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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

White House, Democrats fail to close aid differences
Congress urges Postal Service to undo changes slowing mail
Trump reimposes tariffs on raw Canadian aluminum, Canada promises retaliation
Laid-off workers endure loss of $600 unemployment benefit
Kanye West indicates he is running for president to siphon votes from Joe Biden
Trump issues executive orders against TikTok and WeChat
Facebook bars pro-Trump PAC from advertising, citing repeated false posts
Biden says his faith is 'bedrock foundation of my life' after Trump claim
Stimulus talks on the brink of collapse as two sides trade blame and get no closer to a deal
Biden draws distinction on Black, Latino political diversity
Biden VP contender Susan Rice's past foreign consulting work prompts questions
Trump’s economic comeback is becoming a slowdown and likely a stall-out
Trump falsely says Biden, a practicing Catholic, is "against God"
Ohio governor tests negative in second coronavirus test
Trailing in election polls, Trump says rival Biden opposes God and guns
Trump slams Biden for Latino diversity remarks: 'What a 'dumb' thing to say!'
Trump advisers hesitated to give military options and warned adversaries over fears he might start a war
Iranians, Russians receive text messages seeking U.S. election hacking info
Trump preparing 'aggressive' actions if no deal reached with Congress
Trump, McConnell huddle with virus talks at risk of collapse
Facebook, Twitter censors Trump 'at their peril,' GOP official says
Homeland Security chief says department is reviewing complaints excessive force used in Portland
Jobless claims top 1 million for 20 straight weeks
New York AG seeks to dissolve NRA in new lawsuit
Commission rejects Trump push for add debate against Biden
'There's a lot of pessimism': Stimulus negotiations drag on without a deal as Senate leaves town for weekend
New polls show tight races for Graham, McConnell
Senate unanimously passes bill banning TikTok from government devices
Justice Department to send agents to St. Louis and Memphis to fight crime
Biden: Latino community is diverse 'unlike the African American community'
New polls suggest Trump's position has stabilized
Playing electoral defense, Trump claims Biden opposes God
Chris Wallace breaks down the three sides to coronavirus relief negotiations (video)
Elliott Abrams, convicted of lying about Iran-Contra, named special representative for Iran
Massive explosion rocks Beirut: Before and after images show extensive damage
Ohio governor tests positive for COVID-19, cancels plans to greet Trump in Cleveland
Biden appears to split with Obama on eliminating Senate filibuster – then backtracks
Republicans push Kanye 2020. But will it really hurt Biden?
Trump claims Biden is 'against God' and will 'hurt the Bible'
Biden launches new ad aimed at Black Americans
Central, Eastern Europe on Pompeo’s itinerary for next trip
Karen Bass says she thinks Trump is racist and he is 'essentially giving license to racists'
‘See you in court’: ACLU files nearly 400 cases versus Trump
What white women in Swing County, Swing State, USA, think of Trump
McConnell signals senators can head home until negotiators get a coronavirus deal
Trump tees up student loan executive action
Democrats hold firm in demands for coronavirus relief bill as impasse continues
Trump executive order to boost U.S. drug manufacturing: Navarro
Saudi Crown Prince accused of assassination plot against senior exiled official
Migrant kids to be expelled under virus order not entitled to attorneys and other safeguards, DOJ lawyers say
Biden wouldn't block Trump's prosecution if the Justice Department pursued it
Harris, Ocasio-Cortez push climate equity bill with Green New Deal roots
U.S. military to deliver relief supplies to Beirut after explosion
McConnell goes hands-off on bill
Trump leads July fundraising, but Biden closes resources gap
Trump raises $165 million in July, beating Biden by $25 million
Twitter bans Trump campaign until it deletes tweet with COVID-19 misinformation
Emboldened Pelosi takes hard line as relief talks drag on
Trump says Sally Yates 'lying or grossly incompetent' on Comey testimony
Attacking Vote-By-Mail Was Hurting Trump In Fla., Experts Say. So He Changed Course
Capitol negotiators still stuck, still trying on virus aid
Sen. Rand Paul blasts GOP colleagues, says they should 'apologize' to Obama for past spending complaints
Experts held 'war games' on the Trump vs. Biden election. Their finding? Brace for a mess
Lincoln Project ad dubs Jared Kushner the 'Secretary of Failure'
As U.S. Congress wrangles over aid, millions of renters get desperate
Trump to sign order in Ohio requiring government to buy 'essential' drugs from U.S. companies
Seeking refuge in US, children fleeing danger are expelled
Survivors of Beirut explosion on where they were and the horrifying aftermath
Trump campaign fires back at Facebook removal of Trump post: 'Flagrant bias'
Fear of COVID-19 will not be reason to vote absentee in November, Tennessee Supreme Court rule
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube pull Trump posts over coronavirus misinformation
Pence: Chief Justice Roberts 'has been a disappointment to conservatives'
Esper says 'most believe' Beirut explosion 'was an accident' after Trump claimed it was an attack
Trump says he has the right to suspend payroll tax if Congress won't
Stocks stall and dollar squeezed as investors wait for stimulus
Why Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal is not so different from no deal
VP contender Karen Bass’s Cuba baggage a burden in Florida
Republicans fear disaster in November
Death Toll In Beirut Climbs To At Least 137 After Massive Explosion
Public health officials targeted over coronavirus pandemic response
Teens arrested with AK47 at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida
DHS fires back at 'myths' Portland violence decreased due to fewer federal agents
U.S. Republican congressman Rodney Davis says he has COVID-19
GOP chairmen hit back at accusation they are spreading disinformation with Biden probe
‘I want to get an outcome’: McConnell defends strategy as he faces GOP grumbling
Charges filed in deadly shooting at Seattle protest zone
Two U.S. senators seek ban on collecting customer biometric data without consent
Trump says Italy and Belgium are next ‘delinquents’ to pony up defense spending for NATO
SpaceX: Musk's 'Mars ship' prototype aces 150m test flight
Joe Arpaio clings to relevancy in what's likely his last run
Conservatives battling to the end in Tennessee U.S. Senate primary
Facebook removes Trump post over coronavirus misinformation rules; Twitter also clamps down
New York prosecutors subpoenaed Deutsche Bank in Trump probe: New York Times
Trump's envoy close to Brazil's leader -- some say too close
Trump hangs on to financial edge in race against Biden
Americans hunt for loopholes to get into Europe
Trump dismisses legal questions on GOP nomination speech at White House
Biden says Trump's China trade deal is 'failing' badly
Newsom searches for messaging rhythm as coronavirus fatigue sets in
Iowa Gov ends state's place as only remaining state to deny voting rights to felons
CNN's Burnett presses Navarro on hydroxychloroquine in combative interview: 'You're an economist, not a scientist'
Facebook and Twitter target Trump over virus claim
WNBA players take stance against Senate candidate's Black Lives Matter views

Coronavirus News and Updates:

U.S. lifts global health coronavirus travel advisory
Possible coronavirus 'trouble ahead,' U.S. cities warned, Ohio governor tests positive
Coronavirus updates: Disproportionate number of non-white children dying, data shows
Cities go to extremes with coronavirus quarantine crackdowns: Checkpoints, power shutoffs, steep fines
New Jersey officials say 7-month-old tested positive for COVID after death
Exclusive: Fauci says regulators promise politics will not guide vaccine timing
Coronavirus updates: US records over 52,000 new cases in a single day
Fauci says nation can survive Covid-19 without another shutdown
Los Angeles Mayor Says City May Shut Off Water, Power At Houses Hosting Large Parties
Cases in the U.S.
Coronavirus Update (Live): 18,765,357 Cases and 705,583 ...
Trump and Birx praise Arizona as new national model for battling coronavirus pandemic
Charts: How The U.S. Ranks On COVID-19 Deaths Per Capita — And By Case Count
Illinois Republican congressman tests positive for coronavirus
N. Korea’s escalating virus response raises fear of outbreak
Coronavirus updates: Trump comments run afoul of Twitter, Facebook terms
AP Interview: Clyburn warns US lacks plan to stop virus
Fauci Reveals He Has Received Death Threats And His Daughters Have Been Harassed
Almost 100 people in Ohio were infected with coronavirus after man attended church service
Factbox: Fauci talks vaccine prospects in Reuters interview
Students at school touted by Pence for reopening must quarantine due to COVID-19
Birx warns 9 cities, California's central valley about increasing coronavirus cases
FDA Adviser: Not Realistic To Expect A COVID-19 Vaccine In 2020
The Latest: Virus outbreak continues in China’s Xinjiang
Virginia touts nation's first contact tracing app with Apple-Google tech
CDC expects 2020 outbreak of life-threatening AFM in children
Kim directs aid to North Korean town under virus lockdown
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