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    Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


    (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    Biden rebuffs GOP infrastructure offer, citing broader goals
    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Friday dismissed a fresh Republican infrastructure proposal that offered modestly more spending but fell short of “his objectives to grow the economy,” the White House said.

    After 2-year battle, House panel interviewing Trump counsel - AP

    Democrats say former Trump WH counsel 'shed new light on several troubling events' - ABC

    Obama suggests GOP voting laws are 'rigging' the game, corporate America needs to speak up - NBC

    Facebook suspends Trump for 2 years, then will reassess - AP

    Former counsel tells Congress of Trump efforts to undercut Russia probe- Democrats - Reuters

    DA had Trump Organization controller testify before special grand jury: Sources - ABC

    GOP effort to kill Capitol riot probe could be beginning of end for filibuster - FOX

    Democrats claim vindication, GOP cries witch hunt as McGahn finally testifies - The Hill

    Texas Democrats have stalled the GOP's voting law. Here's what was in the bill. - CBS

    Republican behind Arizona election audit touted Trump phone call in emails - NBC

    Belarus opposition slams dissident TV confessions as coerced - AP

    Republican election audit fever 'unsustainable' for U.S. democracy, experts warn - NBC

    FBI subpoenas info on readers of news story on slain agents - AP

    Sen. Capito and Biden to talk again Monday on potential spending deal - FOX

    Republicans, Democrats battle for high ground after McGahn testimony - Politico

    Bipartisan infrastructure talks falter after Biden rejects modest GOP offer - LA Times

    GOP governors have "every right to" end federal unemployment benefits early, Psaki says - CBS

    Senate GOP rejects Biden infrastructure plan, prep new offer - AP

    Facebook after Trump suspension: Political speech of world leaders will get less preferential treatment - USA Today

    Most Trump-endorsed Republicans don't want to talk about election fraud claims - Wash. Examiner

    Republicans draw inspiration from problem-plagued Arizona audit - CNN

    Former Trump WH counsel appears before House committee for long-awaited testimony - ABC

    Biden says jobs report bolsters case for government spending - AP

    Facebook wanted to escape the Trump trap. So much for that. - Politico

    So Interesting: Trump pitched on idea to run for House, become Speaker - The Hill

    Obama on GOP 'false narrative' of 2020 election, voter suppression measures - NBC

    SEC fires Republican audit watchdog and considers new board members after push from Warren, Sanders - Politico

    House Democrats announce infrastructure bill amid Biden negotiations - CBS

    New nonpartisan initiative hopes to achieve 51% female representation in state legislatures by 2024 - CBS

    Putin criticizes US response to Capitol attack - ABC

    Judge appoints watchdog to review material seized in Giuliani criminal probe - CNBC

    Rep. Brady on border crisis: Harris in denial; influx of migrant kids making foster care system strained - FOX

    US intel report on UFOs: No evidence of aliens, but. ... - AP

    Progressives protest Biden's bipartisan attempt to pass infrastructure plan - CBS

    Alabama took his gun away. When the state gave it back, he shot and killed his wife - NBC

    Texas GOP’s Allen West resigns after combative run as chair - AP

    FBI responds to diverted flight out of Los Angeles - Wash. Examiner

    Psaki: Trump behavior 'unlikely' to change amid Facebook ban - The Hill

    Watch: Morgan Ortagus on UFO sightings: If it's not aliens, 'we have a problem' - FOX

    McGahn testifies on Mueller report after two-year legal battle - Wash. Examiner

    2nd woman says NYC mayoral candidate sexually harassed her - AP

    Putin calls U.S. ransomware allegations an attempt to stir pre-summit trouble - Reuters

    White House grapples with spike in ransomware attacks as cyber vulnerabilities are laid bare - CNN

    Trump's new Hillary: Conservatives launch war on Fauci ahead of revived MAGA rallies - Axios

    Quiet, deadly and expensive: The Navy’s costly plan to upgrade aging submarines - CNBC

    Pence leans into 2020 row with Trump - Wash. Examiner

    US businesses struggle to fill jobs even as hiring picks up - AP

    Lawmakers urge Biden to evacuate Afghan allies ‘immediately’ - Politico

    Biden gives ICE attorneys more discretion to drop immigration cases - The Hill

    The USDA Is Set To Give Black Farmers Debt Relief. They've Heard That One Before - NPR

    Texas abortion ban targets anyone who helps patients get the procedure - CBS

    JPMorgan Chase won't give to GOP lawmakers who contested 2020 election: report - The Hill

    Trump to headline high-dollar fundraiser in Dallas in July - CBS

    Ex-CIA director: 'Never' saw evidence of UFOs being alien - Wash. Examiner

    U.S. prosecutors say retired judge should review Giuliani evidence - Reuters

    Unrest erupts after man dies in Minneapolis arrest attempt - AP

    The ex-police chief taking on Gretchen Whitmer - Politico

    Utah governor urges residents to pray for rain as drought bites - The Guardian

    USA TODAY fights FBI subpoena for records ID'ing readers of Florida shooting story - USA Today

    The former judge who served as special master in the Michael Cohen case will reprise that role in the Rudy Giuliani investigation - BI

    Trump counsel McGahn recounted 'troubling events,' says House panel's chairman - NBC

    Biden Says Sen. Capito's Latest Offer On The Infrastructure Bill Is Insufficient - NPR

    'Unheard of': OR man sentenced to 275 years for sex crimes against young girls - Wash. Examiner

    The GOP has proven to be an even 'greater threat' to US democracy than Trump in 2021, experts warn - BI

    Hiring picks up with 559K jobs added; unemployment dips to 5.8 percent - The Hill

    Democratic lawmakers wanted to call on Biden to form presidential commission on January 6 but were told it wouldn't happen - CNN

    Biden calls latest jobs report 'great news,' claims 'historic progress' in recovery - ABC

    POLITICO Playbook PM: Making sense of the jobs report - Politico

    The GOP said enhanced unemployment benefits were stopping folks from taking jobs. The US saw sharp payroll growth last month anyway - BI

    U.S. sanctions Bulgarian power brokers for corruption - Axios

    Rep. Giddings Faces Ethics Investigation Over Publicizing Information Of Woman Who Reported Being Raped - NPR

    Zuckerberg’s $45M for Georgia elections boosted Dem turnout, watchdog report says - FOX

    North Carolina county bans Coke machines over company's criticism of Georgia voting law - The Hill

    Bargain hunters pounce as Trump condo prices hit decade lows - AP

    Florida opera singer criminally charged for role in Jan. 6 Capitol riot - NBC

    Author of Texas bill to ban critical race theory says Martin Luther King Jr. would approve of it - Yahoo

    GOP legislators seek to overhaul voter assistance rules - The Hill

    Donald Trump responds to Facebook ban by hinting at return to White House - The Guardian

    Alt-right streamer "Baked Alaska" is allowed to continue posting videos after prosecutors sought to ban him from vlogging - CBS

    Biden taps groups to help pick asylum-seekers to come to US - AP

    Injured Capitol police officer urges judge to keep man in custody - NBC

    Biden boosts Space Force, a Trump legacy, despite fiscal warning signs - FOX

    Injured Capitol Police officer in emotional statement to court: 'You have stolen moments away from me that I can't get back' - CNN

    New weight-loss drug heralded as 'game changer' in national obesity crisis - ABC

    Trump hints at White House run ahead of Saturday rally - Yahoo

    Biden admin targets Trump rollbacks of species protections - AP

    California Gov. Newsom says he won't lift state of emergency on June 15 - FOX

    Local leaders build pressure on Biden to cancel student loans - The Hill

    If Netanyahu ousted, what next for US-Israeli relations? - ABC

    New York Times: Trump Organization finance executive subpoenaed in Trump investigation - CNN

    Falwell: Liberty U lawsuit is excuse to shame him - ABC

    Two Deputies Return To Work And A Third Resigns After The Fatal Shooting Of Andrew Brown Jr. - NPR

    Stocks end the week higher as US jobs report calms Fed fears - AP

    JBS, Colonial Pipeline ransomware attacks are just a fraction of what US is up against, DOJ official warns CEOs - USA Today

    Ted Cruz wins FEC lawsuit over $10K campaign loan - FOX

    Alabama officer who stomped man facing disciplinary action - ABC

    Pentagon to keep ban on Pride, most other flags from being flown on military installations - The Hill

    Child sex trafficking victim accused of killing alleged abuser wins appeal - NBC

    Mexico Is Holding Its Largest Elections Ever. They're Also One Of Its Deadliest - NPR

    Cuomo daughter shares queer identity: ‘You are not alone’ - AP

    Biden Pentagon, State Department at odds over pride flag - FOX

    Ransomware attackers used compromised password to access Colonial Pipeline network - CNN

    Drought saps California reservoirs as hot, dry summer looms - AP

    Conservative writer's GoFundMe for Ocasio-Cortez's grandmother raises over $60K - The Hill

    Artificial intelligence could lead to communism says music star and Elon Musk girlfriend Grimes in viral video - The Hill

    Arrest made in 1972 killing of 15-year-old girl thanks to genetic genealogy - ABC

    Pill shows promise in treating aggressive form of breast cancer - ABC

    NRA withdraws federal lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James - CNN

    Coronavirus News and Updates:

    Fauci in Republican crosshairs as released emails provide fresh fodder for criticism - CNN

    Chris Wallace: Backlash over Fauci emails 'highly political' - The Hill

    Covid infections rise by two-thirds in UK - ONS - BBC

    State Dept. emails show interagency infighting over probe into COVID-19 lab leak theory - FOX

    How this Native American tribe fully vaccinated 98% of its citizens - NBC

    The biggest revelations from Fauci's inbox - The Hill

    U.S. readies global Covid vaccine donations - Politico

    Covid in Nepal: Families forced to say goodbye through crematorium gates - BBC

    The CDC's No. 2 Official Says The U.S. Isn't Ready For Another Pandemic - NPR

    Filipino American nurses, reflecting on disproportionate Covid toll, look ahead - NBC

    Study: 7 US teens report heart inflammation after second Pfizer dose - The Hill

    Erik Prince involved in push for experimental COVID-19 vaccine: report - The Hill

    Anthony Anderson talks vaccinations, hesitancy and why he still wears a mask - NBC

    Fauci claims US gave $600,000 to Wuhan lab research; documents show it was more - FOX

    When the next pandemic hits, some state officials will find their hands tied - NBC

    CDC director urges parents to vaccinate adolescents - The Hill

    Puerto Rico will reopen bars, clubs amid big drop in Covid cases, deaths - NBC

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