed study finds - CBS

Republicans scramble to stamp out 'woke' political bias, cancel culture in the US military - FOX

Rep. Malinowski traded as much as $1M in medical, tech stocks with stake in COVID-19 response - The Hill

US stocks stall as benchmark S&P 500 heads for weekly loss - AP

One-third of large newspapers cut staff in 2020: Pew - The Hill

Kyle Rittenhouse retains new lawyer ahead of murder trial - NBC

I Was The First Woman to Negotiate a Nuclear Arms Deal With the Russians. They Never Let Me Forget It. - Politico

"You shouldn't be able to breathe": Disturbing video shows fatal police restraint in Tennessee jail - CBS

G-7 countries commit to restrict international coal funding - The Hill

Daniel Hernandez, former Gabby Giffords intern who helped save her life, is running for Congress - CNN

El Salvador: Remains of 24 people found in ex-policeman's garden - BBC

Iran's Khamenei calls on other nations to provide 'military' or 'financial' support to Gaza Strip - The Hill

POLITICO Playbook: W.H. gives Whoopi the VIP treatment — but snubs Meghan McCain - Politico

As pandemic spread pain and panic, congressman chased profit - AP

Biden hails Israel-Hamas cease-fire, sees ‘opportunity’ - AP

GOP leader's Jan. 6 call to Trump draws scrutiny in commission fight - The Hill

Trump administration secretly obtained CNN reporter's phone and email records - CNN

White House, GOP infrastructure talks hit crucial stage - AP

Massie, Greene trash mask violation warnings from House sergeant at arms - The Hill

'Don't back down': DeSantis delivers campaign-style speech in Pittsburgh - NBC

Washington wakes up to Covid-fueled investment risks as crypto, SPACs tank - Politico

Arizona election chief: GOP-audited machines must be dropped - AP

Republicans choose power over truth as hopes for bipartisan January 6 commission dim - CNN

Trump slams 'weak' Republicans who don't want to talk about Arizona audit - The Hill

Maricopa County will need new voting machines after GOP's audit, Arizona secretary of state says - NBC

Violence tests Biden’s pullback from Middle East hotspots - AP

Biden tries to claim credit for cease-fire between Israel and Hamas - FOX

How Team Biden orchestrated a shorter war in Gaza - Politico

Cease-fire in Gaza: What we know about the Israel, Hamas agreement - USA Today

A bipartisan school safety effort to secure schools - The Hill

Negotiations start for a global min tax at 15% rate - Wash. Examiner

Biden praises Israel-Palestinian cease-fire, says both 'deserve to live safely and securely' - NBC

Lawsuit aims to force Missouri governor to enact voter-approved Medicaid expansion - CNN

Biden's hands likely tied on states' unemployment insurance cuts - Politico

Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire comes into effect - BBC

Secretary of State to meet with Israeli, Palestinian leaders following cease-fire - The Hill

South Korea’s Moon to nudge Biden on North Korea diplomacy - AP

PA county faults 'error' after machines didn't show GOP votes - Wash. Examiner

Florida Gov. DeSantis hints at future plans: "I have only begun to fight" - CNN

Senate could vote next week on Jan. 6 commission as GOP filibuster looms - NBC

Biden order on climate financial risk reaches deep into the economy - Politico

Chris Cuomo apologizes for advising brother, Andrew Cuomo, on response to sexual harassment allegations - Wash. Examiner

Lawmakers urge speeding up special visas for Afghans who aided U.S. troops - CBS

Here's What The New Hate Crimes Law Aims To Do As Attacks On Asian Americans Rise - NPR

Biden’s good cop approach to Israel irks growing number of Democrats - Axios

Vernon Jones vows to demand election audit if elected GA governor - Wash. Examiner

DNC had $56 million on hand heading into May, a record for this point in any year - CNBC

EXPLAINER: How Congress’ Jan. 6 commission would work - AP

3 House Dems blamed pandemic for needing proxy votes, but were touring Ford plant with Biden - FOX

Republicans have downplayed the US Capitol riot violence. The evidence paints a different picture. - CNN

Democrats debate whether to go it alone on Jan. 6 investigation - Politico

Appeals court considers new charge against 3 ex-cops accused in George Floyd's death - ABC

Mississippi judge drops murder charges against two police officers - Wash. Examiner

Republicans grill Biden ATF nominee on past remarks on guns - FOX

Louisiana storm death toll climbs to 5 - NBC

GOP reps Greene, Massie discard House mask-rule violation warnings - FOX

Biden orders U.S. agencies to assess, mitigate risks of climate change - Reuters

Video shows officer saying 'you shouldn't be able to breathe' moments before jailed man's death - The Hill

Bitcoin Is Plunging. Here's What To Know About The Cryptocurrency's Wild Ride - NPR

Biden administration unable to continue $300 weekly pandemic unemployment benefits that GOP governors are slashing - CNN

Israel-Hamas tensions aren't new — but this level of pro-Palestinian support in the U.S. is - NBC

Netflix CEO donates $3M to defend Gavin Newsom against recall - FOX

Democrats struggle to influence Biden’s foreign policy — in the Mideast and beyond - Politico

Rittenhouse due to make first in-person court appearance - AP

AZ sec of state threatens to decertify equipment examined by election auditors - Wash. Examiner

U.S. proposes big increase in forest management to tackle wildfires - Reuters

Antisemitic attacks increase amid Middle East conflict - The Hill

Princes William and Harry respond to BBC investigation, say lies contributed to Princess Diana's 'paranoia' - NBC

Israel-Gaza: The Democrats' 'tectonic' shift on the conflict - BBC

Over a quarter of Americans have worried about homelessness - CBS News poll

Penn. Republicans celebrate constitutional amendment curbing Gov's emergency powers: 'Voice of the people' - FOX

Some local politicians who were near US Capitol on January 6 return to life of prominence back home - CNN

How the ‘Culture War’ Could Break Democracy - Politico

Labor secretary faces questions from Democrats in police chief controversy - The Hill

In Virginia Democratic debate, McAuliffe seeks contrast with GOP's Youngkin in governor's race - NBC

Hunter Biden brought VP Joe to dinner with shady business partners - FOX

ABC News analysis: How much do police officers mirror the communities they serve? - ABC

Oregone? 7 Oregon Counties Vote To Back Seceding, So Citizens Can Vote GOP In Idaho - NPR

Obama WH counsel says Breyer won't retire just because left-wing activists 'bought a van' that tells him to - FOX

Carbon storage offers hope for climate, cash for farmers - AP

Hope fades for a bipartisan deal on gun background checks, key Democratic negotiator says - CNN

What’s Behind the New York Attorney General’s Criminal Probe of the Trump Organization - Politico

FDA advises against Chinese-made syringes citing safety issues - The Hill

Key takeaways from Day 2 of trial for Mollie Tibbetts' accused killer - ABC

A Man Who Died Of COVID Left His Family A Cache Of Old Baseball Cards Worth $20 Million - NPR

CDC urges against kissing, snuggling poultry in salmonella warning - The Hill

Labor secretary denies he knew about domestic violence allegations against Boston police commissioner he appointed while mayor - CNN

Danny Masterson accuser testifies he raped her twice, demanded she undress to get in hot tub - USA Today

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Severe COVID-19 patients more likely to die here than in any other region: Study - ABC

Will we need a Covid-19 vaccine booster? Fauci says 'the bottom line is we don't know' - NBC

Pandemic made shortage of health care workers even worse, say experts - ABC

Schools Are Dropping Mask Requirements, But New CDC Study Suggests They Shouldn't - NPR

'We're back': WH won't verify if guests are vaccinated - Wash. Examiner

WHO: COVID-19 deaths likely two to three times higher than reported - The Hill

Spain to welcome fully vaccinated Americans starting June 7 - USA Today

Dating apps launch new features to encourage people to get vaccinated, White House says - NBC

Rapid school reopenings may have led to thousands of COVID cases, hundreds of deaths - ABC

Nervous workers struggle to adjust to new mask policies - ABC

Iowa gov signs bill banning mask mandates in schools - FOX

U.S. will keep Covid travel restrictions at Canada, Mexico land borders - CNBC

The CDC Is Gambling On Relaxed Mask Rules To Get More People Vaccinated - NPR

New York and Maryland announce COVID-19 vaccine lottery promotions - CBS

Trust your fellow lawmakers? Mask wars heat up an already contentious Capitol Hill environment - USA Today

The Latest: Red Cross says Asia facing vaccine crunch - AP

Jill Biden recognizes Fauci as an 'American hero' - The Hill

Pentagon push has more US servicemembers getting vaccinated - FOX

5 tips to handle 'reentry anxiety' amid the coronavirus pandemic - ABC

How preparing for an audit helped DOD's COVID-19 response - The Hill

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