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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

Trump cancels Florida portion of RNC as coronavirus cases surge: 'Not the right time'
Cognitive Test. Trump. Biden. Campaign. Flashpoint.
Federal judge temporarily bars federal officers in Portland from taking actions against journalists, observers
White House and Senate Republicans inch closer to coronavirus relief proposal
Fox News Poll: Biden tops Trump in battlegrounds Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania
Democratic leaders scoff at emerging GOP coronavirus aid plan, promise it won't pass
At Nixon library, Pompeo declares China engagement a failure
Pompeo announces end of 'blind engagement' with communist China: 'Distrust but verify'
Trump keeps bragging about acing simple test used to detect mental impairment
Border Patrol Response To Portland Unrest: Straying From Mission Or Continuing One?
Trump warns of 'greater mortality' if schools don't reopen
On House floor, Dem women call out abusive treatment by men
U.S. Senate passes $740 billion defense bill, bucking Trump on Confederate names
Pompeo blasts Beijing as deadline nears for China to shutter Houston consulate
Stephen Miller says Trump administration won't stand for 'lawless assault' urged on by Portland's mayor (video)
Trump Announces New Guidelines For Reopening Schools
Justice Department internal watchdog investigating federal use of force in Portland
Trump administration sending tactical border team to Seattle
New document shows FBI used Trump's candidate briefing to advance Russia probe
Trump says he told Republicans Dems wouldn't allow payroll tax cut: 'We have to go on to the next thing'
US arrests three Chinese nationals for visa fraud
AOC to Yoho: 'I am someone's daughter too'
Ex-DHS chief Nielsen claims 'there was no policy to separate families,' despite presiding over it
Kansas City Mayor Says He Learned On Twitter That Federal Officers Were In His City
Kansas City mayor: 'Doxing' of police, officials should be criminalized
Trump likely to sign executive orders on drug pricing Friday
John Lewis to lie in state at US Capitol next week
Marine assigned to Trump's helicopter unit tests positive for coronavirus
Trump warns of 'greater mortality' if schools don't reopen
'I Am Antifa': One Activist's Violent Death Became A Symbol For The Right And Left
Mayors respond to Trump agent 'surge'
Fact check: Trump continues to dishonestly downplay the pandemic
Federal agents' use of force at protests faces internal U.S. government probes
Bureau of Prisons denies judge's claim Michael Cohen's imprisonment was 'retaliatory' over planned book
Michael Cohen was sent back to prison as a retaliatory act over tell-all book about Trump, federal judge rules
Democrats preparing for ‘nightmare scenario’ in which Trump challenges election results
Senate Dems warn of 'catastrophe' if eviction protections expire
Trump says Republicans 'didn't want to ask' for payroll tax cut in coronavirus bill due to Dem objections
White House drops payroll tax cut after GOP allies object
U.S. judge orders Trump's ex-lawyer Cohen released from prison on Friday
US military accuses Russia of testing space-based anti-satellite weapon
Biden campaign clarifies claim Trump ‘first’ racist president, after past slave owners noted
Coronavirus stimulus: GOP floats lowering extra unemployment insurance to $100 from $600
AP-NORC poll: 3 in 4 Americans back requiring wearing masks
Senate Republicans eye short-term extension of unemployment benefits
Senate Republicans back more stimulus checks, money to schools in new pandemic aid proposal
Fiscal conservatives revolt over price tag of coronavirus relief package
Ocasio-Cortez responds to Republican congressman in fiery floor speech
That cognitive test doesn't mean what Donald Trump thinks it means
Trump brags about performance on cognitive test for second time in a week
Trump says 'difficult' cognitive test was 'easy for me'
How the Cold War Between China and U.S. Is Intensifying
Unions and NGOs call on big brands to stop using forced labor from China
Tea Party rises up against McConnell's $1 trillion relief plan
Obama urges remedy for racial bias in policing
Senate GOP, WH have reached 'fundamental agreement' on stimulus: Mnuchin
Draft Republican plan for U.S. coronavirus relief has more direct payments: aide
Trump joins Republicans who are criticizing Liz Cheney
Pelosi says she relates to Ocasio-Cortez attack: 'There's no limit to the disrespect' of women
Ex-Dem congressman accused of ballot stuffing, bribery and obstruction
China cites ‘malicious slander’ as Houston consulate closes
Twitter hackers accessed direct messages of up to 36 people, including an elected official, company says
Pompeo aide: Giuliani's outreach to secretary was 'deeply disturbing'
Mayor of Portland, Oregon, tear gassed by federal agents
Trump administration shuttered Chinese consulate in Houston due to targeting of US energy firms: s
Fact check: Trump falsely suggests kids don't transmit coronavirus and that US case surge is due in part to protests and Mexican migration
Seattle City Council’s limits on police anti-protest gear can proceed, judge says: report
In struggle against pandemic, populist leaders fare poorly
Senate GOP, White House reach tentative $1 trillion pact to break coronavirus aid logjam
Fauci poised to testify on Capitol Hill alongside task force officials July 31
McConnell plans 'handful' of coronavirus stimulus bills as GOP revolts
Violence, protests, arrival of agents put Chicago on edge
White House to scrap fair housing rule as Trump bids for suburban voters
House Democrats to attempt to check Trump’s pardon power
Obama and Biden criticize Trump's coronavirus response in new campaign video
GOP may face choice on tax cut or stimulus checks
U.S. prosecutors say Chinese researcher is evading arrest in San Francisco consulate
Senate GOP and White House agree on key parts of Covid aid package, with stimulus plan set for release
Portland mayor jeered as he tries to rally protesters
Trump hints at closure of more Chinese consulates as China fumes
'Tossup in Texas': Biden leads Trump by one point in Lone Star State, according to new poll
Trump, Lightfoot speak over phone as Chicago mayor says president 'got the message' on federal crime response
‘Squad’ member Tlaib may be vulnerable in tough primary
Kim Kardashian West addresses husband Kanye West's mental health
Battered U.S. dollar 'hanging by a thread' as coronavirus cases grow
Biden says 'racists' have sought the U.S. presidency before but Trump is first one elected
Rand Paul calls for Cuomo to be impeached over coronavirus response
Trump weighs mask mandate for federal buildings, including White House
Government says Michael Cohen went back to prison because he was "defiant" toward officers
Biden says ‘people’ don’t make distinction between Chinese, other Asians while knocking Trump's China attacks
Trump blames spike in COVID cases on protests, increased travel and cases from Mexico, even as experts point to early reopenings
Bounceback in U.S. shale oil output is unlikely to last the summer
'It's a mess': Congress prepares to lurch over unemployment aid cliff
Private House Republican fight involving Liz Cheney previews party's possible post-Trump debate
Trump expands use of federal agents as mayors push back
Congressional critics savage US FEMA chief for pandemic response
Esper in crisis management mode amid turmoil of Trump's reelection campaign
Southwest says: No mask, no flying. Only children under 2 exempt
United passengers must wear a mask in the airport, too, or risk being 'banned from flying' amid COVID-19
China harboring military-linked biologist fugitive at San Francisco consulate, FBI says
Derek Chauvin and wife face felony tax fraud charges

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Senate GOP punts coronavirus package to next week
In shift, Trump says some schools may need to delay opening
A Texas county's only hospital forced to choose "who is sent home to die" as ICU beds near capacity
Trump to visit North Carolina, cite work on COVID-19 vaccine
Spiking or plateauing? Covid-19 case counts spur debate
U.S. surpasses 4 million coronavirus cases
CDC guidelines for reopening schools put heavy emphasis on having students back in classroom
Georgia's governor and Atlanta's mayor ordered to mediate coronavirus mask fight
Trump administration renews public health emergency after urging from states
NIH director on speed of vaccine development: "I have never seen anything come together this way"
Florida reports record one-day increase in COVID-19 deaths
Trump undermines new virus strategy by hiding experts and facts
Coronavirus updates: Trump says COVID-19 testing 'is overrated'
U.S. records 2,600 new coronavirus cases every hour as total surpasses 4 million
Birx warns of concerning rise in coronavirus cases in 12 cities as Trump paints a rosy picture
U.S. eviction bans are ending. That could worsen the spread of coronavirus
U.S. sets global benchmark for COVID-19 vaccine price at around the cost of a flu shot
Flashpoints emerge as lawmakers negotiate new virus aid
South sees record coronavirus daily death toll for 2nd straight day
U.S. records over 1,100 new coronavirus deaths for a second day in a row
White House, GOP agree on virus testing in new aid bill
Is Trump on track for an October vaccine surprise?
Australia reports highest coronavirus deaths in three months, infections climb
Republican governors of Indiana and Ohio issue mask mandates, joining more than half of U.S. states
Republicans to start unveiling coronavirus package Thursday
India reports record 45,720 new coronavirus cases, deaths rise by 1,129
In Idaho, One Of The Last States Hit By The Coronavirus, Cases Are Now Surging
Trump touts 'tremendous progress' with COVID vaccines, therapeutics in exclusive interview with Dr. Siegel
US coronavirus cases, hospitalisations rise, crisis may worsen
Worker in building housing White House staff tests positive for coronavirus: NBC News
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